Fantastic Cat

(aka) Catfantastic II

~ A Collection of Original stories by Various Authors

Edited by Andre Norton & Martin H. Greenberg

Contains a Short Story from the "Noble Warrior Series"

fantastic cat 2004 48726 5


Contains ~

  •  Vii~ Introduction by Andre Norton
  • 09~ Bomber and the Bismarck (nv) by Clare Bell
  • 39~ A Puma and a Panther (ss) by Wilanne Schneider Belden
  • 49~ The Last Gift (nv) by Elizabeth H. Boyer
  • 78~ Papercut Luck (ss) by Patricia B. Cirone
  • 91~ Shado (ss) by Mary Lois Dunn
  • 105~ In Bastet’s Service (ss) by Pauline M. Griffin
  • 124~ Shadows (ss) by Caralyn Inks
  • 144~ The Execution (ss) by A. R. Major
  • 156~ Hermione at Moon House (ss) by Ardath Mayhar
  • 163~ Quest of Souls (ss) by Ann Miller & Karen Rigley
  • 178~ Ede’s Earrings (ss) by Sasha Miller
  • 194~ Clara’s Cat (ss) by Elizabeth N. Moon
  • 213~ Hob's Pot (nv) by Andre Norton
  • 235~ The Queen’s Cat’s Tale (ss) by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • 253~ The Keep-Shape Spell (ss) by Mary H. Schaub
  • 273~ Of Age and Wisdom (ss) by Roger C. Schlobin
  • 283~ Critical Cats (nv) by Susan M. Shwartz
  • 304~ In Carnation (ss) by Nancy Springer


Synopsis ~

It is a call to battle, a warning of danger, or the greeting of a fellow prowler stalking through the darkness, heading for a rendezvous with adventure in one of the magic places - those mysterious realms undetectable by mere humans. Tonight, the cats are gathering to tell their tales, of times past or yet to come, of the two-legged beings they have adopted as their own special pets.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (2004) Edited by Andre Norton & Martin H. Greenberg, Published by BP Books, TP, 0-743-48726-5, $11.95, 318pg ~ cover by Braldt Bralds



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