A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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Secret of the Lost Race

Also published as Wolfshead.

Time/Place: Earth, Port of N'Yok, "Jet Town" (a district of Port of N'York), planets Fenris and Loki in the Zeta Lupi star system.
4 intelligent alien races discovered, technologically less advanced than humans, the planets quarantined.
This takes place sometime after the Pax dictatorship dissolves in The Stars are Ours! and before the events of Star Guard.

Joktar- a star-and-comet (kas-cards) dealer at Kerns. One of the Ffallian. Son of H. Marson. 15 years ago his mother brought him to Kern's SunSpot (in '08) [when he was probably only 3 or 4?] and died shortly after.
Deber- Patrolman
Kelse- Space Scout
Director Kronfeld- Director of Colonization Project 308.
Commander Lennox- Space Scouts, 5th sector. Detached Rating.
H. Marson- O-S-S-D 451. Deceased. Joktar's father.
V. T. Ksanga- O-S-S-D 489. Deceased.
Sen Yen Lui- Commander-in-chief, Space Scouts, 5th Sector.
Mahabi Kabali- Space Admiral, Commanding 5th Sector
Bryar Morle- Kronfeld is his boss. Foundation?
Bran Hudd- Private Investigator, partner in Hudd & Rusto P. I.s. Undercover as banker at one-two table at Kern's investigating Joktar. Joktar thinks he's a pusher (asks too many questions), and a spotter (spy from rival casino).
Rusto- Private Investigator in Hudd & Rusto P. I.s.
Kern- tall, thin owner of Kern's Sunspot (casino) "vip".
Step- bartender at Kern's Sunspot.
Haggy- bartender at Kern's Sunspot. Is caught in raid.
Orrin- Kern's bodyguard/bouncer, former Space Marine.
Mei-Mei- former girlfriend of Kern.
Norwold- rival bar/casino to Kern's.
Dander- casino owner in Jet Town.
Rusanki- casino owner in Jet Town.
Laffty- A casino owner who "got wiped from the books".
Passey- Kern's "spot-man" at Norwold's.
Gentlehomo Ericksen- E-man in charge of the E-station at Port of N'Yok.
Kender- deceased (jumped)
Samms- leader of the Kortoski mob. Beat Raymark for position.
Irson- Agent in charge of E-Service Station, Port of N'Yok.
Cullan- Councilor of the Supreme Council.
Naolas- outlaw "woods runner" coatmaker.
Anson Burg- Mining co. vip on Fenris?
Skene- Mob boss of outlaw gang.
Rysdyke- Former Scout & envoy of Ffallian. Now woods runner.
Roose- nurse/medic in outlaw camp. Also a trapper.
Merrick- ?
Naolas- ?
Skene- an outlaw leader?
Raymark- former leader of Kortoski mob. Deceased.
Ebers- A third outlaw mob boss.
Hogan- "the chief" of outlaw gang & trapper, former trader & Ffallian envoy.
Marco- a "runner" (messenger) [Possibly Rysdyke's first name?]
Perks- A supporter of Samms. Traitor in the Kortoski mob, now Company man (maybe a Harband plant?).
Tolkus- A trapper in Hogan's mob.
Gagly- died in rock slide. (one of Hogan's crew?) Former spaceship pilot.
Alvarn Thomlistos- "The Great Thom" foundation head. Grandfather (of Joktar?) and the scout who originally made contact with the Ffallian.
Waigh- top man at Harband mining Corp.
Cowan- Ship pilot? Captain? works for Harband.
Sa Kim- a director of Harband company. Waigh's second in command?
Morre- Space Scout who made contact with Ffallian. A fanatic against them. Entrepreneur against the Ffallian contact.
Minta- ?
Shaw- a medic on Loki
Rog Kilinger- officer under Commander Lennox.
Jard-Nedlis Corp- A mining company on Fenris in the Kamador mountains.
Harband- mining company on Fenris.

Alien races:
Ffallian- offspring of long-lived humanoid alien race known only as the Others. Live longer than humans & age slower. Joktar is one.
"Others"- mysterious alien race that can only breed males with other races. Male offspring called Ffallian.
Kandas- primitive. Planet quarantined against Human interference.
Thas- primitive. Planet quarantined against Human interference.
Zaft- primitive. Planet quarantined against Human interference.
Tlolen- have limited space flight. System quarantined against Human interference.

Avar- Human colony planet, mostly field work.
Hel- 1st planet in Zeta Lupi system.
Loki- second planet of star, Zeta Lupi, in the Wolf Constellation, closest neighbouring planet Fenris 3rd in the system, and Hel 1st in the system.
Fenris- mining (alibite) colony planet. Orbits star Zeta Lupi, Wofl Constelation. 3rd planet in system. Hel 1st, Loki 2nd.
Alpha Lupi- star
Beta Lupi- star
Zeta Lupi- star with 3 planets, Hel, Loki and Fenris
Blore- Human Colony planet
Kris- a human colony planet near the border to Ffallian/Other held space.
Kambod- arctic planet
Nord- arctic planet
Aesir- arctic planet
Westlund- human colony planet
Mars- colonized
Siwaki- port town on Fenris.
Sandi- the other town of Fenris
Port of N-Yok- Space port on Earth for launching E-ships.
Warramura Port- Space port on Earth for launching E-ships.
Chein-Ho Port- Space port on Earth for launching E-ships.
Melwambe Port- Space port on Earth for launching E-ships.
Jet Town- a section of the Port of N'Yok.
Kern's Sunspot- a bar/casino in Jet Town.

Colonist- someone who chooses to leave Earth
Emigrant- someone who is forced to leave Earth. Indentured Labourer. Someone caught in an E-Raid by the E-men.
E-men- Emigration Police. They can perform E-Raids on unemployed or criminal establishments.
E-ship- emigration "sleep" ship.
Scouts- Space exploration service.
free traders- small, independent merchants.
force-blade- a knife with an energy blade
visa-plate- Two way camera/monitor communication system.
eazee-rest- recliner? settee?
stun ray- a weapon which stuns
vibrator- sonic weapon
tanglefield- energy web forcefield device
tri-steel blade- knife
blaster- energy weapon
needler- tranq gun?
force axe- an axe with an energy blade
vorp-rod- weapon which produces chain lightning
ver-talk- truth serum, in gas form which is inhaled
pusher- someone who asks too many questions, pumps people for information.
spotter- a spy
kas-cards- casino cards
one-two table- a games table at a casino?
three-worlds-wild- a casino game
nigs-and-nauts- a casino game
'three-point-down-man'- a card dealer at a casino

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