The Magic Sequence

by Andre Norton

A collection of stories for young adults about children and magic....


Steel Magic ~ 1965 (aka) Gray Magic ~ 1967;

An old abandoned castle! Sara, Eric, and Greg Lowery couldn’t wait to go exploring!
But the building was more than just ruins – it was a gateway to the wonderous land of Avalon – an enchanting world of legendary people and mystical magic, a land where even common objects had great power.


Octagon Magic ~ 1967;

When her grandmother gets sick, eleven year old Lorrie Mallard is sent to live with her aunt in the U.S. Things were different back home in Canada, and Lorrie is homesick ~ especially when boys like Jimmy Pervis and Stan Wormiski tease her. One day, Lorrie finds herself at the door of the Octagon House, where she is welcomed by the elderly Miss Ashemeade and her servant, Hallie. Could the kindly Miss Ashmeade truly be a witch, like everyone says? Lorrie doesn't know, but with the help of an old rocking horse and a dollhouse she finds in a mysterious eight-sided room, she begins to unlock the secrets of Octagon House.


Fur Magic ~ 1968;

When Cory Alder stumbles upon some powerful tribal magic in the Far West he finds himself transported back to a time when mythical animals with human intelligence lived in the world, prior to the coming of man himself. According to the folklore of the North American Indians, some of these furred and feathered beings had superhuman powers. Greatest among these beings was the Changer.

Cory, transformed into the beaver Yellow Shell, undertakes a dangerous mission to prevent the powerful Changer from using his magic for a harmful purpose. As the plot unfolds, authentic but little-known Indian legends come to life and Cory must summon courage to overcome his fear of the unknown.


Dragon Magic ~ 1972;

What was the magic power of the dust covered puzzle in the old abandoned house? Each of the four boys who tried to find out was caught in a strange spell that took him backward in time to own long-ago-and-far-away adventure.
Although these adventures are not stories to be found in ordinary history books, they are based on fact. In this intriguing time-warp fantasy, noted science-fiction writer Andre Norton has painstakingly researched legends of four famous dragons and has found in each story a particular meaning for today.


Lavender-Green Magic ~ 1974;

Eleven-year-old Holly Wade and her twin siblings, Judy and Crockett, are sent to live with their grandparents in the small town of Dimsdale, Massachusetts, when their father is declared missing in action in Vietnam. Dimsdale is nothing like Boston; there are only two other African-American children in the entire school. Even worse, Grandpa and Grandma Wade live in old junkyard! While exploring one day, Holly, Judy, and Crockett wander into an overgrown hedge maze - and find themselves transported back in time to Dimsdale's past. Can they right an ancient wrong and free the town of Dimsdale from a witch's curse?


Red Hart Magic ~ 1976;

When his father marries his mother, Chris Fitton and Nan Mallory - both twelve - are trust into a new life. While their parents are enjoying an extended honeymoon, Chris and Nan must live with Aunt Elizabeth, attend new schools, and worst of all, be evil to one another. They're certain that their future is bleak - until Chris's visit to the Salvation Army store. It is there that he finds the model of the Red Hart Inn, a structure that holds a strange allure for them both.


Dragon Mage ~ 2008;

Shilo realizes that she is lucky to be taken in by her grandparents after her father dies - but a bedroom above an antique store in Slade's Corners, Wisconsin is not exactly the place a teenage girl wants to be.
One day while going through boxes of her father's boyhood stuff, she comes upon a rare old set of dragon puzzles ... all of which are missing pieces.
Shy discovers that by mixing and matching the different sets she can complete a single dragon puzzle that combines all of the others. Upon doing so she is whisked away to ancient Babylon where she must continue the duties of her father's legacy as a servant to the dragon and a savior of the world.


The Magic Books ~ 1988;

Omnibus featuring Steel Magic, Octagon Magic and Fur Magic


The Magic Sequence: Volume 1 ~ 2018;

Digital Omnibus featuring Steel Magic, Octagon Magic and Fur Magic


The Magic Sequence: Volume 2 ~ 2018;

Digital Omnibus featuring Dragon Magic, Lavender-Green Magic and Red Hart Magic


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