A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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The Sioux Spaceman


Kade Whitehawk- a 'Sioux spaceman' of the Lakota tribe.
Ristoff- Kade's supervisor at Lodi (misspelled Rostoff once)
Shaka Abu, Commander- human, Africo-Venusian, Team leader and Kade's superior on Klor.
Che'in Lan- 'Younger, placid, something self-satisfied in his sleepy-eyed face.'
Manuel Santoz-
Jon Steel- Lakota team member who was murdered on Klor.
High-Lord-Pac Scarkan- Styor planetary governor of Klor.
Smohallo- one of the three Styor lords under Scarkan on Klor.
Lik- a half-breed Styor from Tadder who's Smohallo's Overman.
Buk- the Trading post Overman, a half-breed Styor from Yogn.

Alien races:
Styor- 'Physically they were humanoid enough to pass at least as cousins of the Terrans. Mentally and emotionally the two species were parsecs apart.'
Ikkinni- natives of Klor. '…perhaps Kade's height, but the length and slenderness of arms and legs gave an illusion of added inches. Body and limbs were covered with fine, long black hair though which white skin showed pallidly. The hair was heavier on shoulders and chest, rising on top of the head into a peak of coarser, stiffer growth. On the cheeks and chin the sprouting was soft down from which a hard beak of nose protruded in a bold curve, overshadowing the rest of the features. A wide, seemingly lipless mouth was a little open, and teeth, certainly those of a carnivore, matched the skin of whiteness.' 'red eyes'

musti- giant bats on Klor famous for their silver-grey furs.
grama grass- suitable nourishment for Terran herbivores on Klor.

Planets, Places:
Terra- Earth
Northwest Terran Confederation- North America.
Prime Base-
Lodi- a crossroad station of the space lanes
Outworld Traders Base- Terran trading center on Lodi
Klor- 'climate in the temperate zones similar to that of northern Terran continents; three land masses, two lying north and south of the equator in the western hemisphere, and one, long, narrow, shaped roughly like a hook, occupying both hemispheres in the east. The south-western continent was so twisted by volcanic action that the land mass was largely a waterless, uninhabited desert, having no assets to attract the Styor. A handful of squalid native fishing villages clung tenaciously to the northern tip.'
Terran Trade Post- on Klor eastern continent.
Cor- the Styor administration post on Klor.
Tadder- Stor occupied planet where Kade got in trouble.
Yogn- Stor occupied planet where natives are hairless with three horn-like bumps across the forhead.

Terms, Tech:
Service- Space Service
Policy- Laws governing neutral co-existence with the Styor.
Mixed Team- racially mixed group of Terrans
League- of human colonized planets
X-Tee- extra-terrestrials
Federation of Tribes- government of the "20 or more" Amerindian tribes on Earth.
The Plan- officially unofficial strategy to end Styor enslavement of alien natives.
The Marco Polo- space ship
hyper- hyper drive space travel
Tri-Vee- 3D video?
flimsy- a recording medium.
reader- a screen to read flimsies on.
cabal- an addictive drug.
VIP- Very Important Person

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