~ A Novel edited by Andre Norton

Authored by Enid Cushing

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Synopsis ~

From the back of Paperback edition ~

Love has many faces - and one true essence.

She was young and beautiful, a free spirit who wishes to study medicine in an age when it was not allowed.

Caroline was unaware of the passions swirling around her - and of the overwhelming passion soon to be awakened in her heart.


Write-up from a fan ~

Caroline, the youngest child and second daughter of Dr. Warwick, is interested in following the medical profession, as her father, adopted brother Richard, and older brother Perry do.  However, in the mid-1800's, young ladies do not practice medicine; Caroline is restricted to tending animals.  Richard comes home from years abroad studying how medicine is practiced on the Continent, bringing with him a young wife, Lady Amelia.  Caroline's sister Priscilla (Pris for short) is badly disappointed and proceeds to behave wildly, flirting with all the English officers Lord Elgin brought with him when he took over the governorship.  Caroline is unhappy about this, for she felt that Pris liked Mr. Hannaker  and hoped they would marry.  However, Pris determinedly continues her flirtation with Carruthers until Lord Elgin puts a stop to it, telling Carruthers it will ruin his chances for advancement to marry a "chit from the Colonies".  Pris overheard two officers talking about it, and in her disappointment and anger, began a relationship with Captain Vickers, going so far as to meet him clandestinely at an unused farmhouse outside the city.  Caroline follows them and sees her sister and the captain making love.  This shocks her so much, she goes into a decline, and rejects all contact with Corbie Hannaker, who had rescued her from Vickers--she's too ashamed to see him.  (What did SHE have to be ashamed of?  This is one heroine of Norton's that is definitely not a "Norton Woman.")  But after spending some time with Madam Hannaker on the farm outside Montreal, she comes to value Corbie Hannaker as she used to, and agrees to marry him.  Comments:  Book is copyrighted to Andre Norton, but I think Enid Cushing must have written a good deal of it--Norton's heroines are made of stronger stuff. ~ SL


One of two written by Andre with Enid Cushing. Other than a memory of a personal remark about helping a dear friend, I cannot find any info about Enid Cushing.
Do not let the back cover fool you. This is NOT about a young girl hell-bent on becoming a doctor. It is a Romance set in the 1840's in Montreal Canada. Caroline is at the start of the story seventeen and a half. Her father is a respected doctor. Her oldest brother is a businessman with a stuck-up shrew for a wife. She has a sister and brother Priscilla and Perry who are two years older than her and a foster brother (Richard) who is older than her siblings.
Richard is a Doctor and Perry is reluctantly in medical school. Priscilla is a conceited headstrong hoyden with a penchant for trouble, but Caroline is blind to her faults at first. There are suitors both suitable and not suitable, storms, picnics, sleigh rides, gossip, intrigue potato famine refugees (many sick and dying) all packed into 320 exciting pages. At times it reads like a Jane Austin novel, which is funny because at points some of the characters are reading Jane Austin. A lot better than I remembered. ~ PG


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1983) Published by TOR, PB, 0-523-48059-8, 978-0-523-48059-6, $2.95, 320pg ~ cover by Norm Eastman

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