Over the years several devoted fans of Andre's work have attempted to chart-out how all of "The Worlds of Andre" fit together. On this page we give you three that cover everything except "Witch World".


Timeline 1 will give the reader a general idea of how certain stories fall into what we know as time or as some call it "Our Future History".


Timeline 2 is a very extensive look into the "Forerunner Universe". "Forerunners" are a recurring theme in many of Andre's worlds. This timeline shows how they all tie together. (Presented in 5 parts)


Timeline 3 A massive piece of work covering, well! Almost Everything! ~ Highly Recommend! ~ But it does get really deep. (Presented in 5 parts)


For Witch World timelines see  The Sorcerer's Conspectus



Timeline 1 - Andre's Universe


Timeline 2 - Forerunner pt. 1
Timeline 2 - Forerunner pt. 2
Timeline 2 - Forerunner pt. 3
Timeline 2 - Forerunner pt. 4
Timeline 2 - Forerunner pt. 5


Timeline 3 - Multi-verse pt. 1
Timeline 3 - Multi-verse pt. 2
Timeline 3 - Multi-verse pt. 3
Timeline 3 - Multi-verse pt. 4
Timeline 3 - Multi-verse pt. 5


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