This is that subcategory with all the interesting tidbits that we have no idea what else to do with.


Some call it the Catch All.

Others call it Useless Information.


We've been trying to figure out what to call it for years now.

It's been called "Junk", "Extras" and now "Stuff" ~ maybe it'll stick.



Ace Double Books by Andre Norton

Andre Norton’s Fantasy House

Baleful Beast and Eerie Creatures

When is a Cover not a Cover?

Enid Cushing Copies

Estate legal Issues

Gift or Box Sets of Andre Norton


Miscellaneous Literary Pieces


Omnibus Editions

Paul Goode's - Moon of Three Rings

Pen Names of Andre Norton


Public Domain Titles

Titles Re-Released Under New Names

Short Stories Published as a Stand-Alone Book


An Inventory of Papers at Syracuse University


Texas A&M University Library

Unpublished Items



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