The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Places of Witch World ~ Arvon


Arvon is the eighth country introduced in the [Witch World] series in Year of the Unicorn.

Government: The closest Arvon has to a central government are the Seven Lords (one of which is The High Lord Aidan1) and the Voices of the Heights (usually simply called "the Voices") who maintain the balance of power between the four Clans (Redmantle, Goldmantle, Bluemantle, & Silvermantle) of the Old Race and many other races and peoples of Arvon through prophecy and the Warders. House Lordship of the many Keeps is inherited through the mother's bloodline—the eldest son of the eldest daughter of the line becomes chieftain and his eldest sister's son becomes chieftain after him. House Lords of the Old Race give allegiance to one of the four Clan Overlords. The Were-Riders are led by Hyron.

Geography: Arvon is surrounded by mountains which (along with its powerful wards) cuts it off from the surrounding areas. Within the bordering mountains, the main of Arvon are rolling plains good for farming and wild forested areas. Time might flow differently in Arvon than elsewhere since many inhabitants are well over a thousand years old.

Surrounding Areas: To the southeast are the Dales of High Hallack. To the southwest begins The Waste which extends to an unknown distance up the western border. To the east is the sea (over which lies Alizon and the northern lands of the Latts). Just off the coast are some tiny island nations. (see: Isle of Illusion & Rampion) To the north is mainly unknown, though The Warding of Witch World mentions a Sulcar settlement and possibly settlements of the Latts as well.

Special Places:

  1. Car Do Prawn is home of Lord Erach and lies in the Redmantle Clan lands. (see: The Jargoon Pard)
  2. Kar Garudwyn, the castle of the Gryphon lies near Car Re Dogan. (see: Gryphon's EyrieSongsmith & The Warding of Witch World)
  3. Car Re Dogan is the ruined home of Maleron, half-brother to Sylvya. It lies close to the Gate that blocks Arvon to the south near the Dales. The ruins have an odd visual effect on those traveling through them so that places that appeared clear a moment before seem suddenly blocked while other places that seemed blocked appear suddenly open. Anything that could be used as a marker seems to multiply in images. (see: Year of the Unicorn & Gryphon's Eyrie)
  4. Car Do Yelt "where there is said to be one favored by the Voices" (See: The Jargoon Pard)
  5. The Setting Up of Kings is to the north of Car Re Dogan and serves as a place of advice and (possibly) judgement. (see: Gryphon's Eyrie and Year of the Unicorn)
  6. The Gray Towers is home to the Were-Riders. (see: Year of the Unicorn)
  7. The Fane of Naeve (see: Year of the UnicornThe Jargoon PardThe Judgement of Neave and Songsmith)
  8. Quayth is in the south-east corner of Arvon, is famous for its amber and is home to Lady Yaal the Far Thoughted, a renowned healer, her Lord Broc, and Ysmay, formerly of Uppsdale. (see: Amber of Quayth)
  9. The Shrine of Gunnora, where women wishing to conceive seek aid and those about to give birth find ease. (see: The Jargoon Pard)
  10. Garth Howell, where magic is studied. (see: The Jargoon PardSongsmith & The Warding of Witch World)
  11. Linark, where Aylinn went to study moon magic. (see: The  Jargoon Pard & The Warding of Witch World)
  12. Reeth is the Star Tower, home to Herrel, Gillan, Ayslinn and Kethan. (see: The Jargoon Pard & The Warding of Witch World)
  13. The Whiteflow (this is a river according to Andre's notes. See: The Jargoon Pard)
  14. The Higher Land, home to the Wild Ones. (This may be the mountains bordering Arvon. Who the Wild Ones are isn't explained. See: The Jargoon Pard)

1. see: The Jargoon Pard

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