Andre Norton Donates her Dollhouse

to the Cleveland Library


A discussion at SF Fandom was under way about the Cleveland Library doing some sort of tribute to Andre Norton and her works when Steven Vogel added the following comment with some pretty interesting links.

Hi Everyone,

I am renewing an old thread with a bit of (what is to me--it may be old news to others) wonderful news. Miss Norton has several friends at the Cleveland Public Library, including at least one very special, proud colleague (I promised not to name names). When I told her how precious Miss Norton is to so many people, she was extremely kind, encouraging, and helpful. What a delight it was to talk with her! Working together with others at the library, she has done much recently to honor Miss Norton, and there could still be more to come. With her permission, I am posting information and links she sent me. The pictures of her doll house and the other items really touched me, and I hope everyone will be able to reach them via the links and enjoy them as well:

"... please DO post these links freely wherever you think other interested Andre Norton fans can see them. We want to reach out to users wherever they may be! Perhaps instead of naming me personally you can acknowledge the Cleveland Public Library Archives and the CPL Preservation Department? This project has been a team effort by CPL Archivist ______ who located the materials, and the Preservation department who scanned the materials and loaded them into the Digital Gallery. It has been very interesting, and there are clues that a few more documents once existed, if we can locate them I'll be adding them in later.

"I have just added a digital "edition" of correspondence and papers relating to Andre Norton from the Cleveland Public Library archives. I hope it will be of interest to you and your fellow Andre Norton fans.",639 (Letters on File)

"It has been fun to see these photos and upload them to our Library's "Digital Gallery".",638 (Andre donating Dollhouse),623 (Black & White Photos of Dollhouse),628 (Color Photos of Dollhouse)

Best to All,
Note from the Webmaster: In an effort to maintain the original posting we here at have tried to keep the links working to the Cleveland Public Library. However the Library keeps changing the file name of the images in question. In order to stop showing you broken links I have chosen to download the images and put them directly on this site. They are copywritten to the Library.
Andre Norton ~ Storyteller - Nottingham Branch of the Cleveland Public Library ~ 1948
Andre Norton in front of her dollhouse sometime prior to 1966
Four views of the Andre Norton doll house taken October 281966 at the Cleveland Public LibraryLewis Carroll Room.
Called the Sprague Houseit was modeled after the house of John Hunt Morgan in LexingtonKentucky and furnished according to the period of 1861.

Nine photographs taken in 1993 to document the arrangement of the objects in each dollhouse room prior to packing it for storage during the Main Library renovation.

In June of 2015 Mark Karpinski was in Cleveland and stopped at the library. He was able to convince the staff to open the case so that he could get pictures without the glare of the glass. Thank You Mark!
The article below was found in a copy of “Ride Proud Rebel” belonging to Enid Cushing.
"Ride Proud, Rebel" inscription.
Article Found
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