The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Races of Witch World ~ Varks

Varks are first named in Horn Crown, though they first appear in Zarsthor's Bane where a bird-woman that could be a Winged One appears. They are also mentioned in The Warding of Witch World.

Appearance: Varks have heads of birds and the bodies of men and women. The one in Zarsthor's Bane was capable of flying over short distances, though whether she had true wings or just flapped her arms is unclear. The ones in Horn Crown appear to be able to fly and Sassfang in The Warding of Witch World also travelled in extended leaps aided by her winged arms.

Living Area(s): The Waste and Arvon.

Life Span: The lifespan of a Vark is unmentioned.

Power: In Zarsthor's Bane the bird-woman seems to be able to control some large, black birds. Varks seem able to continue to fight even if dismembered or beheaded. The blood of a Vark is dangerous to the living and seems to be acidic and venomous.

Other: The number of Varks seem to be dwindling. An Dark Old One adept of their race appears in Horn Crown allied with Raidhan and Cuntif. The one in The Warding of Witch World is named Sassfang and may be the same Vark woman to appear in Zarsthor's Bane. 1

 1. It's possible the first Varks may have originally been of the same race as Sylvya, Shallon & Volt and at their time of Choice took the dark path like the Ravenlord did in Peacock Eyes

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