Auour the Deepminded

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton

auour the deepminded 1996


Synopsis ~

Write-up from a fan ~

Auour's husband Olafur was killed by his own enemies; her son Thorstien had gone on a Viking raid in Scotland and came back with tales of rich land for the taking. So, she swept the entire clan off to the new land, only to die before the second winter there. Now Auour learns that a neighboring tribal leader, MacMann, plans to exterminate her entire clan. She has had a ship built in secret but is afraid there isn't enough time to properly provision it before MacMann comes raiding. She enlists the help of one of her old women thralls to help her with a spell to hold him off. Two days later they take to the ship, just in time, for MacManns forces arrive after they'd put out to sea. Auour and her people travel first to the Orkney's, were Olafur had kin, then the Faroe Islands.  But neither place seems suitable for them, since they would only be guests of kin, and not the freeholders they had been.  They finally wind up on a faraway island, where they establish their own homestead. As near as I can figure, the faraway island they landed on was Greenland. ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Warrior Enchantresses (1996) Edited by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch and Martin H. Greenberg, Published by DAW, PB, 0-886-77690-2, No.1020, $5.50, 349pg ~ cover by Luis Royo ~ 15 original tales of woman who work swordcraft and spellcraft in defense of all they hold dear.

Write-up from the back of the paperback ~

The Rites of Power, The Art of War - are the subjects of the fifteen original tales created for this volume by such masters of spellbinding fantasy as Tanith Lee, Andre Norton, Melanie Rawn, William F. Wu, Rebecca Ore, Pamela Sargent, and Jennifer Roberson. Here, from many times and many cultures, are wondrous and heroic stories of the special women who become masters of both martial and magical arts, either out of the need to survive and protect their own, or because they desired freedom and equality in a world which too often denied women these rights.

From Kleopatra's bargain with a god on the eve of battle... to a courageous woman ready to lead her people across the seas to unexplored lands in the hope of finding a haven to call home... to a princess who finds an unusual way to earn respect in a man's world... to a wife ready to call upon the powers of the earth itself to defeat the demon who holds her husband captive... these are magnificent tales of challenges met, victories won, and sacrifices made by those most fascinating females -- Warrior Enchantresses


    9 • Introduction (Warrior Enchantresses) • (1996) • essay by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch
    13 • The World Well Lost • (1996) • short story by Tanith Lee
    30 • Auôur the Deepminded • (1996) • short story by Andre Norton
    38 • Of the Deaths of Kings • (1996) • novella by Melanie Rawn
    87 • The Warrior and the Dragon's Son • (1996) • short fiction by Josepha Sherman
    99 • Earthen Mound • (1996) • short story by Diana L. Paxson
    119 • The Ginseng Potion • (1996) • novelette by William F. Wu
    144 • The Mist of Melusine • (1996) • short story by Rosemary Hawley Jarman
    162 • Going Back to Colchis • (1996) • short story by Rebecca Ore
    178 • Amazon Gold • (1996) • novelette by Steven Rogers
    199 • Qadishtu • (1996) • novelette by Laura Resnick and Kathy Chwedyk
    226 • Eye of Flame • (1996) • novella by Pamela Sargent
    286 • Phaistides • (1996) • short story by Lois Tilton
    302 • A Wolf Upon the Wind • (1996) • short story by Jennifer Roberson
    308 • The Lady of the Mercians • (1996) • short story by Mary Frances Zambreno
    328 • Summoning the River • (1996) • novelette by Deborah J. Ross [as by Deborah Wheeler]




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