Paul Goode's - Moon of Three Rings

Dedicated to Andre Norton


    In the spring of 1990, I decided to make a mobile with all of Andre Norton's book titles etched on glass tiles. Since Moon of Three Rings was one of my favorite books, I bought a piece of mahogany wood 1"X17"X17" and cut a moon and three rings out of it and hung them from a large ring. I then acid-etched the titles of all of Norton's books (that I knew of at that time) onto 118 glass tiles (1&1/2"X2") that I had drilled holes into and hung them from the rings. A faceted crystal ball from an old chandelier hangs from the moon.

    In August, I loaded my pickup with the mobile, half of my Norton collection, my wife and my two daughters and drove the 14 hours to Winter Park (Orlando area), Florida. I called her up at 11 AM and asked if we could come visit her. She said to drop by around 3 PM. She graciously greeted us and I pulled out the mobile and her jaw dropped. I told her that there were spaces on the rings for 60 more book titles and that whenever she wrote one I would send her a title tile strung up and ready to hang.

    She told me that if she had a hook, she would hang it in her bay window. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a large hook and hung it in the bay window and we all took pictures with Andre and the mobile. I brought out my box of books and told her that my wife only let me bring half of my collection to get signed and she said "You could have brought them all,"

    She filled the last hole a few years before she died and so I sent her the drill bit to have someone put more holes in it. The mobile hung in the High Hallack library until it closed. 

So Enjoy ~ Paul Goode


Completed Mobile as Delivered to Andre.


Tiles Labeled and ready to be etched.


Rings being constructed.


Andre and Me under the Moon of Three Rings.


Looking Up At the Moon.



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