Site Credits

We wish to thank all those that have helped us gather all the info on this site.


Andre Norton ~ Without which there would be no need for this site.


Sue Stewart ~ for keeping Andre's legacy alive and fighting for the Estate, may the Estate live forever!


Jay P. Watts aka: Lotsawatts ~ for spending years researching and documenting Andre's work and sharing it with us all on this site.


Mark Karpinski ~ for all his donations to this site, and for his dedication to Andre as a great friend.


Mike Grimm ~ for all his time researching foreign (non-English) publications of Andre's work.


Sandy Larkey ~ for sending Jay so many of her personal notes and thoughts.

A Note from Sandy ~ I think you can take it for granted that I really don't think much of the last three books of the Beastmaster series.  I don't think an author who tries to continue a series begun by another author ever comes off quite right.  The Solar Queen series were also continued by two different authors, and there again they don't quite make it.  Redline the Stars, with P. M. Griffin does okay, but is still a little "off."  Derelict for Trade and A Mind for Trade, with Sherwood Smith, ... "Would the real Solar Queen please stand up?"  The most successful collaborations of Andre Norton's later years are those set in an entirely different milieu, such as the Carolus Rex series set in an alternate universe, where the earth spirits are still active, and the Dauphin of France survives the Terror of the French Revolution.  The Elvenbane series is another example of a successful collaboration, although I think Andre Norton had been more sympathetic to elves.  These books may have been written mostly by the co-authors, but since the series wasn't previously started by Andre Norton, one doesn't notice any discrepancies.  Well, there aren't any--the books are new creations.  And no matter whose name is on the cover, they're pretty good reads.  Though I'm not sure I would have purchased any of these if Andre Norton's name hadn't been on them.  She is, was, and always will be the best--The Grand Old Dame of Science Fiction--and Fantasy.


Steven Vogel ~ for finding and sharing such gems as "Black Irish" and information about the Cleveland Library.


William Taylor ~ for pouring through all the titles and identifying changes that were needed.


Paul Goode ~ for sharing interesting things about Andre and setting Jay straight with certain info.


Diana Beebe ~ for letting us share the summaries that she used for her thesis in 1995.


Victor Horadam ~ for sharing many images and interesting things about Andre's work.


Matt Valesco ~ for all his high resolution scans of his collection.


Mike Brenner aka: Indagare ~ for all his hard work on the Sorcerer's Conspectus.


Jay Demetrick aka: Metaldragon ~ for all his hard work on the Sorcerer's Conspectus and other articles.


Michael Martinez ~ for all his article donations and his assistance with this site over the years.


Irene Harrison ~ for scanning and supplying many of her documents.


The Personnel of the Texas A&M Cushing Library ~ for scanning and supplying all the stuff in their archives.


And last but not least ~ Andre Fans Worldwide ~ for sending use images and corrections whenever they can.


If we have missed anybody who feels they should be singled out, we are sincerely sorry.