English Publishers of Andre Norton titles ~ D


Note: (x and a Number) equals the minimum number of printings that we have identified.

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Ralestone Luck 1984
Stand and Deliver 1984 PB


 Del Rey

See Publisher ~ Del Rey      

Dell Yearling

The Day of the Ness 1976 TP
Rogue Reynard 1972 TP

Demco Media

The Elvenbane 2004 HC
Elvenblood 2004 HC
Elvenborn 2004 HC

Donald M. Grant ~ UK   

Fur Magic 1993 HC x2


Black Trillium 1990 HC


The Opal-Eyed Fan 1977 HC
Small Shadows Creep 1974 HC
The White Jade Fox 1975 HC




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