A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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Postmarked the Stars

Fourth book in the Solar Queen series.

Dane Thorson- 'assistant cargo master, the free trader Solar Queen, Terra registry 65-724910-JM.'
Van Ryke- cargo-master on Solar Queen.
Tang Ya- com-tech on Solar Queen.
Rip Shannon-
Ali Kamil-
Medic Tau-
Frank Mura-
Steen Wilcox- astrogator.

Ranger Meshler-

"Limbuloo"- misspelling/mispronunciation of Lumbrilio's name.

Alien Races:
Sitllith- a reptilian alien race.

Asgard- planet where antlines are from
Xecho- planet.
Trewsworld- planet.
The Deneb- an eating place not far from the spaceport on Xecho.
Norax lab- a lab on Xecho
Simplex- an Ag station on Trewsworld

antline- large beetle insects from Asgard.
brach- the largest native land animal on Xecho. Seems to have devolved from a more intelligent species.
lasthmer- fowl which are plucked once a year for their down, chicks are an epicures' delight.
proten leaves- food for brachs.

Ag station- agricultural station.
beamer- a light
borer- a mining tool.
Combine- a large Trading company.
crosslane planet- 'a port of call for ships switching from one sector to another.'
crawler- a heavy duty vehicle
deep probe- a hypnotic trance induced in people to retrieve memories.
E-ration- Emergency ration, a nourishing paste in a tube.
esper- a person or animal with extra-sensory perception.
Fortian artifacts- brought to a museum on Asgard by Solar Queen.
fresher- washroom/shower
Gentle Fem- a polite form of address to a woman.
hand beamer- flashlight
I life- intelligent life.
Inter-Solar- "I-S" for short, a large Trading company.
LB- lifeboat, an emergency escape pod from a spaceship.
Lithean champagne- very expensive brand of champagne.
Patrol- galactic police.
planet-side detect- a portable radiation detector.
memory switch- a device which can give someone another person's memories. Takes a day to do.
micro tapes- info storage medium.
plasta- a flesh-like material used to create a mask of Dane's face.
ramp cell- a device on a spaceship ramp which records their entry/leaving spaceship.
snooper- a hidden camera, spy device.
stunner- a weapon which fires a stun beam.
tape- a video recording device.
tube men- engineers
Xechoian cin-cycle- roughly an hour?

"By the Seven Names of Trutex!" -an exclamation (Ali)
"by the brazen hoofs of Kathor!" -an exclamation.

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