Small Shadows Creep

~ A Collection of Short Stories by Various Authors

Edited by Andre Norton



Contains ~        

  • Introduction, by Andre Norton
  • Ancient Evils:
    •  Saloozy, by M. Lawrence
    •  Herodes Redivivus, by A.B.L. Munby
    •  The First Sheaf, by H.R. Wakefield
  • Vengeful Spirits:
    • How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery, by E.F. Benson
    •  The Old Nurse’s Story, by Mrs. Gaskell
    •  Lost Hearts, by M.R. James
  • Quiet Visitors:
    •  A Little Ghost, by H. Walpole
    •  Playmates, by A.M. Burrage
    •  Faithful Jenny Dove, by E. Farjeon

Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front flap of the Dutton hardcover edition ~

Just because a ghost is young doesn’t mean he or she lacks any of the supernatural powers of an adult spirit. The young ghosts gathered by Andre Norton in this anthology can avenge, haunt, and terrify with the best of the grown-ups.
The Ghost child of “The Old Nurse’s Story” by Mrs. Gaskell seems an irresistibly pretty playmate but is really a dangerous threat to a living little girl. There are gentle spirits, too, such as Hugh Walpole’s “A Little Ghost”, who are a joy to encounter.
The Excellent selections will please ghost-connoisseurs of all ages.


Write-up from the front flap of the Chatto & Windus edition ~

Just because a ghost is young doesn't mean he or she lacks any of the supernatural powers of an adult spirit. The ghost child of "The Old Nurse's Story" by Mrs. Gaskell seems an irresistibly pretty playmate but is really a dangerous threat to a living little girl. The twin babies who haunt E.F. Benson's chilling tale, "How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery", are scarcely old enough to walk, yet nearly everyone who sees them comes to an indescribably terrifying death. But not all child spirits are born of evil: Hugh Walpole's "A Little Ghost" and A.M. Burrage's "Playmates" have a greater than human capacity for bringing joy and comfort to the living.
Once acquainted with the ghost children gathered in this compelling anthology, ghost-connoisseurs of all ages will need little persuasion that young ghost can avenge, haunt, terrify and, occasionally, pacify, with the best of the grown-ups.


From the back of the Puffin paperback edition ~

An Antiquarian bookseller takes a sinister interest in a schoolboy who visits his shop; A pair of twins, hardly old enough to walk, strike deadly terror into anyone who sees them; A young girl who died for love finds being a ghost much too enjoyable to give up. This assortment of ghost stories is eerie, touching or funny, and never quite what you would expect.


Reviews ~

Kirkus Reviews ~ Issue: Jan. 1st, 1975
Another visitation of those insular but poised late 19th century English ghosts, but a distinguished gathering of its kind -- featuring a simultaneously witty and terrifying confrontation with twin baby ghosts in E.F. Benson's "How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery," a truly nasty rural ritual in H.R. Wakefield's "The First Sheaf," and the farcical fidelity/betrayal of Eleanor Farjeon's "Faithful Jenny Dove." Perhaps these gentle shades and cerebral ghost layings will seem tame to the Exorcist generation, but as always, the trappings -- rare books, country houses -- are magnificent and Norton's nose for suspense has led her to some first-class examples of the genre. 


Booklist Review ~ March 01, 1975
The nine ghostly stories in this collection are mannered in style and flavor but are still vital and immediate in evoking appropriate reader responses. As with most in the group, the first and longest story Margery Lawrence's "Saloozy" -- is slow to take effect but leaves a satisfying chill. Other stories, especially A.B.L. Munby's "Herodes Redivivus" and A. M. Burrage's "Playmates" offer narative styles with images and innuendos that may appeal to a more discriminating audience than that of Ireson's Haunting Tales (Booklist Feb.75) although one lesser story. Farjeon's "Faithful Jenny Dove" appears in both volumes.


Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1975 by Charles N. Brown in Locus #170 (fnz), March 15


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1974) Published by Dutton, HC, 0-525-39505-9, 978-0-525-39505-8, LCCN 74005408, $6.95, 195pg ~ cover by David Stone {Yellow Paper Boards, Black Cloth Spine, Black End Papers}
  • (1976) Published by Chatto & Windus, HC, 0-701-15096-3, 195pg ~ UK printing ~ cover by Alexy Pendle
  • (1979) Published by Puffin, PB, 0-140-31074-6, 978-0-140-31074-0, £0.75, 192pg ~ UK printing ~ cover by Sarah Simpson

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