Ace Doubles Collection



# D-001 ~ D-099

D-002 ~ $0.35 ~ (1952)  William Colt MacDonald Bad Man's Return (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged"~ {&} ~ J. Edward Leithead Bloody Hoofs (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original")

Norman Saunders (1906 - 1988) was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and first studied art through a mail-order course. After working for Minnesota-based Fawcett Publications from 1928 to 1934, he moved to New York where he became a free-lance pulp artist. He continued his art training there, studying with Harvey Dunn at the Grand Central School of Art. After serving in the military in World War II, he returned to pulp and paperback illustration. In addition to his many pulp and paperback covers, Norman Saunders is also know for his infamous Mars Attacks and Wacky Packs trading cards, done for Topps. He was renowned for his ability to meet a publisher's deadline, and in the heyday of pulps and paperbacks, 1935-1953, he would often produce an astounding 100 paintings per year.

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D-004 ~ $0.35 ~ (1952) ~ Lewis B. Patten Massacre at White River (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original"~ {&} ~ Walter A. Tompkins Rimrock Rider (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD004 1     aceD004 2


D-006 ~ $0.35 ~ (1952) ~ William E. Vance The Branded Lawman (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original"~ {&} ~ Nelson C. Nye Plunder Valley (previously released as Gunman Gunman, 1949) (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Specially Revised Edition")

Plunder Valley is a specially revised version of the 1949 "Gunman, Gunman."

aceD006 1     aceD006 2


D-008 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Allan K. Echols Terror Rides the Range (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original"~ {&} ~ Tom West Gunsmoke Gold (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD008 1     aceD008 2


D-010 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Leslie Scott The Brazos Firebrand (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original of - .44 Law West of the Pecos!"~ {&} ~ Gordon Young Hell on Hoofs (previously released as Quarter Horse) (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD010 1     aceD010 2


D-012 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Dudley Dean Mcgaughty (as Dean Owen) The Man From Boot Hill (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original") ~ {&} ~ Dan J. Stevens Wild Horse Range (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD012 1     aceD012 2


D-014 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Paul Evan Lehman Vultures On Horseback (previously released as Doves of War) (cover-art by Ralph Smith; cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ George Kilrain Maverick With A Star (cover states "An ACE Original")

aceD014 1     aceD014 2


D-018 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ J. Edward Leithead The Lead-Slingers (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original") ~ {&} ~ Samuel Peeples (as Brad Ward) The Hanging Hills (cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

Samuel Anthony Peeples (September 22, 1917 – August 27, 1997) was an American writer. He published several novels in the Western genre, often under the pen name Brad Ward, before moving into American series television after being given a script assignment by Frank Gruber. In addition to writing Western television scripts, he created several Western series, notably Lancer (1968), Frontier Circus (1961), The Tall Man (1961), and co-created the series Custer (1967). Peeples was a literary science fiction enthusiast who also occasionally wrote science fiction for Television, starting by providing advice and reference material to friend and colleague Gene Roddenberry as the latter created what became the original Star Trek series. Peeples was one of three writers pegged to write a proposed second pilot for the series, and his script, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (1965), was filmed and sold the series. He contributed the first aired episode of the animated Star Trek series, "Beyond the Farthest Star" (1973).[1] Peeples wrote a number of episodes for Filmation's live action Space Academy and Jason of Star Command series and wrote the script for their animated TV movie and seven first season episodes of the Flash Gordon series that resulted from it. He also wrote an unused alternative script, Worlds That Never Were, for the second Star Trek motion picture, however, the name of one character from his draft, Doctor Savik, would eventually get reused for the character Lieutenant Saavik.

aceD018 1     aceD018 2


D-020 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Roy Manning The Desparado Code (previously released as Six-Gun Sheriff) (cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Allan K. Echols Double-Cross Brand (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An ACE Original")

aceD020 1     aceD020 2


D-022 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Bliss Lomax Mavericks of the Plains (cover-art by Ralph Smith; cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Leslie Scott Badlands Masquerader (cover states "An ACE Original")

aceD022 1     aceD022 2


D-024 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Tom West Vulture Valley (copyright 1951; cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ John Callahan The Sidewinders (cover states "An Ace Original")

aceD024 1     aceD024 2


D-028 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Paul Evans Gunsmoke Kingdom (previously released as This Range is Mine) (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ William E. Vance Avenger From Nowhere (cover states "An Ace Original")

Original cover-art (Shown below) by Norman Saunders for Gunsmoke Kingdom.

aceD028 1     aceD028 2

AceD028 1o


D-030 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ George Kilrain South To Santa Fe (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Ace Original"~ {&} ~ Samuel Peeples (as Brad Ward) Johnny Sundance (cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD030 1     aceD030 2


D-034 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Ken Murray Hellions' Hole (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Original Marshall Dawson Novel") ~ {&} ~ Ken Murray Feud In Piney Flats (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Ace Original")

aceD034 1     aceD034 2


D-038 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Bliss Lomax Outlaw River (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Louis L'Amour (as Jim Mayo) Showdown At Yellow Butte (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Ace Original")

Louis Dearborn L'Amour (March 22, 1908 – June 10, 1988) was an American novelist and short-story writer. His books consisted primarily of Western novels (though he called his work "frontier stories"); however, he also wrote historical fiction (The Walking Drum), science fiction (Haunted Mesa), non-fiction (Frontier), as well as poetry and short-story collections. Many of his stories were made into films. L'Amour's books remain popular and most have gone through multiple printings. At the time of his death almost all of his 105 existing works (89 novels, 14 short-story collections, and two full-length works of nonfiction) were still in print, and he was "one of the world's most popular writers".

aceD038 1     AceD038 s     aceD038 2


D-039 ~ $0.35 ~ (1953) ~ Frank Gruber Quantrell's Raiders (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Ace Original") ~ {&} ~  Rebel Road (previously released as Outlaw) (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

Frank Gruber (born February 2, 1904, Elmer, Minnesota, died December 9, 1969, Santa Monica, California) was an American writer. He was an author of stories for pulp fiction magazines. He also wrote dozens of novels, mostly Westerns and detective stories. Gruber wrote many scripts for Hollywood movies and television shows, and was the creator of three TV series. He sometimes wrote under the pen names Stephen Acre, Charles K. Boston and John K. Vedder.

aceD039 1     aceD039 2


D-042 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Walter A. Tompkins One Against a Bullet Horde (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Ace Original"~ {&} ~ Charles M. Martin Law For Tombstone (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

Original cover-art (Shown below) illustration by Norman Saunders for One Against the Bullet Horde (20" x 30") was also used for the cover illustration of Western Aces (August issue, year unknown).

aceD042 1     aceD042 2

AceD042 1o


D-046 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Chuck Martin Law From Back Beyond (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "An Ace Original"~ {&} ~ Roy Manning Vengeance Valley (cover-art by Sergio Leone; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD046 1      aceD046 2


D-048 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Louis L'Amour (as Jim Mayo) Utah Blaine (cover states "An Ace Original") ~ {&} ~ Brad Ward Desert Showdown (previously released as The Spell of the Desert) (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD048 1      aceD048 2


D-052 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ William Colt Macdonald Boomtown Bucaneers (cover states "Abridged Edition") ~ {&} ~ Louis L'Amour Crossfire Trail (cover states "An Ace Original")

aceD052 1     aceD052 2


D-056 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Bliss Lomax Ambush At Coffin Canyon (previously released as The Leather Burners) (cover states "Revised Edition") ~ {&} ~ Dwight Bennett Newton (as Clement Hardin) Hellbent For A Hangrope (cover states "An Ace Original")

Dwight Bennett Nnewton (b. 1916) was a highly prolific writer of the western genre. He wrote under a number of pseudonyms. In addition, he was story content and staff writer for the television series "Wagon Train," "Death Valley Days," and "Tales of Wells Fargo." He was a founding member of the Western Writers of America.

aceD056 1     aceD056 2


D-064 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Paul Evan Lehman Bullets Don't Bluff (cover states "An Ace Original"~ {&} ~ Chandler Whipple Under The Mesa Rim (cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD064 1     aceD064 2


D-068 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Walker A. Tompkins Deadwood (cover-art by Bentley, cover states "An Ace Original") ~ {&} ~ William Hopson Bullet-Brand Empire (previously released as Cow Thief Empire) (cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD068 1     aceD068 2


D-072 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Ralph R. Perry Nightrider Deputy (cover-art by Bentley) ~ {&} ~ Norman A. Fox (aka: Burt Arthur) The Devil's Saddle (cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

Norman Arnold Fox (May 26, 1911 – March 24, 1960) was an American author best known for Western stories and Western novels. Fox's novels attracted Hollywood's attention in the mid-1950s, when four of his novels were made into four western films, His stories were often set around actual events in Montana history and contained authentic detail for the period. Norman's works were adapted into radio programs, live television and motion pictures.

Original cover-art (Shown below)  by Bentley for Night Rider Deputy was also used for the cover of the February 1940 issue of Western Aces.

aceD072 1     aceD072 2

AceD072 1o


D-078 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Nelson Nye The One-Shot Kid (previously released as Once in The Saddle) (copyright 1946, cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Tom West Lobo Legacy (cover states "Complete New Novel")

aceD078 1     aceD078 2


D-086 ~ $0.35 ~ (1954) ~ Richard Brister The Shoot-Out At Sentinel Peak (cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Roy Manning Tangled Trail (copyright 1947, cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

AceD086 1     AceD086 2


D-092 ~ $0.35 ~ (1955) ~ Burt Arthur (aka: Norman A. FoxThe Drifter (cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Richard Wormser and Dan Gordon The Longhorn Trail (cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

Richard Edward Wormser (February 2, 1908 - July, 1977) was an American writer of pulp fiction, detective fiction, screenplays, and Westerns, some of it written using the pseudonym of '''Ed Friend'''. He is estimated to have written 300 short stories, 200 novelettes, 12 books, many screenplays and stories turned into screenplays, and a cookbook: ''Southwest Cookery or At Home on the Range''.

aceD092 1     aceD092 2


D-098 ~ $0.35 ~ (1955) ~ Nelson Nye The Texas Tornado (previously released as Rustler's Roost, copyright 1943) (cover-art by Norman Saunders; cover states "Complete and Unabridged") ~ {&} ~ Samuel A. Peeples (as Samuel Anthony Peeples) The Lobo Horseman (cover-art Walter Popp; cover states "Complete and Unabridged")

aceD098 1     aceD098 2