Magic in Ithkar 3

~ A Collection of Original Stories by Various Authors

Edited by Andre Norton & Robert Adams

magic in ithkar 3 1986 54734 9


Contains ~

  • 09~ Prologue (pr) by Robert Adams
  • 19~ Three Knives in Ithkar (nv) by Gareth Bloodwine
  • 41~ Were-Sisters (ss) by Ann R. Brown
  • 53~ The Magic Carpet (ss) by James Clark
  • 67~ The Amiable Assassin (nv) by A. C. Crispin
  • 89~ Guardians of the Secret (ss) by Ginger Curry & Monika Conroy
  • 109~ The Beggar and His Cat (ss) by Gene DeWeese
  • 123~ Flarrin Red-chin (nv) by M. Coleman Easton
  • 145~ Covenant (nv) by Pauline M. Griffin
  • 167~ What Little Girls Are Made Of (ss) by T. S. Huff
  • 181~ Eyes of the Seer (nv) by Caralyn Inks & Georgia Miller
  • 205~ Fiddler Fair (nv) by Mercedes R. Lackey
  • 229~ The Silverlord (nv) by Morgan Llywelyn
  • 251~ SunDark in Ithkar (nv) by S. Lee Rouland
  • 275~ Hair’s Breath (nv) by Susan M. Shwartz
  • 297~ The Singing Eggs (ss) by Kiel Stuart
  • 315~ Biographical Notes (bg) Misc. Material

Synopsis ~

Write-up from back of both tradepaper and paperback editions ~

Since the arrival of the Three Lordly Ones centuries ago, all manner of folk have flocked to Ithkar Fair – to trade, to venerate, to scheme, and to game. In truth, they are a motley company. Come to Ithkar Fair and meet a washerwoman’s son who seems to be a deadly (if amiable) assassin…a promising magician’s apprentice who finds the price of mastery quite high…a magnificent stallion with a strange affinity for his owner’s daughter…a young girl with a gift disguised as a disfigurement…a fiddler whose dream is realized in an unexpected way…and a cat who is more than merely a cat. All these and others have paid their gate-offering to find what they seek – and what they never expected – at Ithkar Fair.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1986) Published by TOR, TP, 0-812-54734-9, 978-0-812-54734-4, $6.95, 319pg ~ cover by Steve Hickman
  • (1989) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-54709-8, 978-0-812-54709-2, $3.95 US $4.95 Canadian, 313pg ~ cover by Steve Hickman

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