Unpublished Items

attributed to Andre Norton



Over the years I have been on a quest to identify items written by Andre that have yet to be published. In the past people were reluctant to discuss what they held due to the legal battles that the estate and others were engaged in.

So now I am hoping that people will at least identify what they are holding, thus generating interest enough to get some of it published.

Of course if any person (in the interest of just being nice) wants to post any actual material here I will be more than glad to accommodate them.

The following is a list of items in the possession of Dr. Victor Horadam, a long time friend and fan of Andre's.

As of May 20, 2012 only one of these has been identified as published. (Hyperlinked to the bibliographic info.).



The words in quotations are either Andre's words, or those of Ingrid Zierhut when she was labeling these years ago.  The statements in parentheses are my best thoughts about what the item is. ~ Victor Horadam

1.  "Objective...Peking!" ~ (written while on Mannering Road, Cleveland), 5 chapters in 54 pages with plot outline for the rest of the story, not finished.  This is a WWII novel about guerrilla attacks against the Japanese.

2.  "Trouble in Mayapan - A Norreys Jewel Adventure" ~ 119 pages typed with 13 pages (7 leaves double sided) manuscript, I think this is the 4th "Sword" Novel, unfinished.

3.  "Destruction of America", 44 pages, unfinished novel.

4.  "A Tourist Guide to Haunted Houses and Unexplained Mysteries New England -- New York" ~ (written while living in Maitland, Florida), several pages to start this, and various outlines/ideas for the book.

5.  Notes to a Sequel to "Gates to Tomorrow" ~ called "Fear Sword!  Fear Spell!"

6.  Notes and first few pages to a "Solar Queen" ~ novel, unpublished and unfinished.

7.  Unfinished sequel to "Operation Time Search" ~ 26 pages, some of it duplicates.

8.  5 unpublished short stories:

1.  The Cat Who Used His Wits

2.  The Fat Troll

3.  The Hobyahs

4.  Strong Medicine

5.  Yankee Camels

 9.  Witch World story, 7 pages, unfinished, involving Falconers.

10.  "Unpublished stories worked into Witch World stories"

1.  "The Knights of the Fish"

2.  "Ring of Stones"

3.  "Ully the Piper" (I know this has been published, so I wonder about the other two).

11.  Outline for Children's Fantasy Book, "not written", involves multiple cat characters.

12.  "Legend of the Fairy Stone" ~ opening chapter of novel/short story - 4 pages.

13.  "Larridians" ~ 5 pages of outline of the story.

14.  "Who Dreams of Dragons" ~ short story, 34 pages written summer of 2003 for her friend Anne McCaffrey.

15.  "Adventure Story" ~ never finished, 10 pages.

16.  Space adventure story, never written, only the first 5 pages to start the story (no characters or setting I am familiar with).

17.  Sequel to "Follow the Drum" called "Stand to Your Arms", 4 page outline, never written.

18.  Short Story, "Fanus", from "Reed anthology, Fall-Winter 1985" ~ The title "Fanus" is listed in Andre's personal Blue Book of Titles, but appears to have never been published.

19.  Folder of notes with original concepts for the Witch World idea, story lines.

20.  Personal diaries of Andre Norton.

21.  Additional set of diaries, but not daily, these centered on the historic dates and what her thoughts/feelings were then (start and end of WWII, etc.).

22.  Note books, various.


The following are works in the library at Syracuse University, and after a review of the material, these seem to be unaccounted for in the published material. I am not 100% sure (if anyone can clarify these, please do):

1.  "Death and the Gothic Lady" ~ 4 page outline for a sequel to "Snow Shadow".

2.  "Place By the Window" ~ 7 page short story.



If you know of anything that could also be listed, please contact me so we may discuss posting something about it. It seems only right to share unknown stuff with Andre's fans.



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