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[GURPS: Witch World; Roleplaying in Andre Norton’s Witch World] (1989) Published by Steve Jackson Games Inc., written by Sasha Miller and Ben W. Miller, Edited by Sharleen Lambard ~ cover by Toni Taylor


Intended as the elaborate rule book for a role-playing game. In actuality, this is a good compilation of all of the Witch World stories. In this the time line never repeats names. There may be errors in time line or details, but these can be excused as the necessities of uniting various stories into a whole. Concludes with a Bibliography, Glossary, and Index.


A note from one of the authors;

Steve Jackson Games published this book under license from Andre Norton Ltd. In addition to being used for gaming, it is a reference work providing maps, timelines, and other reference material for the Witch World series. My wife and I worked closely with Andre in writing this book. We derived this information from the novels. When there was incomplete information or conflicting information in the novels, we asked Andre for clarification and she provided it.

As far as I know, at the time of publication this was the only reference book on the Witch World which was reviewed and approved by Andre. Even in the cases where we needed to add missing information to the history or geography or to change something to make it consistent, these additions and changes were all explicitly approved by Andre. When Andre invited other writers to write in the Witch World, she recommended this book as the best reference book for them to use for history and geography of the Witch World.

-- Ben Miller 07/2017



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