Ace Doubles Collection

Science Fiction


# F-100 ~ F-199

F-104 ~ $0.40 ~ (1961) ~ Kenneth Bulmer - No Man's World (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 128pg ~ {&} ~ Poul Anderson - Mayday Orbit (originally published as A Message in Secret in Fantastic (magazine) in December 1959.) (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 126pg

F 104a     F 104b


F-108 ~ $0.40 ~ (1961) ~ G. McDonald Wallis - The Light of Lilith (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 123pg ~ {&} ~ Damon Knight - The Sun Saboteurs (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 101pg

Original preliminary cover-art (shown below) by Ed Emshwiller for The Light of Lilith.  

F 108a     F 108b

F 108ao


F-113 ~ $0.40 ~ (1961) ~ Charles L. Fontenay - Rebels of the Red Planet (cover states "First Book Publication") 143pg ~ {&} ~ J. T. McIntosh (aka: James Murdoch MacGregor) - 200 Hundred Years to Christmas (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 81pg

James Murdoch MacGregor, (14 February 1925 – 2008) was a Scottish journalist and author best known for writing science fiction under the pen name J.T. McIntosh.

F 113a     F 113b


F-117 ~ $0.40 ~ (1961) ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Door Through Space (reprinted as ACE 15890, 1972) (cover states "Complete Novel") 132pg ~ {&} ~ A. Bertram Chandler - Rendezvous on A Lost World (reprinted as ACE 15890, 1972) (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 124pg

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley (June 3, 1930 – September 25, 1999) was an American author of fantasy, historical fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels, and is best known for the Arthurian fiction novel The Mists of Avalon, and the Darkover series. While she is noted for her feminist perspective in her writing, her popularity has been posthumously marred by multiple accusations against her of child sexual abuse and rape by two of her children, Mark and Moira Greyland, and others and for enabling her husband at the time (who was an admitted pedophile) to abuse and rape multiple unrelated children.

F 117a     F 117b


F-119 ~ $0.40 ~ (1961) ~ Gordon R. Dickson - Special Delivery (cover states "First Book Publication") 123pg ~ {&} ~ Delusion World (reprinted as ACE 81237, 1981) (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 100pg

F 119a     F 119b


F-123 ~ $0.40 ~ (1961) ~ Robert Silverberg - Collision Course (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states “Complete & Unabridged”) 135pg ~ {&} ~ Leigh Brackett - The Nemesis from Terra (alternate title: Shadow Over Mars) (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "Complete Novel") 120pg

F 123a     F 123b


F-127 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley - Seven from the Stars (cover states "Complete Novel") 120pg ~ {&} ~ Keith Laumer - Worlds of the Imperium (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "First Book Publication") 132pg

John Keith Laumer (June 9, 1925 – January 23, 1993) was an American science fiction author. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, he was an officer in the United States Air Force and a diplomat in the United States Foreign Service. His older brother March Laumer was also a writer, known for his adult reinterpretations of the Land of Oz (also mentioned in Laumer's The Other Side of Time). Frank Laumer, their youngest brother, is a historian and writer.

Original preliminary cover-art (shown below) by Ed Emshwiller for Seven From The Stars.  Editor's notation on left margin "make spaceship more readlily discernable" and on bottom margin "put in 2 more people."

F 127a     F 127s     F 127b

F 127ao


F-129 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ William F. Temple - The Automated Goliath (cover states "First Book Publication") 143pg ~ {&} ~ The Three Suns of Amara (cover-art by Emshwiller; cover states "Complete Novel") 80pg

Original preliminary cover-art (shown below) by Ed Emshwiller for The Three Suns of Amara.

F 129a     F 129b

F 129bo


F-133 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ John Brunner - Secret Agent of Terra (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 127pg ~ {&} ~ A. Bertram Chandler - The Rim of Space (reprinted as ACE 72402-2, 1979 & ACE 72404-4, 1981) (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states “Complete & Unabridged”) 128pg

F 133a     F 133b


F-139 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Poul Anderson - The Makeshift Rocket (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "Complete Novel") 97pg ~ {&} Un-Man and Other Novellas (contains; Un-Man, Margin of Profit, The Live Coward) (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "First Book Publication") 158pg

F 139a     F 139b


F-141 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Robert Moore Williams - The Darkness Before Tomorrow (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "Complete Novel") 118pg ~ {&} ~ John Brunner (as Keith Woodcott) - The Ladder In the Sky (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "First Book Publication") 137pg

F 141a     F 141b


F-145 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Robert Silverberg - Next Stop the Stars (includes: Slaves of the Star Giants, The Songs of Summer, Hopper, Blaze of Glory, and Warm Man) (cover states "First Book Publication") ~ {&} ~ The Seed of Earth (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "First Book Publication")

F 145a     F 145b


F-147 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Andre Norton - Sea Siege (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states “Complete & Unabridged”) 176pg ~ {&} ~ Eye of the Monster (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 80pg

F 147a     F 147b


F-149 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Robert Moore Williams King of the Fourth Planet (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 126pg ~ {&} ~ Charles de Vet and Katherine MacLean - Cosmic Checkmate (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 96pg

F 149a     F 149b


F-153 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Sword of Aldones (cover states "First Book Publication") ~ {&} ~ The Planet Savers (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "Complete Novel")

F 153a     F 153b


F-161 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ John Brunner - Times Without Number (cover-art by Jack Gaughan; cover states "Complete Novel") 139pg ~ {&} ~ Donald A. Wollheim (as David Grinnell) - Destiny's Orbit (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states “Complete & Unabridged”) 114pg

F 161a     F 161b


F-165 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ Philip José Farmer - Cache from Outer Space (cover states "First Book Publication") 139pg ~ {&} ~ The Celestial Blueprint and Other Stories (includes; Rastigmac the Devil; The Celestial Blueprint; They Twinkled Like Jewels; and Totem and Taboo) (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller) 114pg

Philip José Farmer (January 26, 1918 – February 25, 2009) was an American author known for his science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. Farmer is best known for his sequences of novels, especially the World of Tiers (1965–93) and Riverworld (1971–83) series. He is noted for the pioneering use of sexual and religious themes in his work, his fascination for, and reworking of, the lore of celebrated pulp heroes, and occasional tongue-in-cheek pseudonymous works written as if by fictional characters. Farmer often mixed real and classic fictional characters and worlds and real and fake authors as epitomized by his Wold Newton family group of books. These tie all classic fictional characters together as real people and blood relatives resulting from an alien conspiracy. Such works as The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (1973) and Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life (1973) are early examples of literary mashup. Literary critic Leslie Fiedler compared Farmer to Ray Bradbury as both being "provincial American eccentrics" who "strain at the classic limits of the [science fiction] form," but found Farmer distinctive in that he "manages to be at once naive and sophisticated in his odd blending of theology, pornography, and adventure.

The Celestial Blueprint and Other Stories is the first ACE book by Philip Jose Farmer.

F 165a     F 165b


F-173 ~ $0.40 ~ (1962) ~ James White - Second Ending 100pg ~ {&} ~ Samuel R. Delany - The Jewels of Aptor (cover-art by Jack Gaughan) 156pg

Samuel R. Delany (born April 1, 1942), Chip Delany to his friends, is an American author and literary critic. His work includes fiction (especially science fiction), memoir, criticism and essays on science fiction, literature, sexuality, and society. His fiction includes Babel-17The Einstein Intersection (winners of the Nebula Award for 1966 and 1967 respectively), NovaDhalgren, the Return to Nevèrÿon series, and Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders. His nonfiction includes Times Square Red, Times Square BlueAbout Writing, and eight books of essays. After winning four Nebula awards and two Hugo Awards over the course of his career, Delany was inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 2002. From January 1975 until his retirement in May 2015, he was a professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing at SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Albany, and Temple University in Philadelphia. In 1997 he won the Kessler Award, and in 2010 he won the third J. Lloyd Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Fiction from the academic Eaton Science Fiction Conference at UCR Libraries. The Science Fiction Writers of America named him its 30th SFWA Grand Master in 2013.

F 173a     F 173b


F-177 ~ $0.40 ~ (1963) ~ Terry Carr - Warlord of Kor (cover states "Complete Novel") 97pg ~ {&} ~ Robert Moore Williams - The Star Wasps (cover states "First Book Publication") 126pg

F 177a     F 177b


F-185 ~ $0.40 ~ (1963) ~ Jack Vance - The Five Gold Bands (reprinted as ACE 16640, 1972) (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 122pg ~ {&} ~ The Dragon Masters (reprinted as ACE 16640, 1972 & ACE 16641, 1973) (cover states "First Book Publication") 102pg

The Five Gold Bands originally appeared in Startling Stories in November 1950. The first book appearance was titled The Space Pirate (Toby Press, 1953).

The Dragon Masters: first appeared in Galaxy in August 1962, and won the Hugo award for "best short fiction" in 1963.

F 185a     F 185b


F-187 ~ $0.40 ~ (1963) ~ Leigh Brackett - Alpha-Centauri or Die! (cover-art by Jack Gaughan; cover states "First Book Publication") 121pg ~ {&} ~ G. MacDonald Wallis (aka: Hope Campbell) - Legend of Lost Earth (cover states "Complete Novel") 133pg

F 187a     F 187b


F-195 ~ $0.40 ~ (1963) ~ Robert Silverberg - The Silent Invaders (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "First Book Publication") 117pg ~ {&} ~ William F. Temple - Battle on Venus (cover-art by Ed Valigursky; cover states "Complete Novel") 104pg

F 195a     F 195b


F-199 ~ $0.40 ~ (1963) ~ John Brunner (as Keith Woodcott) - The Psionic Menace (cover-art by Ed Emshwiller; cover states "Complete Novel") 108pg ~ {&} ~ Samuel R. Delany - Captives of the Flame (cover-art by Jack Gaughan; cover states "First Book Publication") 147pg

F 199a     F 199b