The Toymaker's Snuffbox

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton

toymakers snuffbox


Synopsis ~

The toymaker in question was content with his lot, and when he found a small elf woman weeping within one of his dollhouses, he insisted that it must be a dream. But he helped her out of kindness (a witch had stripped her of her hair just before a great ball, and the toymaker was quite capable of making a wig to suit). Not satisfied with his reply that he wanted no payment, she left him a gold snuffbox; and when war came and he lost his business, it proved to be more than met the eye.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls Volume 3 No. 8, August 1966, Edited by Robert D. Bezucha, Published by Golden Press, Mag., $0.50, 65pg (pgs. 2-8) ~ story illustrated by Rod Ruth
  • Moon Mirror (1988) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-93098-4, LCCN 88020136, $17.95, 250pg ~ cover by Yvonne Gilbert


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