A Norreys Jewel Adventure

By Andre Norton


Chapter 12 Outline

“Mountains? Sky-set Amethysts.”

In spite of Peter’s impatience to explore, Kane keeps him close to the camping place. Experienced in the jungle life, although halfway across the world, Kane says it is best to remain at their base until either Norgate returns or they know more about the mysterious natives. The food disappears from the stone by morning and a curious tangle of knotted string is left in its place. Though neither of them understands what this means they keep it and wait impatiently for Norgate to return which he does on the third day bringing with him a full cargo of supplies and Piast the Pole. He identifies the bundle of knotted cords as a message in the Inca fashion and is very much excited over the stones---wanting to trace them straight into the jungle. Norgate suggests that the natives of the jungle a probably not hostile since they will accept gifts and that it will be all right to go ahead with their exploration. First they transport all their supplies to an island off shore where Norgate moors the plane, then having made up pockets of emergency rations they start toward the river leading up to the mountains, using one of the rubber rafts and paddles. It is slow moving but safer than leaving the plane along shore. They go up the river, Kane pans gravel from time to time. He finds several diamonds and some flecks of gold but not emeralds. They see no more of the natives and finally they have to abandon the boat because of rough water---going on, on foot.


Chapter 13 Outline

Second Appearance of a Jade Jaguar

It is Piast who discovers the traces of the ancient foot and hand holds hacked into the cliff and suggests that they dare the climb. The going is very rough but it leads them to a ledge which in time widens into a plateau and at last becomes a pass through the mountains. They spend two days on this climb. Carved in the river wall of this pass is a niche which contains the very time worn statuette of a jaguar the twin of the one Peter had been offered in Maya City. Piast swears that they are following an ancient road which will surely lead them to his lost city. They are attacked by a giant condor which has been feasting on something on the ledge below. After killing the condor Piast climbs down to investigate the meal and comes back with the interesting information that the bird had been dining on a llama and that the beast still wears the remnants of a saddle. They try to find the trail from which the animal had fallen and find it some distance to left. It is well hidden and evidently in use. Some distance down they discover where a pack had broken loose and Kane picks up from the mud an unused automatic clip.


Chapter 14 Outline

“Would You Beg Carnelians of a Python?”

There is some debate as to whether or not they shall follow the trail. As night is almost upon them they withdraw to place they had fought the condor. They light a fire after piling stones around it to conceal flames. They draw lots for a guard and Peter gets second part of the night. He is alarmed by a sound in the bush below and later hears the sound of low moaning. He awakens Kane and they decide to find out what is the matter. They slip down and in the light of Kane's flash see a young native boy who has been beaten and shot. They arouse the others and bring him up to camp where they doctor his hurts. In answer to Norgate’s inquires in----------- he says that he is a native living in the lake district who had been kidnapped and was working like a slave for a group of white men who lived in a place of stones below. He is at first reluctant to talk but the sight of the amulet Peter was given by Curly leads him into a sort of trust of the party. Piast is much excited over the description of the place of stone but agrees that they must investigate fully before they allow presence to be known by the other part. Who from their treatment of the Indian are plainly no legitimate group. In the morning Kane and Norgate used to the jungle set out on a scouting party. Lord and Piast much against their will are forced to remain behind with the wounded Indian. Lord then suggest that they move packs and supplies from the back to more sheltered position, he under takes to find such.


Chapter 15 Outline

A Bullet of Steel – A Spear Point of Quartz.

Returning to the camp he is trapped and captured before he can fire a shot. His captors are Indians from a different tribe than the one they had rescued. He sees nothing of Piast or the Indian but is marched off by spear point north down into the valley. They come out at last at the foot of a mountain up which a road which is half stairway leads to a stronghold cut into the mountain side. Peter is prodded up this, twice passing well hidden machine gun nest. He is then booted into a room in the base of the wall and left. By scrambling up on a pile of boxes he is able to look down the jungle. The building is plainly very old – an Inca outpost and there is nothing he can do to free himself. After some hours he is haled roughly out and taken through a narrow passage to a long room which has the golden sun mark set in the far wall. There he is met by the white men – Mannerheim, the scented Doctor Steuffer, and Colonel Von Trecher once head of Nazi propaganda ring in South America. They question him briefly and then Mannerheim suggests that he be put for safe keeping in their strong box. Von Trecher laughingly agrees.


Chapter 16 Outline

“These are my Black Pearls of Great Price.”

Peter is taken out and lowered into a dry well and left there with bound hands. Mannerheim shouts down that he should occupy his time with praying that it will not rain during the night. Peter edges around the well feeling the slime with his bound hands. Almost without hope he begins to rube his wrists over a projection in one of the stones and after a long time cuts through the rope. He then feels above him in the dark and finds other projections and woefully begins to climb out. Unfortunately about ten feet up his supports fail and he can get no further. He then begins to wonder about these supports. They are too regular to be natural stone and he wonders why such handles were even thought of. When he feels above him a point where they should appear he finds very smooth spot which suggests the support had been cut away. He begins exploring the bottom of the well more closely and finds there a removable stone. Taking his courage in his hands he drops down. After he lands on soft earth some few feet below he finds another opening.


Chapter 17 Outline

Topaz Fire and---Death

He follows through a passage of a stream long dried up and finds an opening which leads him up to a small hollow in the rock where there are the memories of the priests who had once survived in the temple. Through an opening in the wall he hears Dr. Steuffer threatening someone with his black pearls. Peter judges that there must once have been an opening into the other room. He feels around and finds a stone similar to one in the well and pulls it. In getting through the wall just in time to see Steuffer put some of his black ants on Kane. Peter tackles Stueffer who falls and strikes his head against the wall and is killed. Both Peter and Kane are bitten by some of the ants but Peter kills them with a blow torch. Armed they get out of the improvised laboratory through the wall. Further exploration of the dried up stream brings them out at the foot of the mountain.


Chapter 18 Outline

Final Appearance of a Jade Jaguar

There they meet Norgate and Piast at the head of the waters to the valley lake. Guided back through the passage of the well, they break out and overrun the fortress because the white men disposed of the Indians. Who suspiciously collapse due to the invaders having erupted from forbidden territory. Among loot found after mopping up is the equipment of Aubrey Romanes who apparently had been killed by the Nazi refuges who were planning to mine jewels and so recoup their fortunes.

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