A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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Star Guard

Second novel in the Central Control series.

Framing story takes place in 4130 AD. A class of students at the Galactic University of Zacan are learning about humans.
Main story takes place in 3956 AD.
"Almost" 300 years previous, Humans met Central Control [circa 3700 A.D.?] (sometime after Secret of the Lost Race and Star Born).
300 years since first recorded pioneer flight. (This probably refers to Star Born).
Legends of other "cold sleep" ships fleeing Nuclear Wars & ages of political & social confusion that followed. (The Stars are Ours!, Star Man's Son 2250 A. D.)
p 84-85 describes events. Quote to follow.

Zorzi- A Hist-Techneer at the Galactic University of Zacan
Kana Karr- Arch Swordsman, Third Class. Australian-Malay-Hawaiian. 18 yrs old. blue eyed. Yorke Horde.
Falfa- A Mech Legion commander.
Longmead & Groth- Legions
Fitch Yorke- Blademaster for Yorke Hord. Murdered on Fronn
Trig Hansu- Swordtan becomes Blademaster of Hord when Fitch Yorke murdered
Zagren Osmin- Horde Blademaster.
Franlan- Horde Blademaster
Mic Hamet- S-Three (swordsman 3rd class) Arch. Pale skinned, dark red hair.
Rey Nalassie- S-Three Arch. 6'2", gangly, lantern-jawed, gray eyes.
Oosterbeg's Horde- Mic & Rey's former Horde.
Feenhalt- Restaurant host's assistant from Lupa.
Slanal- Feenlalt's boss. A decorating genius who uses holograms.
Zapan Bogate- bully, scout, swordtan.
Deke Mills- swordtan star-double-star, good fighter. One of Hansu's aides. Partnered Kana Karr, murdered by Mech flamer.
Sim Lozt- bully with "hairy paw", "battered face", partnered to Daw.
Daw- a dark, wiry veteran
Skura- A Llor Chortha (prince) of the Western Lands (Thark is his capitol) on Fronn, aims to be Gatanu (king).
Plota- A Llor Gatanu (king) who is dying.
S'Tork- A Llor Chortha who is Plota's heir. Cousin of Skura.
Dolph- takes over Team 1.
Horvath- takes over Team 2.
Crawfur- Medico
Tal- Assistant to Medico Crawfur.
Kankon- Assistant to Medico Crawfur.
Ponay- Assistant to Medico Crawfur.
Wu Soong- Scout troop teammate with Kana & Bogate. "round, ivory face". Caries speacher.
Harv- Scout troop teammate with Kana & Bogate.
Larsen- Scout troop teammate with Kana & Bogate.
Falt'u'th- a trade leader of the Venturi.
Master Roo'uf- "hostage" to the Horde at the Landing of Po'ult.
Under-Master Rs'ad- "hostage" to the Horde at the Landing of Po'ult.
Onder-Master Rr'ol- "hostage" to the Horde at the Landing of Po'ult.
Vedic- swordsman who helps clear bodies from crawler.
Matthias Arch Combat officer, Commander on Earth?

Zacan- Home planet of the Zacathans
Fronn- planet, primitive, class 5. "bluish light".
Sarmak- planet
Nyorai- planet. Natives have long, slender legs. Humanoid.
Nevers- planet
Trafian- planet. Exports "scale lac" (a type of wall paint).
Sansifar- planet. Exports tapestries.
Caq- planet. Exports carpets (woven, 4" pile).
Lupa- planet whose natives are skeleton-lean, big-headed, double row of fangs, growly language/speech. (lupine)
Cephas- planet. Home to Krotands, "flame birds" from the inner sea islands.
Ciran- planet. Glider/flying wing aircraft came from there.
Sarmak- planet. Home planet of the Sarm.
Rassam- planet with humanoid race.
Garmir- planet of very advanced technological alien race.
Prime- (place) a base on Earth?
Combat Headquarters-
Hiring Hall-
Secundus Base- Secundus- A base on a human colonized world.
Mars- has training ground for Archs
Moon- has training ground for Archs

Alien races:
Llor- dominant race on Fronn. Humanoid, 7' tall. Thick, oily curly bodyhair like a sheep. Bulging eyes, single slit nose.
Venturi- (singular: Ventur) A secondary (batrachian) race on Fronn. Mainly traders & merchants. Very thin, maybe about 5' tall, 4 arms, 2 legs, webbed feet, 6 fingers on each hand, 4 eyes- golden coloured, wide moth, no chin, green-gray skin, wattled throat.
Cos- mountain natives of Fronn. "Pygmy" race of Llor.
Yabanu- a feline alien race.
Trystian- an avian alien race.
Zacathans- a reptilian alien race.
Sarm, Sarmakan- alien race from Sarmak. Ignore humans.
Ageratans- aliens openly rude to humans.
Dzaraneans- aliens openly rude to humans.
Lydian- An alien race with "oddly slanting eyes and triangular mouth"

Zartian sand mouse-
Poltorain lobster fish-
guen- pack animal on Fronn
ttsor- feline, green fur, large thumb claw, prehensile tail, lion-like, large brain case, fringed ears, large yellow eyes.
tif- six-limbed, frog headed, four black bead-like eyes set in double row abover carnivorous jaws. Travel in shcools like piranahs.
Ciranian "sunstone"-

Galactic Agents- wear scarlet cloaks.
Galactic Patrolmen- black & white uniforms.
X-Tees- Extra-Terrestrials
Central Control- central government of the region of space where Earth is on the border and seeking membership.
Hordes- group of Archs
Legions- group of Mechs
Archs- combat units for primitive planets/infantry.
Mechs- combat units for technologically developed planets. Tanks & planes. Symbol: crossed rockets.
Swordsman- Arch (soldier).
Combatant- high rank like General.
Swordtan- (rank of) a clerk at the Hiring Hall.
Mechtan- higher rank (1st rank)
Alien Liaison training- Fourth level= alien contact.
stat-rifle- Arch firearm
blaster- Mech weapon
crawler- Mech machine
spouter- Mech weapon
flamer- energy weapon, pistol, Galactic Patrol issue, Mechs have access.
Uzakian spider silk- sleeping bag material (expensive)
worstle temperature moss- sleeping bag liner (expensive)
gauntlets of karab skin- (expensive)
Cambra (sleeping) bag- (cheaper priced)
sasti hide- material for a short jacket
credits- method of payment (muster allowance paid in…)
Galactic overdrive- new engine not requiring "cold sleep", much faster (Star Born?)
Waugh- an expression of "good grief"
Yano board- board game.
portable reader- laptop/portable video player/electronic book
glitter boy- someone with money.
projecting- a hologram
mist wizard- carnival fortune teller
Intergalactic Trading- also Intersystem Traders.
air rifles- A Llor weapon.
Control Commissioner-
con job-
Medico- medical officer, doctor
speecher- com unit/radio
"Lothurian leaf eaters"- mild insult. (stoners? pot heads?)
humanoid robots are used for target practice in combat training.

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