Red Cross, White Cross

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton

red cross white cross  2002


Synopsis ~

King Phillip of France had convinced the Pope to declare the Knight Templar outlawed, and many of them killed by torture. However, those Knights had allowed themselves to be captured, knowing they'd be killed -- sacrificing themselves to distract King Phillip from the fact that the Knights were busily stripping their treasure houses and moving the treasures to safety. Young Sir Michael of the Knights Templar sneaks back to his old monastery to fulfill a pledge he made to his Commander -- to retrieve from the monistaty's safe-room and restore to the Lady Gladden the treasure she had left with them for safe keeping. Now she is widowed with no support and needs the funds.

Michael's Commander has been killed and Michael, in the battle that killed his commander, had his right hand chopped off. He makes it back to the monastery, only to find the Knights Hospitaller in possession of it. His brother, long lost to him by their stepmother's persuasion of their father to send the boys to different military orders, is one of the Knight Hospitaller. Together the boys (young men now) persuade Ralf's Commander to allow the treasures to be returned to Lady Gladden, even though she is the wicked stepmother in their lives. At first, the Hospitaller Commander is inclined to just release Michael, since a one-handed man -- left hand at that -- can't be much of a knight. However, Michael, is left-handed and can use a sword. ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Knight Fantastic (2002) Edited by Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers, Published by DAW, PB, 0-756-40052-X, No.1220, $6.99, 317pg (pgs. 19-36) ~ cover by permission of stock illustration source ~ 15 all-original tales of those valiant warriors sworn to serve and defend against all foes, whether mortal or magical....

Write-up from the back of the paperback ~

From the earliest warriors, who swore their allegiance to their tribal leader, to the knights of the Round Table, who embodied the finest principles of chivalry and honor, to mythical followers of quests, or defenders of legendary kingdoms, these mighty champions - men and women alike - have captured the imaginations of fantasy lovers the world around. Now some of today's greatest story-weavers have created fifteen unforgettable fantasy tapestries - one of which is told through song - offering such spellbinding and heroic knightly visions as:

- He was the last Knights Templar to escape King Phillip's men, and even death would not keep him from protecting the treasure entrusted to him...

- This final tournament would determine his future as a knight. But was winning worth more than his honor?

- He had sworn to conquer all the territory ruled by the elves. Now, with his son and heir born at last, could anything keep him from his final victory?

    9 • Introduction (Knight Fantastic) • essay by John Helfers
    13 • Rodergo's Song • poem by Adam Stemple and Jane Yolen
    19 • Red Cross, White Cross • short story by Andre Norton
    37 • Squire Thorian's Trial • short story by Mickey Zucker Reichert
    53 • The Cross of God • short story by Brendan DuBois
    73 • Nights of the Round Table • short story by Tanya Huff
    88 • Buried Treasures • short story by Jean Rabe
    106 • Father of Shadow, Son of Light • [Kham-Ridhe] • short story by Russell Davis
    122 • In a Lifetime • short story by Kristin Schwengel
    140 • And the Wind Sang • novelette by Bradley H. Sinor
    161 • Killer in the Reign • novelette by Rosemary Edghill and India Edghill
    185 • In Days of Old • novelette by Esther M. Friesner [as by Esther Friesner]
    207 • Knight Mare • short story by Josepha Sherman
    218 • Faint Heart, Foul Lady • novelette by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    250 • The Captain of the Guard • novelette by Fiona Patton
    273 • The Knight of Hydan Athe • novelette by Michelle West


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