An Index of Andre Norton’s Witch World pt. 6

Compiled by Juanita Coulson (1996)
Commissioned by Andre Norton for the writing of
“The Warding of Witch World”


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The Gate of the Cat

Andre Norton



Godron’s Daughter

Ann Miller &

Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Tales of the WW 3


Green in High Hallack

Kiel Stuart

Tales of the WW 1


Gryphon’s Eyrie

Andre Norton



Gryphon in Glory

Andre Norton



Gunnora’s Gift

Elisabeth Waters

Tales of the WW 3



A. C. Crispin

Tales of the WW 3


Heir Apparent

Robert Bloch

Tales of the WW 1



Diana L. Paxson

Tales of the WW 2


Horn Crown

Andre Norton



The Hunting of Lord Etsalian’s Daughter       

Clare Bell

Tales of the WW 2


Isle of Illusion

Carol Severance

Tales of the WW 1


The Jargoon Pard

Andre Norton



The Judgment of Neave

S. N. Lewitt

Tales of the WW 2


Key of the Keplain

Lyn McConchie




Pauline M. Griffin

Tales of the WW 3


La Verdad: The Magic Sword

A. R. Major

Tales of the WW 2


Legacy from Sorn Fen

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Magestone

Andre Norton



Milk from a Maiden’s Breast

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough       

Tales of the WW 1


“The Gate of the Cat”
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kelsie McBlair = Inherited an estate in highland Scotland from Old Jessie McBlair, her aunt. Kelsie's coming to Witch World was foretold in Green va11ey's scrying.
Wittle = Witch of Estcarp chosen to find the Valley of the Sleepers. Arrogant and brusque, but genuinely dedicated to the cause of Light.
Yonan = -- See Trey     Blond, young, blue eyed, warrior. Accompanied Kelsie and Wittle on their quest across Escore.

Characters from Previous Books
Crytha, Dahaun, Ethutur, Hilarion, Jaelithe, Kaththea, Kemoc, Kyllan, Ninutra, Simon Tregarth, Tsali, Uruk.

Ben Blair = Scots mountain near Kelsie's former home.
Escore = -- See General Info.
Evart, IN = Where Kelsie lived before coming to Scotland.
Lormt = -- See General Info.
The Lying Stones = In Ben Blair's foothills. Blue, all but three overthrown by church long ago (a warning not to meddle in the forbidden). Three remaining upright formed a rough arch on the Witch World side of the gate, the fallen stones were raised.
Nexus = Place of the Dark. -- See Magic below.
Refuge of Wise Women = Their haven after the Turning.
Valley of the Sleepers = Legendary source of power for the witches.
Vock = A battle lost to the Dark in olden times.
Varhum = Otherthrown by Plasper forces in ancient battles.
Mount Holweg = Landmark; north of the track taken by Kelsie, Wittle, and Yonan.

Minor Characters
All Mother = Witches' leader.
Dr. Atless = The vet Kelsie assisted in Evart, IN.
Avian Old One / Adept = Thin female; appeared in Kelsie's dream. Grey-skinned body and leathery wings; narrow face, beaked nose, faceted eyes, taloned hands. Carried a Quan-iron wand.
Glydys = An Old One whom Yonan called upon.
Kalrinkar = Ancient servant of the Dark alluded to by Lord Rhain: "when Kalrinkar had the strength of the future with him..."
Neil McAdams = Ruthless trapper pursued the mother cat.
Lord Rhain = Of the Dark. Tall, naked save for patches of shaggy hairon body crooked legs ended in hooves split half their length. A twisted back, protruding belly, and flawless human face.
Roylane = Witch. Sister Makeease. Victim of Sarn Riders. When dying, told Kelsie her true name and gave the stranger her jewel.
Swiftfoot = The name Simon gave the mother cat.
Sister Wodelily = Of the Witches' Council. Known to Roylane by that name because wodelily scent clung to the old woman's robes,

eftan = Dancing air elementals dwell in the Valley of the Sleepers. Suborned by the Dark.
evil rod = Found by Tsali in rocks above Green Valley's rim. Was a murky grey color contained a smoky substance. Its knobbed ends bore miniature human heads with eye slits of yellow fire.
Nexas = Vast subterranean lair of Sarn riders and prison for their captives. Entrance guarded by the Fooger Beast, a ponderous-bellied artifact which malevolently studied whoever approached. Red birds circled its head and smoke poured from the statue's face.
Plasper forces = A weapon of the Dark in ancient battles.
scrying cup = The third day is best for readings.
Skull road = An old belief: A conqueror walks on the heads of the vanquished to complete his victory. The road the travelers found in the woods was guarded by an image with a big, bald, pointed head, one paw reaching for prey, its eyes fathomless pits.
standing stone talisman = Kelsie took a fragment, wedged into her belt buckle, as a weapon against evil.
warlock's wand = (Kemoc's) Peeled bark, blue—green for half its length.
witch chants =
          (1) Kelsie's to disarm the rod: "By the Fire of Reith, by the will of Nieve may this be rendered harmless."
          (2) Sung over the miniature world, the Valley of the Sleepers: "Light to Dark / Dark to Light / After Day comes the night / After night the morning clear / Hope rises always from all fear!"
          (3) "By the will of Langue, by the power of Thresees, by the memory of Janderoth..."
          (4) "By Hofer and Tem, by the ten lights, and the nine cups, the six faggots, and the three fires..."
witches' lot = A rod pointed at a wide-topped silver jar fluttering bits within swirl the lots fall into the laps of the chosen.

fogmot = green-brown, grows on tree trunks. Can be eaten.
farkill = Its odor is a narcotic, and its touch raises ulcers difficult even for illbane to heal.
arrow trees = Look dead but throw deadly thorns.

Expressions / Customs
"Black Dogs and Daft Ponies out of Hell..." said on Ben Blair.
"May the Lady turn her favor to you..."
The right of death-gift.

Creatures and Animals
"gateway" birds = Inhabit an area near the standing stones. One species has a golden breast, another peacock blue-green plumage.
Sarn rider's hounds = resemble the Alizonian variety.
rock crustacean = A land-going lobster: yellow beak, many legs, chitinous armor, tail stinger. when struck with a fragment of blue stone, it disappeared in a stinking puff of flame and smoke.

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“Godron’s Daughter"
by Ann Miller and Karen E. Rigley
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Silistia = 17. Daughter of Riatha and Gunnal.
Reldo = Silistia's cousin; his parents were Lenil and Varela. Tall, with dark hair and ginger-colored eyes.
Gunnal = Silistia's father: He helped Lenil rescue Riatha from Godron, and later married her.
Godron = -- See Stones
Lenil = -- See Stones
Jenli = Reldo's younger sister.
Riatha = -- See Stones    Silistia's mother.
Werebeasts = Served Godron; killed Riatha's guards during abduction.
Varela = -- See Stones

Festival of the Young in Emerald Cove = Where Silistia and Reldo said they were going, then explored Godron's cave.

ranni vines = weather forecasters: when they bud, spring is near.

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"Green in High Hallack“
by Kiel Stuart
in Tales of the Witch World

Tymmons = A young warlock unaware.
Camryn = Renthan Tymmons freed from brambles.
Roop = Tymmons' aunt.
Vannit = Tymmons' uncle.
Selkurr = Village wise woman.

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“Gryphon’s Eyrie”
by Andre Norton and A. C. Crispin

Major Characters
Kerovan = -- See Crys & Gryg
Joisan = -- See Crys & Gryg
Jervon = -- See Crys & Gryg
Guret = Kioga youth. When Nidu chose him as drummer, he opted instead to accompany Kerovan and Joisan to Kar Garudwyn.
Nidu = Kioga Shaman; gaunt, narrow-faced, long dark hair, wore a hooded, coarse brown robe. Old, yet seemed not to age. Had opened the way (Gate) for the Kioga, generations before.
Lady Sylvya = Maleron's half sister (different mothers, a human father). Downy, crested avian humanoid; pointed chin, large eyes, and a high, musical, trilling voice.
Maleron = Margrave of the Heights: Adept, once Guardian of Arvon's border with the Waste and High Hallack. Leader of That Which Runs the Ridges. Narrow face, wide brow, pointed chin, and black hair and eyes.

Kar Garudwyn = Landisl's Keep, on southern peak of a saddle-backed mountain, reached via a spell-guarded upward passage. Kar Garudwyn occupied the lesser height, Car Re Dogan the greater.
Car Re Dogan = Maleron's Keep, now a grey stone ruin.
The Setting up of the Kings = Burial place of Arvon's border Guardi-ans it is an oval enclosure lined with niches.
Cliff of the Great Star =     (See Crys)
Anakue = Lake village where Kerovan and Joisan stayed. Its fisherfolk built houses on pillars, linked by spidery bridges.

Kioga = Long-lived race; came through a Gate near Car Re Dogan. They revere The Mare (southern constellation) and call Gunnora "Mother of Mares". Dark skinned, high-bridged noses, prominent cheekbones. Wear loose sleeved linen blouses, braided hair, and trousers tucked into soft boots.

Minor Characters
Acar = Breechborn new son of Utia and Raney.
Anga = Guret's mother.
Bern = Maleron's serving man, in ancient times.
Cleon = Guret's father.
Elys = -- See Dss and Glor
Ennia = Small daughter of Terlys of the Kioga.
Eydryth = Bard. (See Grye Prologue and Song)
Janos = Terlys' son; five years old.
Jerwin = Obred's nephew, killed / absorbed by the Runner of the Ridges; his death was the reason the Kioga left the mountains.
Jibbon = Ageing smith of the Kiogas; Jerwin was his apprentice.
Jonka = Kioga chief. Short, stocky, wore a silver crescent pendant adorned with a horse head. Rode Briata.
Klareth = Trader who told the Kiogas word the war was over.
Lero = Kioga hunter helped bring Briata and foals back to camp.
Nita = Guret's young sister. Saved from drowning by Kerovan.
Obred = Leader of Kioga hunters and scouts. Shorter than Kerovan.
Raney = Man of Anakue Utia's husband, Acar's father.
Rigon = Terlys' husband. Wiry, terse. Went with scouting party.
Terlys = Joisan's friend. Large, bosomy, very long hair.
Thalma = Utia's sister.
Tremon = Guret's best friend, and Nidu's former drummer; he died mysteriously, drained by the shaman's blood sorcery.
Utia = Woman of Anakue. New mother. Raney's wife.
Valona = Brought Kerovan and Joisan the Kioga guesting cup.
Vala = Kioga hunter, helped bring Briata to camp.
Zwyie = Wise Woman of Anakue. Plain, with dark blue eyes.

cat's head ring = -- See Gryg    Responded to ancient word of power "Ghithe" and helped light the way across the saddleback.
Dream Spirits = They answer the Kioga shaman's drumming.
Ghithe = Old Tongue word for "light".
lure well = Drew its prey with the sound of water; for humans, the water of immorality. Girded by enticing flowers.
Quan-iron throne
scrying = -- See General Info.
That which Runs the Ridges = A wild hunt led by Maleron; appears as monsters pursuing a harpy (Sylvya) Red streaks in yellow mist, A droning like angry bees or insane music. Sylvya prayed to Neave, who shifted the hunt outside time every night, it comes up the ancient road into Car Re Dogan's ruins.
warding circle = -- See General Info.
winged globes = They sit atop two blue stone pillars and guard the pass leading to Kar Garudwyn's valley.

Beliefs and Customs
Child blessing = (Anakue) Angelica and vervain passed through candle smoke and brushed against baby's feet, hands, and forehead: "Let not his feet carry him near the Shadow. Let these hands work in the service of life and the Light, his mind remain clean and untainted. Grant him the strength of will to naysay any thought born of the Dark."
Kioga salute = Palm pressed to forehead.
Festival of Change = Kioga youths pass tests, take oath to protect their people. The Shaman cuts boys' right wrists with crescent-shaped knife and their blood drips on the tribe's ancient horsehide.
"By the Sacred Horsehide of my people" = Kioga saying.
Cera = Kioga term of respect.

Arren = Chestnut mare given Joisan by the Kioga.
Briata = Lead mare of the Kioga herds foaled twins.
Nekia = Appaloosa mare who "chose" Kerovan. Het name means "night-eyes in Kioga.
Pika = Janos' pony.
Vengi = Guret's stallion.

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"Gryphon in Glory"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kerovan = -- See Crys    "Lord Amber".
Joisan = -- See Crys
Neevor = -- See Crys
The Cats of Carfallin = Reside in the Keep. Half again as large as common housecats.  Thoughtspeakers. Yellow eyes, yellow-brown fur with dark vees between eyes and on breasts. The female is smaller and has a sharper temper than the male.
Elys = -- See Dss     A Woman of Power, and a blank shield. Tall and slender, delicately cut features, tanned. Wears bluish mail.
Galkur = Old One of the Dark; Landisl's enemy. Tall, a hero-king's features, dark curly hair, deep, rich voice. Human down to waist; lower body is a hooved satyr's.
Herrel = -- See Yofu    were-rider; animal form, a snowcat.
Jervon = -- See Dss    Elys's partner. Tall, handsome, with deep lines around eyes and mouth. Old scar on chin.
Landisl = -- See General Info: Deities / Old Ones    Kerovan's protector.
Telpher = Landisl's aide. Gryphon talisman made life-sized.

Carfallin = Spell-guarded ancient keep by the white Highway. Two towers. Furnishings are benches: seats shaped like elongated cats, heads and erect tails at ends, supporting feet are clawed paws.
The Dales / High Hallack
Ithdale = -- -- See Crys
Lodge of the Wereriders = Constructed of stone and living trees. Twenty poles fly banners bearing the weres' animal heraldic devices.
Norstead Abbey / House of Flames = -- See General Info.
Range of Shifting Shadows = Carfallin cats' term for the Thas's underground territory.
Road of Exile = -- See Crys    The Broken Road.
The Waste = -- See General Info.
White Highway = Of the Old Ones runs from Waste to Arvon.

Minor Characters
Agran = Jervon's horse.
Bural = Joisan's mare, mountain bred; named for a root that is hard to pull free.
Harta = Ithkrypt's cook. Harta saved melon seeds for young Joisan to string into necklaces.
Hyron = -- See Yofu     Wereriders' Chieftain were-stallion.
Lord Imgry = Warlord of High Hallack.
Malwinna = -- See Crys
Dame Math = -- See Crys
Matr = Old One, departed companion of Landisl.
Nalda = -- See Crys
Rllene = Old One, departed companion of Landisl.
Yoer = -- See above.

scrying cup = Elys's was silver, wrapped in rune—branded linen.
camp safeguards = Four peeled wands upright at outer limits of grazing field: north one had tuft of horsehair fastened to it; south one snowcat fur; east an eagle feather; west, boar bristles.
Spell of the Hour = Referred to by Carfallin cats once set, it was supposed to keep Thas penned in their subterranean world.

ring = Given Joisan by Carfallin tower-room spirit: the thin band held a thumb-sized cat's head of pink-yellow iridescent stone.
Weres' lodge lights = Baskets of metal holding egg-sized golden balls.

Expressions and Terms
"By the Warmth of the Flame and the Flash of Gonder's Spell Sword."
"By the Heat of the True Flame."
"As long as the Flame Eternal burns upon any altar..."
Sky-Ones = landisl's group of Light-dedicated Old Ones.
hill-huggers = Weres' term for Dalesmen.

red bears
hill hens
Carfallin bear = Small, of a red-brown color.
Waste ponies = Slightly larger than mountain breds; broad-hooved, gaunt, long necks, large, heavy-lidded, well-lashed eyes. Bad-tempered must be hobbled or tethered every night.

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"Gunnora's Gift"
by Elisabeth Waters
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Kyria = Wed at 15, childless after 8 years was going to Gunnora's Shrine to plead for a child.
Harne = Kyria's husband. Gray-green eyes. Had a bastard son of 9 by one of his tenant cottager women.
Dians = The Maiden Goddess. -- See General Info.
Raidhan = The Crone. -- See General Info. The baby left on the cliff was payment to Raidhan by a woman grateful for the Crone's grant-ing her release from childbearing.
Lara = Kyria's bitch.

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by A.C. Crispin
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Branwyn Stormgerd = Inheritor of a cattle farm. Had witch gift she did not desire. Dark red hair, green eyes, round face.
Lorin = Horse trader and gambler of the Old Race. Had some magic power. Dreamed of creating new breed of horses.
Betha = Lorin's sister: witch of Estcarp sent to recruit new witches after the Turning.
Sguire Barkas = Branwyn formerly was his dairymaid, to pay her taxes and lord-tithe. Barkas generously gave her calves to start her own herd.
Gareth = Lorin's stable lad. Young, with shaggy brown hair.
Jennis = Lorin's sister a witch who died in the Turning.
Rannulf Stormgerd = Branwyn's Sulcar father.
Tomlin = Drunk, with black whiskers, who tried to assault Branwyn.

Ravensmere = Village in Estcarp where Branwyn lived.
Torview = Lorin's home village, where his parents farmed.
Eslee Port = Branwyn's parents met there, during the fair.
Silver Spur = Tavern in Ravensmere.
wayfarer's Rest = Inn adjacent to the Silver Spur.

Cinder = Branwyn's massive black ox.
Branwyn's cattle = Callie, Goldhorn, Primrose, Ebony Star.
Jet = Branwyn's cat.

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“Heir Apparent"
by Robert Bloch
in Tales of the Witch World

Maug = -- See Shau
Lady Tephana = -- See Shau, Crys, & Gryg
Hlymer = -- See Crys
Darklord Galkur = -- See General Info., Crys, & Gryg
Lord Ulric = -- See Shau, & Crys
Ylas = -- See Shau

Paltendale = Where Maug was raised.
House of Fortal = Where Tephana first married and bore Hlymer.

Maug's wand = fashioned from the spine of an unborn babe and bathed in its blood.

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by Diana L. Paxson
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Aelvan = 17. Of Escore's House of Medwyn; came from overmountain: Father an Estcarpian borderer, mother a Karstenian refugee.
Auster = Of Lynxholme. Aelvan's friend.
"Lady Deraa" = Sought power over things wore the shape of a lovely human female.
Lady Deranne = Deraa's twin, but of the Light. Sought power to heal and create.
Medroc of Gallorn = Of Old Race. Another youth whose family came overmountain. Yearned to live in a more heroic era.

rowan wood haypole = used to vanquish creatures of the Dark.

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"Horn Crown"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Elron = Clansman of Garn's House, kinless after failing to prevent Iynne's abduction. With Gathea, went into Arvon to rescue her.
Gathea = Wise Woman; Zabina's pupil. Slim, strong, independent. Low, hoarse voice. Tanned, sharp-featured, a long braid wound tightly about her head.
Gruu = Gathea's snowcat companion.
Iynne = Garn's daughter; betrothed to Lord Farkon's second son. She was abducted from the Moon Shrine by Dark Forces.

Old Ones – See General Info.

Black Tower = A sanctuary of evil.     (Arv)
Farthfell = Barrow-marked site of Old Ones' battle.     (Arv)
Garnsdale = Northernmost of the clan settlements on the sea.
Horned One's Keep = Of rose-colored stone. Appeared abandoned. Insignia above broken gate: A green-eyed silver and white cat sitting upright, its tail about its feet.

Minor Characters
Dartif Double Sword = Warrior of the Light died at Farthfell. Elron and Iynne took refuge on his barrow.
Dawuan = Fisherfolk's Clan Lord; drew shore lands.
Dryad of Alafian = Elron met her in The Waste. Tall, slender, clad in flowing leaves. Long green hair touched with shades of brown, red-brown skin, large green eyes.
Everad = Garn's son; orderer of clan's rear guard on the march.
Farkon = Clan Lord; his people drew a wide valley.
Fastafsa = Iynne's old nurse, Garn's housekeeper.
Garn = Clan Lord. Hawk-faced, dour, taciturn.
Hewlin = Elron's fellow patroller of Garnsdale's rim.
Jamil = Of Lord Tugness's meiny. He followed Gathea into the circles and died.
Laudat = Arch Bard. He and Ouse sang and used spirit drums to open and close the Gate.
Miles = Clan Lord. On 24th day of the march, he and his people turned west, up a narrow valley.
Ouse = Laudat's fellow Arch Bard.
Quaine = Captain of the Sword Brothers the previous Ten Year, he had scouted the shore way far north led Lord Garn's clan there.
Rarast = Household Clan.
Rolfin = Clan Lord. Three bits of red gem set in his helm.
Roff = Garnsdale patrolman reported odd tracks (snowcat's) on the cliff top.
Siwen = Clan Lord; drew one of the wide valleys.
Stigg = Headman of Garnsdale's non-kin; constructed the Dale's first buildings and fireplaces.
Thorg = Son-heir of Lord Tugness; seemed to be a simpleton.
Trudas = Maidservant who left Iynne unguarded when the women went to harvest fruit.
Tugness = Clan Lord; Involved in old feud with Garn's household.
Uric = Clan Lord; drew a wide valley for his people.
Wavent = Captain of Sword Brothers for this Ten Year.
Zabina = wise Woman; Gathea her apprentice.

"By Gunnora I ask it..."
Death Bringers = Wore black hooded robes, wielded whips of black lightning. Rode bipedal, fanged lizards.
Harrest = Barrow magic; forces of the Dark dared not climb to those who stood atop one.
Hunter's Cup = Goblet carved from dark wood; Kurnous's head depicted on its side in high relief.
Hunter's Pledge = Magic no woman can summon. The drinker must seek until he finds. Evocation: "Ha, Kurnous, Ha, Hie Wentur!" / "Ha, Kurnous, By the Name of the Horns."
Moon Shrine = west of Garnsdale: blue stone, moon-shaped pattern, columns with moon phase carvings. Garn declared it off-limits.
Moon symbols = Upward pointing horns.
Power transfer = -- See General Magic
Silver Singers = Sirens in the three circles of the hidden way.

Objects and Terms
Bard-Sages = Who light the Flame's torches and sing the war words.
The Burden = Second sight.
constellations = Arrow, Bull, The Hunter's Horn.
fall hunt ceremony = Portion of kill hung untouched except by birds: an ancient rite which those practicing it no longer understood.
Glom the Weeper = Legend explaining rainy skies: "Her two welling tear-filled eyes above us, her sorrow as heavy as a curse."
Kamphur = Incident in clans' recent past; made people wonder where Lord Tugness stood on certain matters.
Lot basin = Bronze, held above eye level of Clan chiefs contained strips of hide -- the lots -- representing lands.
spark snap = flint fire-starter.
Sword Brothers = No clan ties once they took Sword Oath. Used sword, bow, and short spear. Had own herds, tended by foot—brothers.
The Undying and One Flame = The Everburning: The claus' Faith.
Wise Women = Healers. Not Flame worshippers. Free, not bound to any clan. Live apart, grow herbs, follow secret ways.

Terms and Expressions
"She looked like a fetch out of an old tale..."
"May the Death of Kryphon of the Dart be upon you..." •
"If the Flame favors us..."
"Have you thrown the luck stones for the trail?"
"I have not yet heard my name called in the battle morn, thus I will not die this day."
Said over snowcat-killed deer: "Honor to the Great One of the herd. Our thanks to That which Speak for the four-footed that we may eat -- we take not save that which is freely given."

Creatures and Animals
deer = Those of The Waste and Arvon larger than coastal species silvery coats, darker forelegs. Branched horns. Bellowing call.
Varks = (Tw) Avian; Elron found a female statue in an arched niche on a stone ledge: Slender legs, tall feathered crest, large slanting red eyes, talons, wings, and a beak. Only garb a wide and ornate collar. The living male form was shorter, squatter, and had crooked shoulders.
Wings of Ord = Black birds, servants of a Dark One. Brilliant red eyes, raw lap of flesh about their strong black bills.

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"The Hunting of Lord Etsalian's Daughter"
by Clare Bell
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Megarti = Were-snowcat, former Witch of Estcarp and victim of Etsalian's lust.
Chrina = Etsalian's witch-gifted daughter; 10, plain, pale, gangly.
Etsalian = Lordling of Estcarp.
Toriswithe = Megarti's sister; witch.
Pagant = Etsalian's chief guardsman.

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"Isle of Illusion"
by Carol Severance
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Metae = Heir to Komlin's Keep.
Kelana = Metae's aunt, believed drowned, marooned on the isle.
Garrin = Metae's father, Taggart's twin. Died five months before Metae was swept to the isle.
Taggart = Regent of Komlin Hold until Metae was of age.

Komlin Hold, on the Komlin Sea = North of Quayth.
Grayson Heights = Where Kelana went to mourn her father, and was swept into the sea.

lanagoot = their eggs are good for frying.
taape = fish much prized for its flesh.

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"The Jargoon Pard"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kethan = Dark-eyed, dark haired son of Herrel and Gillan, raised as Heroise's child, heir of Car Do Prawn. Were-pard.
Aylinn = Heroise's daughter, reared by Herrel and Gillan. Taken to Fane of Neave as a child, Linark-trained as Moon Drawer. Long dark hair, slender. Wand: a silver rod wound with moon flowers.
Gillan = -- See Yofu     Green Magic witch, Lady of the Star Tower. Her wand was a freshly-peeled straight, unknotted branch tipped with a single spearpointed green leaf.
Herrel = -- See Yofu     Lord of Reeth, the Star Tower.
Lady Heroise = Sister of Lord Erach of the House of Car Do Prawn. Studied with the Wise Women of Garth Howel.
Ursilla = Sorceress Heroise brought home with her from Garth Howel. Wand: a length of bone inlaid with red and black runes.

Car Do Prawn = Where Kethan was raised. It owes allegiance to the Redmantle Overlord.
Car Do Yelt = Favored by Voices; Maugus sent a messenger there to seek someone to cleanse his Keep.
The Fane of Neave
Fortress of the Redmantle = Where Lady Eldris was seen and desired by a Werelord.
Garth Howel = Wise Women's haven, where Heroise and Ursilla studied.
The Grey Towers = Were-Riders' Keep. -- See Uni
Hawk's Claw = Held by the Voices of the Heights and the Silvermantle Clan for almost half a year before they were forced to take the Road of Memory across the Waste to Arvon.
Haunted Ruin = A place of shadow: Two tall, standing rocks anchoring a monster's web. No vegetation grew around it. A pile of ruins with a large hole in its middle. A monster dwelled inside.
The Inner Lands = Silvermantle Clan's Keeps of the Western marches.
Linark = Aylinn studied there with The Moon Drawers.
Reeth, the Star Tower = Where Aylinn and her parents live: Three storeys built of blue-green stone in the shape of a five-pointed star, glowing poles set between its points. Located in a forest clearing amid herb gardens. A stronghold of Green and Brown Magic.
The White Flow = River boundary of Silvermantle territory.

The Four Clans = -- See Yofu     Followed the old inheritance laws: Kethan, son of Lord Erach's full sister, was heir to Car Do Prawn.
The Seven Lords = Of Arvon. -- See Yofu    Won peace in Last Struggle.
Voices of the Heights = Silvermantle their ally, sent them embassies to learn the future, because Voices can read star charts.
Were-riders = -- See Yofu
Wild Ones = Of Arvon's Higher Lands; the Four Clans guard against their forays.

Minor Characters
Aidan = The High Lord. Erach of Redmantle Clan stood with him, as did Bluemantle and Goldmantle.
Berthold = Maidservant; Thaney threw a mirror at her.
Cadoc = Lord Erach's Commander and Marshal.
Lady Eldris = Had a son, Herrel, by a Were-rider later bore Erach and Heroise to a human mate.
Erach = Lord of Car Do Prawn.
Hergil = Erach's record-keeper and historian.
Hulda = Maidservant at Car Do Prawn.
Ibycus = Voice. Mysterious "trader" short, an easy manner with an air of command. Brought the jargoon pard belt to Car Do Prawn.
Kardis = Lady Eldris's brother; fell at the Battle of Thos.
Malkin = Ursilla's elderly servant; sent to steal Kethan's belt.
Maughus = Lord Erach's son.
Pergvin = Kethan's tutor in arms and riding. Born in High Hallack; took the Road of Memory in the Great Time of Trouble.
Ragaard the Less = Dark Lord, foe of Redmantle Clan and its allies.
Ralf = Car Do Prawn servant who saw Malkin enter Kethan's room.
Thaney = Erach's daughter. Petulant features. Sent to Garth Howel.
Dame Xenia = Told others Malkin had always served Ursilla and had always looked old.

Aylinn's healing talisman = Crystal globe with a sprig of moly growing within, effective until it died. Its spell would work only once for the same person.
Power Spell = -- See General Magic
Ursilla's bone whistle = To summon and open a gate: It emitted a thin, eerie piping, sounded thrice and answered thrice.

The Exile = When those of Arvon left the Dales and went north across the Waste.
The First Age of Arvon = Before the warring of the Lost Lords.
jargoon = a gem of common sort; adorned the pard fur belt.
The Last Struggle = Between Dark and Light, in Arvon.
Lost Lords = Those who warred in Arvon's First Age.
The Other World = Where Herrel and Gillan were sent by the Were-Riders, battled, and returned to their own bodies in this world.
The Road of Memory / of Sorrows = Pervgin, among others, took it from the Dales in the Great Time of Troubles.
Time = Ax time and sword time: humans. Wind time and star time: Great Lords and Voices. Were time and spell time: magic.

Pard = Smaller than its cousin the snowcat.
Were-riders' horses = camouflage dappled.
Fearfang = Leader of Car Do Prawn's hound pack.
Latchet = The hound who rushed Kethan when he approached the Youth's Tower, then retreated fearfully.

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"The Judgment of Neave"
by S. N. Lewitt
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Tisia = Plain-faced shepherdess and herdsman's daughter of Grimmerdale, transported to Arvon via Gate.
Kaedril = "Voice" (?) and searcher for Neave's new votary. Of Blue Mantle Clan. Black hair, pale skin, sharp-featured.
Amrys = Tisia's little sister, 6 years old.
Eleha = Headman's daughter in the village where Tisia stayed.
Gerres = Kaedril's horse.
Gloswin = Elderly widower of Grimmerdale Tisia didn't want him
for a husband.
Kendrig = Stable boy at Grimmerdale's Keep another Tisia refused.
Neave = -- See General Info.
Perris = Young son of a widow who sold olive oil to the village.

The Fane of Neave

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"Key of the Keplain"
by Lyn McChonchie

NOTE: This book was written solely by Lyn McConchie but set in Andre Norton’s Witch World, hence marketed as collaboration.

Major Characters
Eleeri Two Feathers = Navaho woman. "Walker By Strange Roads". Wiry, slender, black hair, large grey eyes. Has horse-gift.
Romar = Called "Tsukup" by Eleeri. Mayrin's twin. Dark One's prisoner. Green eyes, thin face, determined chin.
Lord Jerrany = Keep master of small village where Eleeri traded. Her friend and ally in assaulting the Tower.
Lady Mayrin = Romar's sister. Defied their father to wed Jerrany.

The Green Valley
Jerrany's Keep
Canyon Keep = Long abandoned, opened for Eleeri.
Tower = Where Romar was imprisoned by a Dark One.

Tharna = Mare Eleeri saved.
Hylan = Tharna's foal.
Shenn = Orphaned colt; passed "runes test" and became blue-eyed.
Theela = Lean, scarred mare also passed the runes test.
Terlor = Rescued colt who turned rogue and had to be killed.

Peoples and Races
Nemunuh / Navaho = Eleeri's tribe.
Tshoah = Those who had ridden the Plains enemy of Eleeri's people.

Pehnane = "Wasp in my tongue": Eleeri's stallion pendant.
Ashlin = a lock—opening word.
Ceearan = Word of Power to open final door in the Canyon Keep.
Dahaun's crystal = Given Mayrin.
seeking spell = Mayrin's hair ornament, an 18th nameday gift from Romar, used to find him: A lizard carved from perfumed pale wood, golden eyes, its tail curled to hold a lock of hair.

Minor Characters
Aldred = Lord Jerrany's servant.
Coyote = Navaho trickster, a guide to the lands between.
Cynan Tevas i Handri = Of the House of Bear's-Kin, the old man Eleeri saved from bandits.
Far Traveller = Eleeri's great-grandfather.
Garae = Villager who caught a Keplian mare in foal.
Hapwold = Leader of Jerrany's warriors. Joined the Keplian mares in a diversionary fight against the rasti.
Jane = Eleeri's grandmother.
Jessie Rae = Eleeri's great-great-grandm0ther, said to be a weather witch who could call or calm storms.
Kiren = Son of Jerrany and Mayrin.
Morguant / Dahaun = -- See Three
John Polworth = Eleeri's grandfather.
Shevaun = Daughter of Jerrany and Mayrin.
The Taylors = Eleeri's aunt and abusive uncle.
Ternan = Jerrany's scribe and his children's tutor.
Lord Tern = Elderly man of Green valley who visited Mayrin and Jerrany.
Wind Talker = Eleeri's mother.

Terms and Expressions
Ahe = Coup-count word of Eleeri's people.
Ka-dih = Comanche God of Warriors.
"Earth Mother, aid your daughter, Sky Father, help a Warrior. Ka-dih, speed my arrows, let my bow not break in my hands." "Earth, father, you heard my promise. Sun, mother, you heard my words. Let me die within a season if I lie."

Mountain leapers

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by P. M. Griffin
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Aden = Female scholar of Lormt. Healer.
Jerro = Her brother, apprenticed to their father, a tanner.
Ouen = See Chron.

Gunnora's amulet = Aden found it behind decaying books.
Mirror Gate = Enticed and entrapped Jerro broken by the amulet.

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“La Verdad: The Magic Sword”
by A.R. Major
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Joao de Branco = Young man of Lisbon who owned La verdad.
Elizabet = Joao's beloved, who died before she could reveal the Bishop's corruption.
Caldon = Chosen to bear La Verdad and be Gunnora's champion. Tall, slender waisted, broad-shouldered, blond, blue-eyed.
Eudora = Wise Woman, seeker of Gunnora's champion. Of Old Race.
Gunnora = -- See General Info.
Malfeitor = Warlock warrior dead more than a century, destroyed by the Ladies of the Flame to protect Arvon. His sword was handed on to the Toads' champion, called Malfeitor the second.
O Tigre = Captain of the Bishop's bodyguard. Killed Elizbet, and was killed in turn by Joao.
Duque de Caixias = A good man Elizabet hoped to set on the corrupt Bishop's trail.
Harkin = Swordmaster of Halsted Abbey.
Thomas de Ayala = Toledo swordmaker who forged La Verdad.
Torbuck = La Verdad was found in his meadow.

Abbey Halsted = Last stronghold of the Ladies of the Flame on the trail north to the Gray Towers.
Rua dos Mortos = Where the strange garden was situated, and where Joao went with La Verdad.

La Verdad = Sword of Truth, forged in Toledo.
Essence of Life wine = A gift of Gunnora. Diluted, it refreshes a new mother stronger, it heals injuries; in pure form, restores life or removes a curse.

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"Legacy From Sorn Fen"
By Andre Norton
In Lore of the Witch World

Caleb = One-eyed beggar Isbel hired as a gardener. Fled to Sorn Fen to avoid Lord Higbold.
Higbold = Claimed Klavenport's Gate Keep and wed hall-born Isbel.
Elfra = Higbold's would-be mistress, sent to steal Caleb's ring.
Lady Isbel = Ailing until Higbold vanished in Sorn Fen; recovered, dispensed his ill-gotten wealth, and rode away with her maid.

Klavenport = On the coast of the Sea of Autumn Mists.
Sorn Fen = Place of the Old Ones.
Inn of the Forks = At an important north-south road junction. Left a burned-out shell after the Battle of Falcon Cut. Caleb restored it to prosperity, until Elfra stole his ring.

Sorn Fen ring = Given to Caleb in gratitude; green stone with faint red veins running through it.
Speak-harp = used by bards.

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"The Magestone"
by Andre Norton and Mary H. Schaub

Major Characters
Mereth = Of Robnore Clan in "far" Ferndale. 70s, pale skin, blue eyes hair was dark gray-brown in youth, now Alizonder white.
Kasarian of Krevonel = Green eyes, short, white-silver hair, hooked nose, sharp teeth, keen hearing. House badge: three blue darts in triangular array on white. Travel alias: Kasyar.
Elsenar = Ancient Escorian Mage. Mereth's sire, Karasian's ancestor. Dark-haired, tall with dark eyes sans any whites.
Duratan = (Lormt) -- See Chron     Uses magic throwing crystals.
Jonja = (Lormt) Wise Woman. Wears a wooden rune-board.
Morfew = (Lormt) -- See Chron     Of the Line Sired by Ternak. Blood feud between his family and Pagurian's killed all Morfew's kin.
Nolar = (Lormt) -- See Exl, Chron
Ouen = (Lormt) -- See Chron

Aliz = Ancestors of Alizonders, brought through a Gate from their world by Elsenar and other ancient Adepts.

Posterns and Gates = Narvok's: Near Ferndale. Elsenar's: Southeast of Lormt in an ancient forester's lodge. One in dungeon of Krevonel castle connected with another in Lormt's sub-basement.
Alizon = Alizon City, Alizon Gap, Forbidden Hills, Canisport, the Hooded Crow Inn (where Lursk was known to drink).
High Hallack = Ferndale, Vennesport, Rishdale Abbey, Paltendale, Trevamper, Ulmsport, Dorndale, Haverdale, Ithdale, Ithordale, Fyndale, Uppdale, Twyford, Wark.

Minor Characters
Balaran = (Alizon) Gurborian's kinsman, Ruchard's rival.
Bethalie = (Lormt) -- See Chron
Bodrik = (Alizon) Kasarian's scar-faced Master of Arms.
Bolduk = (Alizon) Older Baron blood feuding with Ferlikian.
Brannun = Sulcar Storm Seeker's Captain. Famed for sailing in all seasons. Giant with a bristling mustache and lionskin cloak.
Chordosh = Aliz war god ancient Adept Shorrosh was mistaken for his embodied Voice, preserved in their calendar as a Moon Name.
Deverian = (Alizon) Kasarian's nephew, sent to Lormt yi postern.
Doubt = (Dales) Mereth's beloved. Birth name: Lundor.
Dwyn = (Dales) Mereth's "father"; third son to the House of Ekkor.
Esguir = (Alizon) Master of Hounds under Lord Baron Mallandor.
Facellian = (Alizon) Lord Baron deposed by Mallandor.
Farris = (Lormt) Kasarian's taciturn Estcarpian trail companion.
Ferlikian = (Alizon) In a blood feud with Bolduk.
Gennard = (Alizon) Kasarian's body servant. Tall and gaunt.
Gratch of Gorm = (Alizon) Guborian's prime henchman. Tall and thin, with wheat-yellow hair, blue-green eyes, fine-cut features.
Gurborian = (Alizon) Baron of the Line Sired by Reptur. Kasarian's chief enemy. Stocky, with murky green eyes and short fingers.
Dame Gwersa = (Dales) Of Rishdale Abbey, Mereth's teacher.
Captain Halbec = Sulcarman whose ship brought Mereth to Estcarp.
Herwik = (Dales) Mereth's uncle.
Irgil of Norsdale = (Lormt) Elderly scholar.
Kaylaina = (Alizon) Elsenar's beloved wife in ancient times.
Kester = (Lormt) -- See Chron     His litter was used to carry Mereth.
Lursk = (Alizon) Gurborian's Master of Arms.
Mallandor = (Alizon) Former Lord Baron; Norandor's brother.
Moonbeam = (Alizon) Hound whelp Kasarian showed to Mereth.
Moragian = (Alizon) An older Baron.
Narvok = Ancient Adept, Elsenar's former ally.
Norandor = (Alizon) Current Lord Baron.
Oralian = (Alizon) Kerasian's sire, murdered by Gurborian. g
Parand = (Dales) Mereth's uncle, killed during sack of Vennesport.
Pruett = (Lormt) -- See Chron
Rodwyn of Ekkor = (Dales) Famous trader, Dwyn's forebear.
Ruchard = (Alizon) Of the Line Sired by Gohdar. Balaran's rival and co-leader of Gurborian's faction after Gurborian disappeared.
Sea Foam = Ship's cat aboard Storm Seeker. A large, cream-colored prime ratter. Fond of Mereth.
Sherek = (Alizon) Norandor's new Master of Hounds.
Shorrosh = Elsenar's ancient contemporary who dabbled in Dark magic and was revered by the Aliz, who named a month for him.
Skurlok = Escorian Dark Mage. Planned to meet Balaran and Ruchard just across the border between Alizon and Escore.
Talfew = (Alizon) Morfew's father, killed in a blood feud.
Verdery = An Old Master of ancient days taken to Elsenar's lodge to employ a scrying glass in search for the vanished Adept.
Lady Veronda = (Dales) Mereth's mother.
Volorian = (Alizon) Kasarian's uncle, fostered the boy.
Wessell = (Lormt) -- See Chron
Wolkor = (Alizon) Kasarian's burly Hound Master.

betrothal gift = Elsenar's Magestone: A pendant blue-gray stone, size of a small hen's egg, set in silver.
Baronial Assembly = of Alizon.
bloodwine = Heady Alizonder drink, never exported, produced from fruit of bushes, the flowers of which are sweetly fragrant.
Elderdale twist-bread
elder's key = Prized possession since Elsenar's times of females of Kasarian's Line; it opened the postern from Alizon to Lormt.
fever-leaf vine = Grows in Alizon, popular in House badge designs.
Horn-shielded lamps = Designed by Doubt; bracketed, gave steady light even on storm-tossed Sulcar ships.
Hound's head badge = Worn on Alizonder noble's right breast.
House badge = worn on left breast.
Ithdale pearls
lamantine wood = (Dales) Prized (but not so much as to attract brigands); close-grained, dark gray-brown in color. Good for preserving delicate foodstuffs or keeping water sweet for days.
Lord Hound's Mask = White-furred Alizonder symbol of state.
sea chest = wax-lined, document-filled brought from Wark by Doubt.
Shred bark = In solution, produces a dark dye.
silver nettle = In solution, bleaches hair.
smother root = poison employed by Alizonders.
Spell Duel = The ultimate clash between Adepts.
stranglevine flowers = Alizonian plant with a stupefying perfume.
Venerators = (Alizon) Official bodies which handle ritual duties and the breeding and sacrificing of shriekers.
White hedgeberries = Alizonders make them into a cordial.
Watch Witch = Posted at Es Castle to keep constant mental watch for Sendings.

Terms and Expressions
Alizonder's farewells = "I wish you abundant hunting and the best of hounds for your pack." "Whatever you pursue, may your blade strike true."
The Betrayal = When Elsenar closed the Gate to the Aliz home world.
Kennels at the Hounds of Alizon
Presentation of Whelps = At the Lord Baron's court: first entrée there of young nobles of various Lines.
Veneration Day = (Alizon) Recognition of the Foresires occasion of the largest mass sacrifice of shriekers.

Blue-horned sheep = Of the Dales' western crags.
dire wolf = (Alizon) Rare nowadays. Thick fur, golden eyes. One specimen killed by Kasarian's grandfather is mounted at the entrance to his personal chamber.
hooded grow = (Alizon) Popular in House badge designs.
hounds = (Alizon) Snakelike heads, thin flanks, soft, short white fur; deep-set yellow eyes; pointed, flared ears usually folded flat against skull; retractile claws; needle-sharp teeth. They have a peculiar odor and a rasping purr, called a "rumble" by Alizonders.
shriekers = small burrowing animals Alizonders breed to sacrifice at religious ceremonies.
Split-tusked boar = Alizonian animal popular in House badge designs.

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"Milk From a Maiden's Breast"
by Elizabeth Scarborough
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Trugemma = General called "Darksbane". Green eyes, golden hair.
Freyti = Mosswife killed by weres while helping Trugemma left her daughter in the General's care.
Fiibs Mossdotter = Freyti's babe. Weathered little face, big eyes, heavy furred lashes, tree-twig arms, silver hair.
Bush-Grandmother = Leader of the Moss Wives.
Flita = Ancestress of the Moss Wives. Adepts' daughter. Gifted with growing things. Once beautiful and golden—haired, led astray by a deceitful lover, she transformed him into a tree and herself into a moss wife for a penance.

Moss Forest

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