English Publishers of Andre Norton titles

~ P, R & S


Note: (x and a Number) equals the minimum number of printings that we have identified.


Pan ~ UK

Tales of the Witch World 1 1989 TP
Tales of the Witch World 2 1989 TP

Peacock ~ UK

The Beast Master 1968 PB
The Crystal Gryphon 1976 PB
Lord of Thunder 1968 PB

Pinnacle Books

Forerunner 1981 HC

Pocket (Archway)

The Day of the Ness 1978 PB
Fur Magic 1978 PB x2
Octagon Magic 1978 PB x2
Seven Spells to Sunday 1980 PB
Star Ka`at 1977 PB x4
Star Ka`at 1982 HC
Star Ka`at World 1979 PB x3
Star Ka`ats and the Plant People 1980 PB
Steel Magic 1978 PB x2
Ten Mile Treasure 1981 PB

Premier Digital Publishing

See Publisher ~ Premier

Puffin ~ UK

The Beast Master 1978 PB x2
Catseye 1967 PB x5
The Crystal Gryphon 1987 PB
Iron Cage 1987 PB
Small Shadows Creep 1979 PB

Rand McNally

Baleful Beast and Eerie Creatures        1976 HC x2


Forerunner Foray 1992 PB
Ice Crown 1993 PB
Iron Cage 1992 PB
Uncharted Stars 1993 PB
The Zero Stone 1992 PB

Ryerson ~ Canadian

Ralestone Luck 1938 HC

S & S Minstrel

Star Ka`at 1986 PB

Scholastic Book Service

Gray Magic 1967 TP

Science Fiction Book Club

See Publisher ~ SFBC

Sidgwick & Jackson ~ UK

Merlin’s Mirror 1976 HC


The Magic Books 1988 PB

St. Martins Press

Atlantis Endgame 2002 DM
Beast Master's Ark 2002 DM
Derelict for Trade 2002 DM
Echoes in Time 2002 DM
The Gates to Witch World 2002 DM
A Mind For Trade 2002 DM
The Shadow of Albion 2002 DM
To the King a Daughter 2002 DM

Staples ~ UK

Island of the Lost 1953 HC
Star Man's Son 2250 A.D. 1953 HC

Star / Universal ~ UK

Trey of Swords 1979 PB


Dragon Magic 2006 TP
Fur Magic 2006 TP
Lavender-Green Magic 2006 TP
Octagon Magic 2005 TP
Red Hart Magic 2007 TP
Steel Magic 2005 TP




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