A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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Plague Ship

Second novel in the Solar Queen series.

Dane Thorson- Cargo-master-apprentice on the Solar Queen.
Rip Shannon- assistant Astrogator on the Solar Queen, Dane's 'senior in the Service of Trade by some 4 years.'
Van Rycke- Sometimes called "Van" for short, Cargo-master of the Solar Queen.
Ali Kamil- Engineer-apprentice aboard the Solar Queen.
Captain Jellico- Captain of the Solar Queen, nicknamed "the Old Man" by the crew.
Tang Ya- Com-Tech on Solar Queen.
Frank Mura- steward, storekeeper, and cook on Solar Queen, from Japan originally.
Medic Craig Tau- on Solar Queen. 'Tau's hobby was "magic".
Jasper Weeks- an engineer on Solar Queen, 'the small wiper from the engine room detail, the third generation Venusian'
Johan Stotz- Solar Queen's chief engineer.
Karl Kosti- engineer aboard Solar Queen, from Europe originally.
Sinbad- ship's cat on Solar Queen.
Queex- Captain Jellico's pet Hoobat. 'a nightmare combination of crab, parrot and toad, wearing a blue feather coating and inclined to scream and spit at all comers.' misspelled 'Queez' once.

Captain Grange- Inter-Solar captain of the Dart.
Kallee- Cargo-master of the Dart.
Halfer- chieftan of large, important clan.
Paft- chieftan of large, important clan, killed by gorp.
Groft- 'son and heir of Paft'.
Fashdor- Salarik chieftan of a small clan of little influence.
Medic Hovan- a doctor on west coast of North America Dane forces to help Solar Queen crew.
Jorge- son of Medic Hovan.
Lex- someone Medic Hovan sends his son to get to help him with medical emergency.
Hartog- someone Medic Hovan sends his son to get to help him with medical emergency.
Traxt Cam- Trader with rights to Sargol, murdered on Limbo.

Alien Races:
Salariki- a cat-like alien race with a very sensitive sense of smell, native to the planet Sargol.

Axal- planet mentioned.
Casper- planet mentioned.
Earth- Great sections of the planet are still recovering from nuclear wars. Mutated plant and animal life.
Luna City- city with space port on the moon.
Sargol- 'an alien planet a quarter of the Galaxy away from the earth…'
Xecho- a frontier planet.
Trewsworld- a frontier planet.

Terraport- main space port on Earth.
the Big Burn- area of North America destroyed by nuclear war.

Astran duocorn- (see: The Stars are Ours! and Star Born)
forsh weed- 'frothy white' 'perfumed seed casing of the Martian canal plants.'
gorp- sly, intelligent reptilian monsters on Sargol.
laquel bark- 'a dull blue-gray wood' 'weighed close to nothing' '—the aromatic product of a Venusian vine.'
Martian sand-mouse- mentioned
orgel- a riding animal
(Sargolian insect)- 'It walked erect on two threads of legs, with four knobby joints easily detected. A bulging abdomen sheathed in the horny substance of a beetle's shell ended in a sharp point. Two pairs of small legs, folded close to the much smaller upper portion of it's body, were equipped with thorn shack terminations. the head, which constantly turned back and forth on the armor plated shoulders, was long and narrow and split for half its length by a mouth above which were deep pits which must harbor eyes, though actual organs were not visible to the watching men. It was palish gray in colour—' 'chameleon'.
tansil- a 'strident scarlet' wood which grows on islands of Sargol.

adaptation shots- immunization shots.
Assignment Center- where one is given ones career assignment.
Board, the- the legal body of the Trade Service.
builder- medicine to help one build up strength after an illness.
caf-hag- a stimulating beverage similar to coffee.
Center- (the central planets of the Federation?)
Central Service-
Combine- a rival Company to Inter-Solar.
Directive exam- a test a child has to take to gain admittance for career training.
E-Stat- emergency station where ships can dock to resupply.
ear buttons- headphones
equalizer- 'a tiny pellet' medicine to settle upset stomach.
flamer- an energy weapon.
force blade- a knife with a forcefield blade.
Forkidan feasting- a ceremonial feast mentioned.
hydro garden- room where they grow plants to supply oxygen and fresh food on spaceships.
heemel smoke- a mild intoxicant.
Inter-Solar- 'I-S' or 'Eysies' for short, a large Trading Company.
Koros- gemstones 'the fosilized resin exuded by ancient plants… long buried in the saline deposits of the shallow seas where chemical changes had taken place to produce the wonder jewels. In color they shaded from a rosy apricot to a rich mauve, but in their depths other colors, silver, fiery gold, spun sparks which seemed to move as the gem was turned. And—when worn against the skin and warmed up by body heat they gave off a perfume…'
lackibod- ('a tankard of') a mild intoxicant drink.
Lalox whip trick- a fighting technique.
New Hope- a ghost ship.
oiler- mechanic.
Patrol- space police, wear black and silver uniforms.
pile 'hot'- radioactive.
Prelim psycho- an psychiatric assessment a child must take before admittance to career training.
sleep rods- weapon which knocks you out.
space whirly- gone mad.
steelos- 'two colored steelos' are given as ransom for the return of Sinbad. Coloured pens?
Terrapolice- Earth police, wear green uniforms.
visa-plate- monitor screen
wiper- one who works in the engine room. Mechanic?

"By the Spiked Tale of Exol!"- an exclamation.
"By the Coalsack's Ripcord"- an exclamation of shock/surprise.

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