Drawings by Jane Fancher


What you are seeing here are legal size xerox copies of drawings done by a fan of Andre's, Jane Fancher. She did them back in the 70s and sent them to Andre who then kept them in her scrapbook. They are Jane's interpretation of various characters within Andre's books. The first one is titled "Kartr" from the "Star Rangers" book. Jane has since become a very accomplished Artist, Author and Musician among many other things. She has several well established websites and we are proud to supply you with a link to her main one.

Jane Fancher's webpage


Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the drawing discriptions in Jane's own words.



Images listed in order shown.


# 1 ~ Star Rangers: My definitive Kartr portrait.

# 2 ~ Star Rangers: "Just push this lever here..." Kartr, Zinga and Fhyl and Rolth reflected in the mirror.

# 3 ~ Beastmaster: "And you hate him, don't you?" initial meeting between Storm and Logan.

# 4 ~ Beastmaster: Memories. Where Storm finally opens the packet from Earth.

# 5 ~ Lord of Thunder: (I think) Again, Storm and Logan, as Logan storms out. Have lost the line. Gotta reread! Yay!

# 6 ~ Crystal Gryphon: Just a portrait of Kerovan and Joisan. Love that book.

# 7 ~ I think is Kerovan and Joisan again, but I'm having a hard time pulling up the scene. (REREAD! YAY!) Might be from their second book...I think it is.

# 8 ~ Shadow Hawk: Rahotep. One of my all-time favorite books and the one that hooked me on Egyptology.

# 9 ~ Rebel Spurs: Just a very early portrait of Drew.

# 10 ~ Rebel Spurs: "Where'd you get them spurs." Drew Rennie and Anse Kirby...another of the best books ever.

11 ~ Rebel Spurs: Drew and Anse again. Just a tiny bit of business that made my horse trainer self really happy. It's a simple line: "He tightened the reins and the well-trained (by him) horse broke into a canter." It's absolutely right...and counter-intuitive to what most non-horse people believe.


See Also: A drawing Jane did exclusivly for this website and the story Fanus

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