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Anthologies by Andre Norton



There are 9 anthologies (not including Witch World) containing short stories by Andre Norton with 1 re-issued under a new name.

The Many Worlds of Andre Norton (HC-1974) was reissued by DAW as The Book of Andre Norton (PB-1975).


In 2014 a 3-volume collection of 57 short stories was released in print and as digital media called Tales from High Hallack: The collected short stories of Andre Norton.


Don't forget the 3 anthologies by Andre in The "Witch World" Saga.

Spell of the Witch World ~ 1972 [sometimes #3 in High Hallack Series]

Trey of Swords ~ 1977 [sometimes #6 in Estcarp Series]

Lore of the Witch World ~ 1980


Baleful Beast and Eerie Creatures *

The Book of Andre Norton

Garan the Eternal

High Sorcery

The Many Worlds of Andre Norton

Moon Mirror

Perilous Dreams

Tales from High Hallack vol. 1

Tales from High Hallack vol. 2

Tales from High Hallack vol. 3

Wizards’ Worlds


* Baleful Beast and Eerie Creatures is an anthology of children's stories that for many years has been wrongly attributed as edited by Andre Norton. She was not the editor, she only wrote the introduction, but hers is the only name on the book other than the nine authors of the short stories.



Omnibus Editions by BAEN Publishing



There are currently 22 Andre Norton Omnibus editions by BAEN Publishing. 12 of them are "Series" specific and 10 consist of "Stand-alone" novels by Andre.

In 2012 at DragonCon I had the opportunity to discuss Andre Norton books with Toni Weisskopf a representative of BAEN Publishing. During that conversation she was asked "what is up with all these weird parings and titles of your recent releases?". We were referring to the Omnibus Editions that have been released by BAEN. Titles like Ice and Shadow containing Ice Crown & Brother to Shadows or Children of the Gates containing Here Abide Monsters & Yurth Burden.

Her answer was that BAEN had a list of titles they had access to, they had paired all the titles that actually go together a while ago, and now they are combining whatever titles they have left to make new editions. As for the weird titles BAEN people brainstorm and come up with titles that people would be interested in. It can be noted that the covers do match at least one of the stories within the edition. She also added that they are rapidly coming to the end of that list. We at are hoping they get many more titles to release, so that the new generation of readers can have access to all of Andre's works.

The 10 "Weird" pairings are listed below.


See Also: Publisher ~ BAEN for the full list.


Children of the Gates

Dark Companion

Darkness and Dawn

Deadly Dreams

From the Sea to the Stars

The Game of Stars and Comets

Gods and Androids

Ice and Shadow

The Iron Breed

Secret of the Stars



Omnibus Editions

Containing Previously Released Titles

(and what they contain)


Annals of the Witch World ~ SFBC ~ 1994
Witch World, Web of the Witch World & Year of the Unicorn


Beast Master Team ~ SFBC ~ 2004
Beast Master's Ark & Beast Master's Circus


Beast Master's Planet ~ TOR ~ 2005
The Beast Master & Lord of Thunder


Children of the Gates ~ BAEN ~ 2013
Here Abide Monster's & Yurth Burden


Chronicles of the Witch World ~ SFBC ~ 1998
Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World & Sorceress of the Witch World


Crosstime ~ BAEN ~ 2008
The Crossroads of Time & Quest Crosstime


Dark Companion ~ BAEN ~ 2005
Dark Piper & Dread Companion


Darkness and Dawn ~ BAEN ~ 2003
Star Man's Son & No Night Without Stars


Deadly Dreams ~ BAEN ~ 2011
Perilous Dreams & Knave of Dreams


The Forerunner Factor ~ BAEN ~ 2012
Forerunner & Forerunner: The Second Venture


From the Sea to the Stars ~ BAEN ~ 2007
Sea Siege & Star Gate


The Game of Stars and Comets ~ BAEN ~ 2009
Eye of the Monster, The Sioux Spaceman, Voorloper & The X Factor


The Gates to Witch World ~ TOR ~ 2001
Witch World, Web of the Witch World & Year of the Unicorn


Gods and Androids ~ BAEN ~ 2004
Android At Arms & Wraiths of Time


Ice and Shadow ~ BAEN ~ 2012
Ice Crown & Brother to Shadows


The Iron Breed ~ BAEN ~ 2012
Iron Cage & Breed To Come


Janus ~ BAEN ~ 2002
Judgment on Janus & Victory on Janus


Lost Lands of Witch World ~ TOR ~ 2004
Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World & Sorceress of the Witch World


The Magic Books ~ Signet ~ 1988
Steel Magic, Octagon Magic & Fur Magic


Mark of the Cat, Year of the Rat ~ Meisha Merlin ~ 2002
Mark of the Cat & Year of the Rat


Masks of the Outcasts ~ BAEN ~ 2005
Catseye & Night of Masks


Moonsinger ~ BAEN ~ 2006
Moon of Three Rings & Exiles of the Stars


Moonsinger's Quest ~ BAEN ~ 2011
Flight in Yiktar & Dare To Go A-Hunting


Quag Keep & Return to Quag Keep ~ SFBC ~ 2006
Quag Keep & Return to Quag Keep


Search for the Star Stones ~ BAEN ~ 2008
The Zero Stone & Uncharted Stars


Secret of the Stars ~ BAEN ~ 2014
Secret of the Lost Race & Star Hunter


Secrets of the Witch World ~ Warner ~ 2001 ~ Digital Media
The Key of the Keplain, The Magestone & The Warding of Witch World


The Solar Queen ~ TOR ~ 2003
Sargasso of Space & Plague Ship


Star Flight ~ BAEN ~ 2007
The Stars Are Ours! & Star Born


Star Soldiers ~ BAEN ~ 2001
Star Rangers & Star Guard


Time Traders 1 ~ BAEN ~ 2000
The Time Traders & Galactic Derelict


Time Traders II ~ BAEN ~ 2001
The Defiant Agents & Key Out of Time


Time Traders III ~ SFBC ~ 2002
Echoes in Time & Atlantis Endgame


Warlock ~ 2002
Storm Over Warlock, Ordeal In Otherwhere & Forerunner Foray


Witch World: Swords and Spells ~ SFBC ~ 1987
Trey of Swords, Ware Hawk & The Gate of the Cat



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