A Timeline of the Norton Universe

by Jay Demetrick

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Star Hunter


Vye Lansor- "S. C. C. 425061" (State Child's Créche number)
Ras Hume- former star pilot of cargo-cum-liner, the "Rigal Rover", now Out-Hunter.
Milfors Wass- "might be truly native Terran and not second, third, nor fourth generation star stock as most of those who reached Nahuatl were."
Tors Wazalitz- "a third owner of the Kogan-Bors-Wazalitz line, and a Gratz chewer." Dead in crash of Rigal Rover.
Tharlee Kogan Brodie- Gentlefem, mother of Rynch.
Rynch Brodie- heir to a third of the Kogan-Bord-Wazalitz fortune.

Alien Races:
Salarkian- "yellow lips", "furred hands". The owner of the "Starfall" bar is one.
Vorm-man- "vast bulk", "scaled, six-fingered, claw hand", "fanged jaws", "broad, green-gray back".
Eucorian- "flat-faced". Have a caste system.

Nahuatl- planet with 2 moons.
Xipe- "poisonous sister planet" of Nahuatl.
Sargon Two- planet Rigal Rover took off from with Tors Wazalitz onboard.
Alexbut- planet Rigal Rover crashed on.
Jumala- frontier planet
Starfall- name of a bar where star freighter crew hang out.
Altar-Ishtar- a woman at the "Starfall" spoke the language of.

Flangoid flying lizards- tail casings can be made into vicious whips.

Veep- "criminal elite"
Patrol Council-
survey men- galactic survey
Out-Hunters Guild- provide safari trips to newly surveyed worlds.
Gratz- a drug that is chewed.
plasta-hand- artificial hand, plastic surgery
Krusha dream- drug induced hallucination?
Largo Drift- space liner
Gentlefem- polite form of address for a woman.
Ten Sector-Terran Courts- galactic legal system presiding over inheritance case.
conditioner- a memory altering device
psycho-techs- psychologist/psychiatrist technicians
Star-and-Comet dealers- casino game
blaster-flamed- burned by blaster weapon
Kardo- purple colored (alcoholic?) drink
State Child's Créche- state orphanage
Five Hour Fever epidemic-
gearman- someone who works on a ship?
swamper- janitor
thaline dream- drug that is smoked.
port-drift- poor & destitute
"Fata Rite"- "Make the scales even" "If you could not repay a good deed to the one you owed, you must balance the Eternal Scales in another fashion" an honor belief system.

"Forty names of Dugor!"- expression of disgust.

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