Golden Trillium

~ 3rd Novel in the Trillium Series by Andre Norton



Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front flap of the 1993 dustjacket ~

The story of the three sister princesses of Ruwenda began in Black Trillium, an epic of magic, mystery, and love created by three of fantasy's finest talents - Andre Norton, Julian May and Marion Zimmer Bradley. The saga continued in Blood Trillium, and now award-winning and bestselling author Andre Norton picks up the tale as Princess Kadiya, the headstrong Seeker-Warrior, encounters a timeless evil of loathsome power that threatens the realm of Ruwenda.


The sisters Haramis, Anigel, and Kadiya have defeated the evil sorcerer Orogastus, united the kingdoms of Ruwenda and Labornok, and restored a precarious balance to the sundered world. With her mystical three-eyed sword, Kadiya now journeys into the choked swamps of Ruwenda, there to seek her destiny among the Oddling swamp-dwellers whose army she had once led.

Kadiya ventures to the lost city of the Vanished Ones, only to discover a strange race living deep inside its forbidden walls - tiny, intelligent creatures known as Hassitti, waiting patiently but fruitlessly for the Vanished Ones' return. The Hassitti are able to "catch dreams" of distant events and places, and now their visions are bringing vivid, troubled warnings of an unknown danger issuing from the mountains to the west.

The apprehensions are soon confirmed by a mysterious plague that is spreading from the western mountains, a deadly foulness that kills everything in its wake. The carrier of evil disease now approaches the domain of the Skritek, dreadful saurian monsters that feed on living flesh, enemies of Oddlings and humans alike, creatures of implacable hatred.

Write-up from the back of the paperback ~

The creation of three of fantasy's stellar talents, the Trillium saga is a tour de force of magic, mystery, and romance. Now bestselling author Andre Norton picks up the story she began with Julian May and Marion Zimmer Bradley - a story that continues with a perilous quest into darkness... GOLDEN TRILLIUM

One of the famed triplet princesses who defeated the evil sorcerer Oragustus, Kadiya ventures forth into the choked swamplands of Ruwenda to seek her own destiny among the Oddlings she once led in battle. Armed with her mystical three-eyed sword, she reaches the lost city of the Vanished Ones and discovers a strange race of dream-catchers called Hassitti whose vision brings chilling warning of a lethal plaque that sows the land with death. Now Kadiya, with only three companions to aid her, journeys into the Thorney Hell, realm of the cannibalistic saurian Skritek, to stop the carrier of the evil disease. Here they discover a portal leading to a universe of awesome darkness – an entranceway to a horror that threatens the very existence of the world of the Three Moons.


Write-ups from fans ~

Andre Norton, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Julian May wrote Black Trillium, each one writing about one of the triplet princesses of the kingdom of Ruwenda. Each author wrote a sequel featuring her princess. In Golden Trillium, Andre follows Kadiya's quest. She feels a geas to return her magical sword to the place where she found. She and her oddling shield-mate, Jagun travel to the forbidden city of the "Vanished Ones" where they find intelligent creatures, the Hassitti who were servants to the Vanished Ones and took care of their city after their masters left for another dimension. Through dreams they learn of a danger spreading through the swamps. An unknown half-dead-looking creature is spreading a poisonous plague and Kayida and some oddlings follow the trail to a dead end where the creature vanishes. Using her mystical sword, Kayida opens a door and finds the Vanished Ones, aka the Sindona. She tells them of the danger and the mysterious deadly stranger. One night she dreams of the evil creature being healed. Several Sindonas travels back with the princess, and they are joined by some oddlings and Hassitti to stop the evil one (who is a Sindona) from waking four more evil beings like himself. The "Good" Sindonas put them into hibernation instead of killing them. The restored bad guy used Skritek warriors and an army, which makes this journey all the more dangerous. Hard to put down. ~ PG


Golden Trillium is part of a series that Norton began with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Julian May. These three writers created a world and triplet princesses who must save it. This book is about the princess that Norton created: the middle sister, Kadiya, the Seeker-Warrior. She feels most at home in the swamps that cover much of the land. The book begins with Kadiya and Oddling Jagun (her trail companion and tutor of the swamp ways). Kadiya thinks she finished her role in saving the land from an evil sorcerer and tries to return the broken-tipped sword to a place called Yatlan of the Vanished Ones. When the earth does not reclaim the three-orbed sword, Kadiya learns that the geas is still there. She must understand why her task is not complete, and she must learn what new threat has invaded her land.
While exploring the well-preserved buildings in Yatlan, Kadiya meets the Hassitti who believe she is a member of the Vanished Ones. The insect-like creatures believe she has come to destroy a terrible and evil plague that threatens the land. Kadiya, Jagun, and two other Oddlings set out to find a way to bring the Vanished Ones back to fight the evil one called Varm before he comes to full power.
With power from her sword, Kadiya alone goes through the Gate through which Varm passed moments earlier. Instead of entering into Varm's place, she finds herself in the timeless place of the Vanished Ones-the Sindona. A giant golden trillium flower greets Kadiya, and then the Sindona accept her.
The Sindona are a taller and slightly darker race than Kadiya's. She recognizes that the people she meets look like the statues that stand guard outside and inside Yatlan. Kadiya is awed by their god-like power. Lamaril inspires the most awe in Kadiya as he is the only one of whom she has any prior knowledge. Jagun told her of Lamaril's legends. Lamaril had been a shield Guardian and fought the Dark alone at the end. He beat the most powerful of the evil ones but died according to the legends that ]agun's clan had passed down for many generations.
After Kadiya describes a dream, she had about Varm, the Sindona decide to return with Kadiya to destroy the evil one that they had previously fought. In the first battle, the Sindona only put Varm and his followers in deep sleep sealed into a mountain. So, in a ritual centered on the golden trillium and its golden pollen, Kadiya takes the Lamaril (the Commander of the Sindona) and the rest of the Guardians back in a special jar. Kadiya and her Oddling companions work against time to clear away centuries of mud and foliage from the statues that guard the way to Yatlan. She sprinkles each statue with the golden pollen and the Sindona come to life.
Kadiya, the Guardians, the Hassitti, and the Oddlings journey to find the mountain in which the escaped Varm’s followers sleep. They encounter many strange things of the Dark including some illusions of danger and the evil plague that Varn spread. The rest of the novel is about the battle between the Light and the Dark and a growing bond between Kadiya and Lamaril. ~ DB


Reviews ~

Kirkus Reviews ~ Issue: May 1st, 1993
Third in the fantasy series following Black Trillium (1990, coauthored by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Norton) and Blood Trillium (1992, by May solo). Triplet Kadiya of Ruwenda--bearer of a wondrous three-eyed sword and a black trillium amulet--is drawn to Yatlan, a city in the swamps abandoned ages ago by the powerful Vanished Ones. Here, she is befriended by the Hassitti, a race created by the Vanished Ones to serve them and preserve the city, and learns of a deadly plague spreading across the land. Efforts to contact her sorceress- sister Haramis come to nought, and Kadiya realizes that an evil Vanished One, Varm, is behind all the trouble. Aided by the Hassitti, Kadiya travels into the timeless realm whence the Vanished Ones have retreated. She returns, through the agency of the magical golden trillium, with helpers, including famed warrior Lamaril, now aware that Varm's minions intend to awaken four ancient Sleepers--evil warriors against whom Ruwenda cannot stand. Even though protected by great magic, somehow the Sleepers must be destroyed. A satisfying installment, independently intelligible, with at least one more (from Bradley) still to come.


Booklist Review ~ May 15, 1993

All by her lonesome, Norton continues what she began in collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Julian May in Black Trillium (1990). The martial Princess Kadiya is hoping to bury both her past and her sword and lead a quiet life, but the earth refuses the blade. Then a vicious plague threatens Ruwenda, and the princess undertakes a journey through time to consult the Vanished Ones about saving her homeland. There really isn’t a lot more to say about the book except that it is high-quality Norton, reprising the superior world building of the original book and a heroine who is feisty without being obnoxious--except when somebody deserves it. It’s the kind of well-told tale Norton’s been writing, and libraries have been needing to keep in stock for nearly half a century. — Roland Green


Review by Publishers Weekly ~ June 28. 1993

Norton's first solo contribution to the Trillium series adopts a slower pace and more thoughtful tone than did Black Trillium (written with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Julian May) and Blood Trillium (by May alone). The land of Ruwenda is once again endangered by the legacy of the ancient Vanished Ones, and only Kadiya, Seeker-Warrior, one of three daughters of the Black Trillium, is in a position to act. In the Place of Learning, Kadiya learns from the seers of Ruwenda's aboriginal Oddlings that a fearsome blight will fall across the land. With several Oddling friends she tracks an ancient disease carrier to a place where she can move between worlds; she finds the Vanished Ones, who removed themselves after fratricidal warfare eons ago and who may hold the secret of Ruwenda's salvation. Golden Trillium shares the characters of the earlier Trillium tales but does not build on earlier plots. Her depictions of aboriginal life, with its dedication to nature, and of the emotional growth of a strong yet uncertain and lonely woman are finely wrought.


Dedications and Acknowledgements ~

For Ingrid and Mark, whose support never fails.
And to Betsy Mitchell for services above and beyond the call of duty for which this writer is eternally grateful.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

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Non-English Editions ~

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Russian Omnibus Editions ~

  • (2003) Published in Moscow, by Eksmo and St. Petersburg, by Domino, 5-699-03236-3, HC, 944pg ~ cover by Michael Whelan ~ Russian title Золотой Небесный Триллиум [Golden Sky Trillium]


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    • "Sky Trillium" by Julian May as "Heavenly Trillium" ~ translation by N. Berdennikov, pp. 577-939


Ukrainian Omnibus Editions ~

  • (2010) Published in Kyiv, Ukraine, by Globe (Fanzine), HC, 712pg ~ cover by M. Whelan ~ Ukrainian title Золотой Небесный Триллиум [Golden Celestial Trillium] ~ Limited to 10 copies


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    • "Blood Trillium" by Julian May as "Bloody Trillium" ~ translation by E. Chuprova, pp. 463-793

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