Three-Inch Trouble

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton

three inch trouble 2016


Synopsis ~

Cargo Master Grospar purchases an engraved box from a dealer at the fair. The box was said to be found hooked to the belt of a floater trapped in an asteroid belt. Unbeknown to Grospar the box contained some major trouble for him and his shipmates.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • A Constellation of Cats (2001) Edited by Denise Little, Published by DAW, PB, 0-756-40016-3, No.1204, $6.99, 320pg ~ cover by Mark Hess ~ 13 original tales of fascinating felines and the humans they have marked for their own....

Write-up from the back of paperback ~

From those regal beauties with impeccable pedigrees to the scruffy scavengers who sometimes prove the most noble of all, cats have stalled their claims to virtually all territories containing humans as well as many where humans wouldn't even dream of venturing. They amuse us, fascinate us, protect us, and offer the companionship of equals to those they find deserving. Those of us who've fallen to their magic spell couldn't dream of living without them.

Now some of fantasy's finest tale-spinners have once again risen to the challenge, creating cat adventures and legends sure to captivate anyone who's ever had their home and heart taken over by a cat. Here are tales of such brave defenders as: the astrologer's familiar who made prophecy come true when a evil lord threatened all he held near and dear; a spaceship's feline protector who alone stood a chance when matched against a life-form inadvertently released aboard the ship by her human; a guardian called up by the request of ten thousand cats to defend Egypt from seemingly unstoppable foes; and a modern-day feline ready to brave any trail for the woman she'd chosen as her own...

    1 • Introduction (A Constellation of Cats) • essay by Denise Little
    5 • The Stargazer's Familiar • short story by Mary Jo Putney
    17 • Three-Inch Trouble • novelette by Andre Norton
    39 • Purr Power • novelette by Jody Lynn Nye
    62 • Star • novelette by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    88 • Under the Sign of the Fish • short story by Karen Haber
    105 • Every Life Should Have Nine Cats • novelette by Mickey Zucker Reichert
    131 • Once, We Were Worshiped • novelette by Diane A. S. Stuckart
    162 • Praxis • short story by Janet Pack
    182 • Death Song • short story by Bill McCay
    200 • A Light in the Darkness • novelette by Pamela Luzier
    221 • Mu Mao and the Court Oracle • novelette by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
    243 • Star Song • novelette by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    271 • Ecliptic • novelette by Von Jocks 


  • Cats and More Cats (2016) Edited by Fred Patten, Published by FurPlanet Productions, 978-1-61450-297-5, $19.95, 262pg

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