The Janus Series

by Andre Norton


Judgment on Janus ~ 1963;

Naill Renfro
Space-born and damned by the savages of war to the most unendurable of all thralldoms, he knew that life in bondage on Janus would be the worst of a galaxy of hells. What he didn’t know was that freedom on Janus could be the same. Then he unwittingly committed the ultimate sin…
Ayyar, the sword Bearer
Brought to life through a monstrous metamorphosis, he could remember only faintly the life as Naill Renfro, and could barely comprehend the race he’d become part of. All he knew was what the Iftin allowed him to sense – and what he sensed was more terrifying than anything he’d ever known…


Victory on Janus ~ 1966;

The forces of darkness had risen against the Ifts, the changeling tree people of Janus. Earth memories now melded with Iftin consciousness, the Ifts knew only that their very existence was being threatened by those who were once their brothers. But who - or what - had send Earthmen against them?
Ayyar the warrior was confused. The day of the dreaded Larsh had passed. But Ayyar did not know of the Ift's greater-to-be-feared enemy ~ THAT WHICH ABIDES. And so it was that the Ifts found themselves faced with a new enemy, and enemy so evil that it was unnamable, so insidious that it was unstoppable, so deadly that it could walk undetected among them and destroy them all forever….


Janus ~ 2002;

Omnibus featuring Judgment on Janus and Victory on Janus


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