An Index of Andre Norton’s Witch World pt. 3

Compiled by Juanita Coulson (1996)
Commissioned by Andre Norton for the writing of
“The Warding of Witch World”



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   Symbols and Badges
   Non-Magic Weapons
   Special Trade Goods

   Magical Beings and Creatures
   Colors of Magic
   Magic Herbs
   Magical / Old Ones' Landmarks
   Magical Tools, Weapons, and Artifacts


Section II



  • blank shield = a mercenary for hire.
  • earth tithe = the feast bowl at harvest time.
  • The Exile = When those now dwelling in Arvon left the Dales, crossed the Waste, and entered their present land.
  • The Far Shore = The Western Continent, to those of the Eastern.
  • The First Age of Arvon = Before the Lost Lords warred.     (Jpard)
  • The Great Time of Trouble = Period leading to the Last Struggle.
  • Halls of the Valiant = The Falconers' Valhalla.
  • Heal Craft
  • The Last Struggle = Fought between Dark and Light in Arvon.
  • Oath of Sword and Shield, Blood and Bread = A Falconer's bond of service, which may be extended to non-falconers. -- See Wwe
  • Peace of the Highways = Safety for travelers not always honored in chaotic times.
  • Road of Memory/Road of Sorrow = Taken by Arvon's exiles.
  • sword taken = captured land.
  • sword weight = tribute.
  • Three Times Horning = A pogrom. -- See WW.
  • Times = Ax time and sword time: humans. Wind and star time: Great Lords and Voices. Were-time and spell time: magic.     (Yofu)
  • Warn sword = Used by a Herald to summon allies to war. He carries a carved wooden sword as a symbol, and each party joining the alliance adds a colored cord to its hilt.     (Warl)


  • All Mother = Leader of the witches of Estcarp, post-Turning.     (Gate)
  • The Four Great Weagons = Helm—Biter, Ice Tongue, Sword of Shadow, and the Tongue of Basir.     (Trey, Ware)
  • The Four Lords = Of High Hallack, who allied to defeat the invaders: Imgry, Savron, Skirkar     (slain in battle), and Wintof.
  • Gormvin = Title of the authorities and/or race employing/protecting the ancient race of Toads.     (Wtw)
  • The Great Bargain = Struck between the Dales and the Weres: battle alliance in exchange for human brides.     (Yofu)
  • Guardian = Leader of the witches, pre-Turning.
  • Horn Leader =     (HH) A battlefield commission, in effect, a title given for bravery. Elys's brother received it.     (Dss)
  • Master of Hounds = Warlord of the Alizonian ruler.     (Mage)
  • The Seven Defenders of Arvon = Alon, Eydryth, Elys, Kerovan, Joisan, Hyana, and Trevon.     (Song)
  • Venerators = Priests of Alizon.     (Mage)
  • The War That Sealed the East = The previous Turning.     (Wtw)
  • Watch Witch = Posted at Es Castle to listen for remote sendings.
  • Wing Lord / Wing Master /Lord of Wings = Falconers' Leader.

Symbols and Badges of Authority

  • Bard's ornament of profession -- See Song
  • Heraldic Devices of High Hallack nobility = Basilisk, Gryphon, Phoenix, Salamander, Wyvern, etc.     (Crys, Yofu)
  • Falconers' = Badge of a Wing Master: a falcon in flight. Badge of the Captain of a Company: a stooping falcon. Commandant's cloak of rank: black, lined with silver.     (Seak)
  • Lord Hound's Mask = worn by Alizon's leader.     (Mage)

Conventional ~ Non-Magic Weapons

  • Kolder = Submarines, tanks, airships, control-belts.
  • Witch World Weapons = axe, bow and arrow, dagger, dart gun, flashing wands     (used by Sarn Riders) force lash/whip, pike, quarterstaff, spear, and sword.

Much Valued  / Special Trade Goods

  • foxsilk pelts
  • Ithdale pearls
  • Thunder Shield amber
  • Var glass
  • Woods: lamantine pinsal, redheart, spicy pine, and wence.


  • bloodwine = of Alizon.
  • "life water" = raw ale.
  • seamilk = wine of the far Northern Dales and isles.
  • selka juice = A Kioga beverage.


  • Creeping plague
  • Deep Chill

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N.B. = Any magical power misused or used selfishly may recoil on the spellcaster or drain her or him past the point of recovery.

Forms of Magic

  • Banishment spell = "By the bone of death, the power of silver, the force of our desire -— thus do we loose one of three, never to be knotted together again." An arrow of light then was fired at Gillan, leaving her cold and abandoned     (Yofu).
  • Barrow magic = May not be penetrated by the Dark.     (Horn)
  • Binding spells and chants = Includes circle spells, spiral traps, horsebonding, etc.
  • blood magic = Used to enhance the power of other spells, such as Gate opening.     (Warl, Crys, Song, Zar)
  • chant song = Raises Power in the body and makes it flow outward.
  • childbirth magic =     (1) Anghart aided Jaelithe with this during the triplets birth     (Three)     (2) Joisan used bespelled herbs to anoint a laboring woman's belly, palms, feet, and forehead with runes     (Grye).
  • circle spell = A form of binding spell: Those to be imprisoned are circled three times widdershins, with a magic cry given at each circle's completion.
  • compulsion spells =     (1) geas     (to break this courts disaster) (2) pull—spell     (3) summoning     (done three times, it forces the subject to obey).
  • conversion chant = To return the Were-riders to their human forms: "By the Light, by the Cold Steel, by the Rowan, by the Candles of the Weres."     (Blood)
  • dream-weaving = Separates the witch's body and soul, each existing in a different world.
  • Farseeing Magic = Scrying, or reading rune boards and stones.
  • Foretelling = Examples:     (1) Jaelithe's chant to foretell her triplets futures     (Three).     (2) Ninque read "pins on the Stone of Esinore"     (Amb).
  • Gate spell = Pentagram within a circle is drawn with blood, either the witch s own     (of the Light) or a sacrifice's     (Of the Dark) those to be transported stand on the star's points, facing inward.     (Crys, Song, Sorc)
  • Gunnora's charm chant = "Life is breath, life is blood. By the seed and by the Leaf. By the Springtime in its flood. May this power bring relief."     (Amb)
  • Harvesting chant = Used when taking part of a living plant in order to work magic ensures that the power remains intact and does not recoil on the one doing the harvesting.     (Grye, Zar)
  • Hunter's Magic = Men's magic: Pledging Kurnous with wine.
  • illusion spells = Glamours shape—changing     (WW) cloaking     (Yofu) disappearances     (Crys).
  • Moon Magic = Women's magic. Sometimes called High Moon magic. Includes Magic of Talaan     (Dsm). Often involves a Star Temple.
  • Names / Words of Power = Ghithe: Old Tongue for "Light"     (Grye). Asmerillion     (Stillborn). Sytry     (Warl). Euthayan     (Three, etc.). Min's Nine Words     (See Nine, Circle). Ashlin Ceeara     (Kep). Hesturfljott Strjuka Jurtsprengur     (Stillborn). "By the Power of the Nine Great Names"     (stillborn). Svochos Enyahg     (Peacock).
  • Power shaping = The ability to find Old Ones through their inanimate representations and thus steal their power.     (Circle)
  • Power spell = "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. By the Dawn of the East, the Moon White of the South, the Twilight of the West, the Black Midnight of the North, by yew, hawthorn, rowan, by the Law of Knowledge, the Law of Name, the Law of True Falsehoods, the Law of Balance —- so do we move."     (Jpard)
  • Power transfer = Moving objects from one plane to another each remains partly thought and continues to exist elsewhere in a different form.     (Horn)
  • Protective spells = Examples:     (1) "By the Flame, by the Sword wielded in just cause, by all that stands with the Light, we claim protection"     (Nighth)     (2) placed at door of Elys's chamber to guard her and her unborn child. -- See Song
  • recalling spell = To bring a separated spirit back to its body: "By the Ash, the Maul, the Blade that rusteth never, by the Clear Moon, the Light of Neave, the blood I have shed to He Whose Semblance I wear, by the virtue of Banebloom, and the Lash of Gorth, the Candles of the Weres, come you back"     (Yofu).
  • Set spell = A gift accepted carries the spell with it if that is refused, the spell will rebound on the sender.
  • Shape-changing and transformations = Require pentagram(s), a fire producing smoke, and chants. When the smoke ebbs, the change is complete.     (WW, Strait, JPARD, Strait, etc.)
  • Spellbreaking = Examples:     (1) circle widdershins against the sun three, seven, then nine times the spellbreaker yields some of his own power in this process     (Warl, Amb, GRYE).     (2) Circling deasil to break a spell is of the Light     (Song).     (3) Yaal's Serpent chant: "Aphar and Stolla, Worum awake!/ What was drunk, must be tongued./What was wrought, you must unmake!/ In the Name of _________"     (Amb). (4) To break evil vines' spell: "Blood to bind, blood to sow, blood to pay, so it is demanded"     (Zar).
  • Spell Duel = A clash of the most powerful Adepts.
  • Spell of the Hour = Used in ancient times to bind the Thas in their underground world it weakened over the eons     (Grye).
  • sympathetic magic -- See (1) Game of Power     (WW) and (2) Destree's whittling magic of a model Scalgah     (Port).
  • tracing/finding spells = Objects take on impressions of former owners or users that fact can be employed to seek them out and track them down. Examples:     (1) Kaththea's scarf     (Warl)     (2) 0syra's Krogan xalta magic     (Port)     (3) Mayrin's hair ornament, given her by Romar, used to find him in the Tower.     (Kep).
  • vanishing circle = Disappearance in smoke.     (Neevor in Crys)
  • warding and protective spells = Examples:     (1) A circle drawn with a wand, candles placed along equal points of the arc, and herbs scattered around its perimeter     (Grye).     (2) Fingers held in a vee,
  • and the warder spits between them to left and right     (Three).
  • water spell = "Wind and water, wind and water, wind to hasten, water to bear, sea to carry, fog to ensnare." Jaelithe chanted this over the chip boats and touched each with a fingernail, con-
  • verting them into a phantom fleet to protect Sulcarkeep.     (WW)
  • Were-Magic.


Magical Beings and Creatures

  • Beasts of the Wood Lord -- See Ware
  • Dark Lord's guardians -- See Oath-b
  • Death Bringers -- See Horn
  • eftan -- See Gate
  • Lagit = Gate guardian. -- See Port
  • Mountain monster -- See Falm
  • Night Hound -- See Nighth
  • Scalgah =-- See Port
  • Shadow servant -- See Oath-b
  • Silver Singers -- See Horn
  • That Which Dwells Apart / That Which Abides = Of the Dark. -- See Three
  • Theffen -- See Port
  • Undermountain monster -- See Warl
  • Varks -- See Horn
  • web-riders -- See Song
  • wenzal -- See Yofu
  • Wings of Ord -- See Horn

Colors of Magic

From Jpard:   Blue/blue-green = The Light.

Green Magic = Healer's Craft. Growing things.

Red = Power. Health. Physical strength. War.

Orange = Self-confidence and strong desire.

Yellow = Mind magic logic, philosophy, thaumaturgy.

Blue = Emotion, gods, prophecy, theurgy.

Indigo = Weather casting foretelling by stars.

Purple = Lust, hate, fear.

Violet = Pure power among spirits.

Brown = Woods, glades, and the animal world.

Black = The Dark.

Power colors     (Trey)

Blue = Safety.

Dull white! green! shot through with red = a trap.

Gray-green = a strong center of Dark Forces.

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Magic Herbs

Those using herbs for good magic generally ask the blessing of a growing thing before taking a branch for a wand, a magical flower, or other botanical. This helps preserve the power.

  • angelica = Herb of the sun in Leo. Protection against poison and evil magic. Used for amulets and in scented anointing oils. See Herrel's amulet, Blood Gillan's amulet, YofU.
  • ash = For wands of the Light and effigies.
  • basil = Of the Light. For amulets and protective spells.
  • black willow = to heal fever. Brewed as a tisane with saffron and sandalwood and administered while praying to Gunnora.
  • brony = For effigies.
  • carnation = added to dragon's blood and diluted, this makes a strengthening cordial.
  • dill = protection against evil used in combinations, amulets.
  • dragon's blood -- see carnation.
  • Dragon’s Tongue = Seeks out and cleanses putrid matter from wounds.
  • elder bush / wood = For Dark spells and wands, exorcisms, and banes.
  • farkill = Evil narcotic. Raises blisters at a touch. Difficult even for illbane to heal.     (Gate)
  • garlic = Protection against evil. Used in binding spells.
  • hawthorn = of the Light.
  • herb salves = Herbs mixed with thick grease and rubbed around the eyes and on one's ears and palms as protection.
  • illbane = Repels sorcery. Twice as potent if harvested while still bedewed. Aids in healing. Also enables a witch to rove outside her body.     (Futures)
  • iyy leaf = protection against evil.
  • langlorn = Has four trifid leaves. Clears the senses.
  • mandrake = For fertility spells and poppets/effigies.
  • moly = Breaks enchantments. Will only work once for the same individual.
  • rosemary = Rosemary oil is protection against evil. The herb is also used in combination for spells and amulets.
  • rowan = Protection against magic.
  • saffron = Used in combination with black willow and sandalwood to cure childhood fevers.
  • sandalwood -- See above.
  • salt = Protective against evil. Used in binding spells.
  • saxfrage = Cures fever.
  • tarragon = Protective against evil used in amulets.
  • trefoil = Good magic. Employed in combinations.
  • valerian = Protective. Used in combination in amulets.
  • vervain = Protective. Used in amulets and childbirth blessing.
  • white heart = magical flower of a Waste tree.     (Zar)
  • yew = of the Light.


Magical / Old Ones' Landmarks

  • An-Yak = See Zar
  • Beacon Hut = Of Old Ones. -- See Swou
  • Bleak Grove = Arvon.     (Rite)
  • Blue Temple = On border of the Dales and the Waste.     (Wolf)
  • The Broken Road -- See Crys -- Began at edge of Waste.
  • Car Do Prawn = Kethan's birthplace Arvon.     (Jpard)
  • Car De Dogan = Maleron's Keep Arvon.     (Grye)
  • Cave of Immortality = In the Waste.     (Rodd)
  • Cave of the Plumed Snake = Dales. See Swseller.
  • Chairs of the Giants = Northern Dales.     (Amb)
  • Circle of Silence = Dales. Of Old Ones. -- See Circle
  • Circle of Toads = Dales. Within Standing Stones.     (Tog)
  • Dame Cavern = Estcarp. -- See Wtw
  • Darst = Of Old Ones -- See Nighth
  • Dragonsback = Dales. -- See Wolf
  • Elsenar’s posterns = In Lormt's cellar Southeast of Lormt in an ancient hunting lodge and in Castle Krevonel in Alizon City.     (Mage)
  • Fortress of the Redmantle -- See Jpard
  • Garden of Loskeetha = Escore. -- See Warl
  • Garth Howell = School of sorcery, Arvon.     (Jpard, Song)
  • Great Falcon -- See Falm
  • Grove near Rhystead Abbey = Blue stone sanctuary.     (Were-f)
  • Great Star = See Crys
  • Gunnorals Shrines = Found throughout Dales, Arvon.   (Tog, Jpard)
  • Hall of the Henge = On the White Road.     (Whiter)
  • Haunted Ruin = Of the Shadow. -- See Jpard
  • Hawk's Claw -- See Jpard
  • Hilarion’s Citadel = On Coastal Escore -- See Sorc
  • Hole of Volt = On Karsten's western coast.     (WW)
  • The Horned One's Keep =     (Horn)
  • Kar Garudwyn = Landisl's Eyrie, Arvon.     (Grye)
  • Kathal Hall -- See Zar
  • Linark = A Moon Drawers' school, Arvon.     (Jpard)
  • Lure Well = Arvon. -- See Grye
  • Moon Shrines = Numerous sites examples found in Garnsdale and in Ithondale, near Ghyll.     (Horn, Dsm)
  • Narvok's Gate = Western Ferndale.     (Mage)
  • Nexus = See Gate
  • Ninth Meadow = Gate near Mountain Gate in Southeast Estcarp.     (Oldt)
  • The Pillar at Fyndale = Of Old Ones. Where Dales lords swore peace during Fyndale fair.     (Amb)
  • Place of Light = In Varn.     (Port)
  • Place of Power at Verlaine Keep = See WW.
  • Quayth = Northern High Hallack.     (Amb)
  • Ravensmoore = In the Waste. Of the Dark.     (Peacock)
  • Reeth = Star Tower of Gillan, Herrel, and Aylinn.     (Jpard)
  • Refuge of Wise Women = Witches' post—Turning sanctuary.     (Gate)
  • Road of Dreams = The Waste.
  • Road of the Old Ones = Ran to a damaged circle of standing stones occupied by Toads.     (Tog)
  • Seely Shrine = In the Dales.     (Fortune's)
  • Setting Up of the Kings = The resting place of Arvon's border guardians.     (Grye)
  • Skull Square = Karsten/Escore border. -- See Ware
  • Sorn Fen = Of the Old Ones. Dales.     (Legacy)
  • Spiral Mazes = Found on both continents.     (Examples: Dss, Three)
  • Standing Stones = Both continents. Examples: -- see Gate, Tog, etc.
  • Star Altars and Temples = Mainly western continent. One stood above the fishing village of Wark.     (Dss)
  • Stone of Konnard = In the mountains south of Lormt. -- See Exl
  • Stones of Sharnon = Dales. -- See Stones
  • Sytry's Undermountain Tomb = Central Escore.     (Warl, Futures)
  • Temple of the Five-Pointed Star = A Star Temple.     (Dss)
  • Temple of the Skull = Escore. -- See Trey
  • Tower of Iuchar = Escore. -- See Trey
  • Trap Road = Arvon.     (Grye)
  • Valley of Healing Mud = Escore.     (Three, Song, etc.)
  • Valley of the Sleepers = In far eastern Escore. Source of the witches’_power.     (Gate)
  • Varr = An ancient stronghold in the Waste.     (Zar)
  • The Waiter's Hold = In the capital/port of Varn.     (Port)
  • Waste Shrine -- See Crys
  • The White Road = Leads into the Waste.     (Whiter)
  • Zephar = Escore. -- See Trey

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Magical, Tools, Weapons and Artifacts

N.B. = References -— "See Crys", etc. -- will be found under Magic in that novel's or short story's index.

  • Amarrok's turguoise amulets -- See Wolf.
  • Auridan’s sword -- See Swseller.
  • Aylinn’s healing talisman = See Jpard
  • bead circlets / bracelets = Used for memory focusing.
  • blood = Used to mark a pentagram for additional power in spellcasting or Gate opening. Evil magic uses another's or an animal's blood good magic uses the witch's own blood.
  • blue stones = Found on both continents used for construction in ancient times by those of the Light the power is still effective.
  • Broc's sword =     (Amb)
  • cat-head ring = Joisan's. -- See "ring", Gyrg
  • compulsion mannikins/poppets -- See Trey "Game of Power" in WW.
  • The Crystal Gryphon -- See Crys and Gryg
  • detection metal = Used by Jaelithe it blazed when anything of the Shadow was near.     (Sorc)
  • dream-weaving = to separate body and soul for magic purposes.
  • Eleeri’s stallion pendant =     (Kep)
  • Esinore’s stone = Used in fortunetelling.     (Amb)
  • Essence of Life wine -- See Lav
  • Elder’s key -- See Mage
  • Elsenar's magestone = "Betrothal gift". -- See Mage
  • Elys’s wand -- See Swou
  • familiars -- See Kaththea's     (Three) and Targi's     (Trey)
  • Feathered Serpent = Found in Cave of Plumed Snake. -- See Swseller.
  • Felde’s talisman -- See Circle.
  • Fooger Beast -- See Gate: "Nexus".
  • Gate opening -- see GENERAL MAGIC: Gate Spell.
  • Gillan’s amulet -- See Yofu
  • Green Fire = Warmed victims of evil cold.     (Oath-b)
  • Helm Biter = One of the Four Great Weapons. Uruk's axe.
  • herbs -- See MAGIC: HERBS.
  • Herrel's amulet -- See Blood.
  • hinder cord = Used to lame Herrel's mount.     (Yofu)
  • Hunter's Cup -- See Horn
  • Ice Tongue = One of the Four Great Weapons. Yonan's sword.
  • Imrie’s amulet -- See Que.
  • Jervon’s amulet -- See Dss, Swou
  • Kerovan’s wristlet -- See Crys
  • Llan’s Stone -- See Zar
  • luck stones = thrown for forecasting or to tell directions.
  • Maug's wand -- See Heir
  • Merreth's locket = See Candle
  • message rod -- See Web, Magic
  • Mirror Gate -- See Know
  • Ninutra's casket = See Ware
  • Ninutra's record holder = See Ware
  • Nolar's fragment of Stone of Konnard = See Exl
  • 0rel's amulet -- See Saltg
  • pentagram(s) = Drawn with a wand. Candles placed on points     (and if called for in the spell, in the star's center) color of candles may determine type of magic and summoning is used. Shape-changing spells require a smoke-emitting brazier nearby. Gate openings and other powerful spells require blood placed on star's points.
  • Plasper forces -- See Trey
  • Quan-iron = Ancient blue—green metal of the Light. Used for weapons, amulets, Landisl's throne, to protect buildings, etc.
  • rune boards/stones = to focus power and for forecasting.
  • running water = Evil cannot cross it.
  • Rymple’s horseshoe -- See Candle
  • screamer -- See Yofu
  • scrying cup = Focus object used to foresee/farsee.     (Water of the Ninth Wave best for such purposes = Crys) -- See also Sorc, Dss
  • Seeing Stone = Consulted by Jervon in his search for Elys.     (Song)
  • Siege Perilous -- See WW, Tall.
  • Sorn Fen ring -- See Legacy.
  • spiral traps = compel ensorcelled prey to follow them inward to perpetual entrapment or death.     (Three, Candletrap)
  • spirit gongs = Summon and focus power. Employed by Estcarp's witches and Sulcar seeresses     (who use them to draw favoring winds). Sound: low, brazen boom.
  • Sword of Shadow = One of the Four Great Weapons wielded by Crytha.
  • Sytry's sword -- See Warl, Futures.
  • That Which Runs the Ridges -- See Grye     (Yofu)
  • Tongue of Basir = One of the Four Great Weapons Nirel's sword.
  • Ursilla’s bone whistle -- See Jpard
  • Ursilla’s wand -- See Jpard
  • Vadim’s amulet -- See Sentinel
  • Vars’ testing stone -- See Port
  • wands = Good magic: Ash and rowan. Evil magic     (and more powerful magic): Elder.
  • winged globes -- See Grye
  • witch jewel = Power focus attuned to a witch's personality in unique circumstances, can be transferred to a worthy heiress.     (Gate)
  • Ysmay's pendant -- See Amb
  • Zvetta s talisman -- See Seasd

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