Sword of Shadow

~ A Novella in the Witch World Saga by Andre Norton

trey of swords


Synopsis ~

When Yonan-Tolar and Uruk dissapear into the past, Crytha, an untrained witch, learns that she, and she alone, can defeat the power of Laiden, the sorceress who is Targi's ally. Crytha ia young and inexperienced, but she has discovered the Sword of Shadow, the powerful but dangerous weapon that can be tamed by either the Forces of Light or Darkness. To Crytha falls the nearly impossible task of holding the rising forces of Targi in check until Yonan-Tolar and Uruk can return... The fate of all Witch World hangs in the balance.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Trey of Swords (1977) Published by Grossett, HC, 0-448-14348-8, LCCN 77072636, 180pg ~ cover by unknown (Re-released in 2012)

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