Reviews of Andre Norton Titles

by Publishers Weekly


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Titles Reviewed on        
Atlantis Endgame 12/2/2002
Beast Master's Ark 5/20/2002
Beast Master's Circus 1/5/2004
Breed to Come 2/21/1972
Brother to Shadows 1/1/1999
Dare to Go A-Hunting 1/1/1990
Derelict for Trade 3/3/1997
Dragon Blade 8/1/2005
Dragon Mage 11/9/2007
Echoes in Time 11/1/1999
The Elvenbane 11/4/1991
Elvenblood 5/29/1995
Elvenborn 9/23/2002
Empire of the Eagle 11/1/1993
Firehand 7/4/1994
Flight of Vengeance 11/30/1992
Golden Trillium 6/28/1993
The Hands of Lyr 5/1/1994
Here Abide Monsters 8/27/1973
Horn Crown 6/5/1981
House of Shadows 2/3/1984
Imperial Lady 1/1/1989
Iron Cage 12/2/1974
Jargoon Pard, The 7/8/1974
The Jekyll Legacy 8/29/1990
The Knight of the Red Beard 8/4/2008
Knight or Knave 5/21/2001
Lavender-Green Magic 12/2/1974
Leopard in Exile 4/1/2001
Lore of the Witch World 8/8/1980
Merlin’s Mirror 4/12/1975
A Mind For Trade 9/1/1997
Mirror of Destiny 2/27/1995
Murders for Sale 1/1/1992
No Night Without Stars 10/6/1975
Opal Eye Fan, The 10/3/1977
Outside 5/19/1975
Perilous Dreams 5/10/1976
Quag Keep 5/1/1978
Redline the Stars 3/29/1993
Return to Quag Keep 11/7/2005
Scent of Magic 9/28/1998
Seven Spells to Sunday 3/1/1979
The Shadow of Albion 3/29/1999
Silver May Tarnish 10/10/2005
Sneeze on Sunday 1/1/1992
Songsmith 5/4/1992
Star Ka`at 3/29/1976
Star Soldiers 7/9/2001
Storms of Victory 3/4/1991
Tales from High Hallack vol. 1              2/4/2014
Tales from High Hallack vol. 3 6/22/2016
Tales of the Witch World 1 9/1/1987
Tales of the Witch World 3 7/1/1990
Three Hands for Scorpio 3/21/2005
Time Traders II 1/19/2001
Trey of Swords 10/31/1977
Velvet Shadows 2/14/1977
The Warding of Witch World 10/2/1996
Wind in the Stone 11/1/1999
Wizards’ Worlds 11/1/1989
Wraiths of Time 12/1/1976
Yurth Burden 3/31/1978
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