Anthologies edited by Andre Norton

One of the best editors in Sci-Fi!



Over the years Andre has edited 24 anthologies, with 6 of them belonging in The Witch World (2 of those are all Andre stories).


In this section there are 8 anthologies with 1 original Andre story in each. They are the 5 Catfantastic books, Grand Master's Choice, Magic in Ithkar 1 and Renaissance Faire.


Fantastic Cat is a re-issue of Catfantastic II.


Here we concentrate on just the anthologies themselves. We list the contents of each so make sure you check them out ~ you might find some other authors that you like.

But wait until after you learn all that you can about the "Worlds" of Andre. 


Bullard of the Space Patrol

Catfantastic I

Catfantastic II

Catfantastic III

Catfantastic IV

Catfantastic V

Fantastic Cat

Gates to Tomorrow

Grand Masters' Choice

Magic in Ithkar 1

Magic in Ithkar 2

Magic in Ithkar 3

Magic in Ithkar 4

Renaissance Faire

Small Shadows Creep

Space Pioneers

Space Police

Space Service


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