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~ 1975 thru 1979


Indented critiques and comments from Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography. Edited by Roger A. Schlobin, 1994

Many of the articles posted here are from the archives of Texas A & M University - Cushing Memorial Library

Many miscellaneous reviews and articles were saved by Andre and mounted in scrapbooks. ~  See: Scapbook #*.* page***  for a full-size image.

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  • Various reviews of Forerunner Foray ~ See: Scrapbook #3.0 page 016
  • Various reviews of Here Abide Monsters ~ See: Scrapbook #3.0 pages 025  029
  • Various reviews of Lavender-Green Magic ~ See: Scrapbook #3.1 page 046
  • Various reviews of The Jargoon Pard ~ See: Scrapbook #3.1 pages 054  057  061  065  066  071  072   075   076
  • Various reviews of Small Shadows Creep ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 page 014
  • Various reviews of The Day of the Ness ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 pages 016  017  018  020  021  022  034
  • Various reviews of Outside ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 pages 017 018  026  027
  • Review of Merlin's Mirror by Rose Hogue, Huntington, CA ~ See: Scrapbook #4.1 page 053
  • Review of Merlin's Mirror by Irvine Koch, Oct. / Nov. ~ See: Scrapbook #4.1 page 066
  • Review of Rogue Reynard  by Robert Coulson in Yandro, #232 June, Published by  Robert & Juanita Coulson, Edited by Rober Coulson, pg.11   See: Scrapbook #11.0 page 28
  • Various reviews of The White Jade Fox ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 pages 030  033  034  035  036  038  039  040  041  042 ~ See Also: Scrapbook #4.1 pages 043  044  045  046  047  048  049
  • Review of The White Jade Fox by Edith Dunham Webber, Des Moines, IO ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 page 037
  • Reviews of Lavender-Green Magic by Gail C. Futoran (pg.10) and The Jargoon Pard by Charlotte Moslander (pg.11), Luna Monthly #60, December ~ See Also: Scrapbook #3.1 page 068



  • Andre Norton answers questions posed by Brian M. Fraser, professor of the Science Fiction in the Media seminar series at the Institute of Social Communications, Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. (Note: the 1975 date is a guess being as Andre states that she is in the process of writting Quag Keep)
  • Andre Norton Bibliography by Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt ~ The Book of Andre Norton Edited by Rodger Elwood, Published by DAW, PB, 0-451-UY119-8, $1.25, 221pg ~ cover by Jack Gaughan (pg. 211)

A revision of Andre Norton’s own bibliography of her works that appeared in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton. Like the original, it is arranged alphabetically and includes the publishing history of the short stories, books, collaborations, short story collections, edited anthologies, and non-fiction. It is updated from the original to include works published in 1974 and some of those appearing in 1975. Each entry contains genre identifications and series notations. Omits some of the non-fiction and some of the short story appearances as well as citing a number of Canadian editions which do not exist. Also see “Norton Bibliography” in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton, by Andre Norton, 1974, ~ Andre Norton: A Bibliography 1934-1963 by Frederick Patten, MLS Thesis, University of California at Los Angeles, 1963, and ~ The First Editions of Andre Norton by David Turner, Published by David Turner, 1974.

  • Review of The Day of the Ness by Frederick Patten in Delap’s F & SF Review, May, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, (pg.10)
  • Review of The Crystal Gryphon by Fritz Leiber in Fantastic, February Vol 24, No 2., Published by Ultimate Publishing Co. Inc., Edited by Ted White, $0.75, 132pg ~ cover by Stephen E. Fabian (pg111)



  • Review of The Many Worlds of Andre Norton by uncredited in Vertex: The Magazine of Science Fiction, February, Published by Mankind Publishing Company, Edited by Donald J. Pfeil, $1.50, 100pg, cover by Ed Acuna





  • Review of The White Jade Fox by Eamon Morgan ~ Delap’s F & SF Review August Issue #5, Vol. 1, no. 5, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, 32pg (pgs15-16) ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 page 031

Pays tribute to Norton’s influence and impact on the field of science fiction and strongly admires the high quality and effective plotting of this first excursion into the Gothic genre.

  • Far Flung Worlds by Sarah Hayes ~ Review of Iron Cage and The Jargoon Pard ~ London Times Literary Supplement (Sept. 19) (pg. 1052)

Accurately describes the unusual range of Norton’s fiction and examines her talent for effectively using magic and her ability to endow her historical settings with a true sense of place.

  • Review of The Book of Andre Norton by James K. Burke ~ Delap’s F & SF Review (Oct.), Issue #7, Vol. 1, no. 7, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, 32pg  (pgs. 21-22) ~ See: Scrapbook #3.1 page 86

Praises Brooks’ “Andre Norton: Loss of Faith” as an unbiased evaluation and indicates that Norton’s “On Writing Fantasy” is a special treat. Views the collected fiction as mixed in its quality.



  • Review of No Night Without Stars by Frederick Patten ~ Delap’s F & SF Review (Nov.) Issue #8, Vol. 1, no. 8, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, 32pg (pgs. 12-13) ~ See: Scrapbook #9.0 page 08

Sees No Night Without Stars as a tightly written and exciting novel that is reminiscent of Star Man’s Son 2250A.D. Recommends the novel as a necessary library acquisition.

  • Various reviews of No Night Without Stars ~ See: Scrapbook #9.0 (for over a dozen pages dedicated to No Night Without Stars)
  • Women in the Fiction of Andre Norton by Amanda Bankier ~ Bakka Magazine (#3 Fall), Published by Bakka Bookstores Ltd., Edited by Charles McKee ~ cover by Bill Reed (pg. 30 - Andre Norton replies on pg. 33)          Note: links are to the original article in The Witch and the Chameleon, Vol. 1, Fanzine, August, Published and Edited by Amanda Bankier, $0.50, 18pgs. (pgs. 3-5) ~ and The Witch and the Chameleon, Vol. 2, 24pgs. (pg. 4)

bakka 1975fll n3


  • Review of Eye of the Monster by Cerrulia Kent in The Science Fiction Review (Monthly), July, issue # 5, Published by Bran Dougal, Edited by Martin Last, $1.00, 24pgs. (pg. 13)
  • Review of Forerunner Foray by Baird Searles in The Science Fiction Review, March, Issue # 1, Published by Brian Dougal, Edited by Martin Last, $1.00, 24pgs. (pg.21)
  • Review of Forerunner Foray by Richard Lupoff in Algol, Summer, Vol. 12 No. 2, Issue 24, Published and Edited by Andrew Porter, $1.50, 52pgs. (pg. 35)



  • Review of Iron Cage by Lynne Holdom in Science Fiction Review, November, #15, Vol. 4 No. 4, Published and Edited by Richard E Gies, $1.25, 52pg ~ cover by Grant Canfield (pg10)


  • Review of The Jargoon Pard ~ Future Retrospective Number Six, Produced by Cliff and Susan Biggers, Cedertown, GA. ~ See: Scrapbook #3.1 page 062
  • Review of Merlin's Mirror by Judy Rosenbaum in The Science Fiction Review (Monthly), June issue #4, Published by Bran Dougal, Edited by Martin Last, $1.00, 24pg (pg11)


  • Concerning the Disclosure of Sources in the Writing of Heroic Fantasy by Philip Matricardi, Matricardi Research & Developement, Crokett, CA ~ A Compararison Among These Works: Merlin's Mirror by Andre Norton, The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart, Four Branches of the Mabinogion by Evangeline Walton, Merlin's Ring by H. Warner Munn (12pg.)


  • Various reviews of Crossroads of Time ~ See: Scrapbook #14.0 pages 23  24
  • Review of Perilous Dreams by Robert Coulson in Yandro, #229 November, Published by  Robert & Juanita Coulson, Edited by Rober Coulson, pg.21 ~ See: Scrapbook #11.0 page 29
  • Review of The Day of the Ness by Rose Hogue, Huntington Beach, CA ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 page 015
  • Message More Than A Meow by Curtis Mitchell ~ Review of Star Ka`at ~ See: Scrapbook #9.0 page 55
  • Various reviews of Star Ka`at ~ See: Scrapbook #9.0 (for over a dozen pages dedicated to Star Ka`at)
  • Various reviews of Knave of Dreams ~ See: Scrapbook #6.1 pages 028  029  035  036  037  038  039  040  041  042
  • Review of Outside by Rose Hogue, Huntington Beach, CA ~ See: Scrapbook #4.0 page 025
  • “Fairie Lives! …On Alternate Earths” by Jim Goldfrank ~ Review of Here Abide Monsters, The SF&F Journal #86, Edited and published by Don Miller, February, $1.25 (pg. R-15)     See: Scrapbook #3.0 page 028
  • Andre Norton by Brian Ash ~ Who’s Who in Science Fiction, Edited by Brian Ash, Published by Elm Tree Press, 0-241-89383-6, £2.95, 219pgs. - UK printing

A brief bio-bibliographic entry.



  • Andre Norton by Lin Carter ~ Flashing Swords #3: Warriors and Wizards Edited by Lin Carter, Published by Dell, PB, 0-440-02579-0 (pg. 113)

Remarks on the unexpected subtlety, maturity, and major change in style and pace in the Witch World series in introducing the short story Spider Silk.

flashing swords 3 1976


  • Introduction to Through the Neddle’s Eye ~ Sisters of Sorcery: Two Centuries of Witchcraft Stories by the Gentle Sex Edited by Seon Manley and Gogo Lewis, Published by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, HC, 0-688-41765-5, $13.00, 220pg (pgs. 29-30)

Comments on the theme of sewing in myth and literature and Norton’s use of the theme in this particular short story. Includes a brief biographical sketch and a brief evaluation of Norton’s status as a major writer of science fiction and fantasy. sisters sorcery


  • Review of The Jargoon Pard by Sandy Cohen ~ Delap’s F&SF Review (April) Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, (pgs. 21-22)     See: Scrapbook #3.0 pages 053.0  053.1

An excellent illustration of the dramatic quality of sword and sorcery fantasy with strong characterization and a well conceived setting.

  • Review of The Jargoon Pard by Randal Flynn in SF Commentary, #48/49/50, Published and Edited by Bruce Gillespie, $1.00, 146pg ~ cover by Irene Pagram (pg103)



  • Review of Knave of Dreams by Ruth Berman ~ Delap’s F&SF Review (May) Issue #14, Vol. 2, no. 5, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, 32pg (pgs. 15-16)

Knave of Dreams is a good example of Norton's fiction which combines attractive characters, a strong plot, and a well-visualized setting.

  • Post-Nuclear Perils by Aidan Warlow ~ Reviews of The Crossroads of Time and Outside ~ London Times Literary Supplement (July 16) (pg. 878)

Prefers Outside to The Crossroads of Time and sees the latter as being too preoccupied with psi powers to do more than establish stereotyped characters.

  • Peter Pan Was Right by Ann McCutchen ~ Review of The Day of the Ness in Proper Boskonian #14, The Quarterly Journal of the New England Science Fiction Association, Edited by Sheila Glover D'Ammassa, $0.50, 30pg. ~ cover by Al Sirois (pg.25)



  • World Weary by Peter Hunt ~ Reviews of No Night Without Stars and Knave of Dreams ~ London Times Literary Supplement (Oct. 1) (pg. 1242)

Praises Norton’s plot movement and settings in No Night Without Stars and lauds both novels for their narrative confidence and certainty. Questions, however, the apparent inappropriate use of archaic language.

  • Review of Star Ka`at by Francis J. Molson ~ Delap’s F&SF Review October Issue #19, Vol. 2, no. 10, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, 36pg. (pgs. 17-18)

While praising Norton, finds Star Ka'at too contrived and pedantic to be on a par with her other juveniles.

  • Review of Wraiths of Time by Frederick Patten in Delap's F & SF Review, November Issue #20, Vol. 2, no. 11, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, $1.00, 36pg (pg21)   See: Scrapbook #12.0 page 35

Notes Norton’s use of black and female characters but finds Wraiths of Time bewildering and disappointing. On the basis of her past performances, Patten is particularly critical of Norton’s “world-building.”

  • Review of The Book of Andre Norton by Frank Denton in The Diversifier, #13 March, Published by Castle Press, Edited by CC Clingen, $1.00, 48pg, cover by Denis Tiani (pg36)



  • Review of Merlin's Mirror by Spider Robinson in Galaxy, February Vol. 37, No. 2., Published by UPD Publishing Corporation, Edited by James Baen, $0.95, 164pg ~ cover by Ames     See: Scrapbook #4.1 pages 052.0  052.1

galaxy 197602


  • Review of Merlin's Mirror by unknown ~ Luna Monthly #65, Fall



  • Various reviews of Wraiths of Time ~ See: Scrapbook #14.0 pages 15-27 & 32-42
  • Sci-Fi Books on The Theme of Parallel Worlds, by unknown. Review of Here Abide Monsters, Meridian: Lehman College Newspaper, February, 24th ~ See: Scrapbook #3.0 pages 026  027.0  027.1

A valuable chart that explains the chronology and settings of the Witch World short stories and novels. Due to the publication date of this Gregg Press reprint and Sandra Miesel’s commentary (1977), the short stories Sword of Unbelief, Sand Sister, and the short stories collected in Trey of Swords--- Sword of Lost Battles, Sword of Ice, and Sword of Shadow--are not included.

An alphabetical list of all the short stories and novels in Norton’s Witch World series. More recent publications, as cited in “Post-Nuclear Perils.” by Aidan Warlow, 1976, should be added.

Beginning with an overview of Norton’s career and popularity, Miesel discusses the reasons for the lack of attention Norton’s work has received and proceeds to an evaluation of her fiction, in general, and of the Witch World series, in particular. Norton’s works are characterized by their spirit of adventure and their emotional appeal. Science is secondary to human and understandable concerns, and the ideas expressed in the fiction are necessarily related to humanistic elements: parapsychology, animals, archaeology, folklore, anthropology, and history. Throughout, the narrative is always a primary concern, and her characters are uniformly presented with difficult moral decisions which are often made in confrontation with technology or power groups and most often are made for positive, humanistic reasons. In the second portion of Miesel’s introduction, there is an explanation of the history, geography, and peoples of the Witch World. Intermingled in this discussion are indications of the sources of the series. After briefly summarizing the various novels and short stories of the Witch World series, the various thematic concerns of the series are explored with particular emphasis on the motifs of power, personal realization, and the evil of technology. The essay concludes with a strong examination of the role of women in Norton’s works.

  • Review of Red Hart Magic by M.M.B., The Horn Book Magazine, April, pg.160


  • Review of Perilous Dreams by Mary Kay Jackson in Delap's F & SF Review, Published by Frederick Patten, Edited by Richard Delap, March, #24; Vol. 3, No. 3, $1.50, 40pgs (pg27)
  • Profile: Andre Norton by Gary Alan Ruse ~ ALGOL # 29 – The Magazine About Science Fiction Vol. 14 No. 3, ISSN 0002-5364 (Summer-Fall) (pgs. 15-17)

An overview of Norton’s life, career, and interests that contains valuable information on her earlier and non-science fiction publications: Ride Proud, Rebel!Rebel SpursThe Prince Commands, and Murders for Sale



  • Review of Merlin's Mirror by Brian Stableford in Vector Review Supplement 1, Published by British Science Fiction Association, Edited by Christopher Fowler, 14pg (pg01)
  • Review of Gregg Press set set of Witch WorldWeb of the Witch WorldThree Against the Witch WorldWarlock of the Witch WorldSorceress of the Witch WorldYear of the Unicorn, and Spell of the Witch World by Charles N. Brown in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Winter Vol 1; No 4, Published by Davis Publications, Edited by George H. Scithers, $1.00, 196pg ~ cover by Frank Kelly Freas (pg118)



  • Review of Three Against the Witch World by Marion Zimmer Bradley ~ this is a 3 page document about the Gregg Press edition of the title
  • Review of Trey of Swords by Barry R. Bernard in Galileo, March Issue #7, Published by Avenue Victor Hugo, Edited by Charles C. Ryan, $1.50, 100pg ~ cover byJohn Schoenherr (pg.88-89)



  • Fawcett Buys Norton Package in Locus #207, December, Vol. 10 No. 1, Published by Locus Publications, Edited by Charles N. Brown, $1.00 (pg1)




  • Various reviews od Wraiths of Time ~ See: Scrapbook #12.0 pages 32  33  34  36
  • Various reviews of Quag Keep ~ See: Scrapbook #12.0 pages 39  40 ~ See Also: Scrapbook #12.1 pages 41-59 for more reviews from various School and Public libraries
  • Review of Quag Keep by Robert Coulson in Yandro, Published by  Robert & Juanita Coulson, Edited by Rober Coulson ~ See: Scrapbook #12.1 page 41

The introduction to the Gregg Press reprints of the Time Trader novels: The Time TradersGalactic DerelictThe Defiant Agents, and Key Out of Time. Contains a very brief biography, a discussion of the erroneous belief that Andre Norton is a pseudonym, and an overview of Ms. Norton’s early general fiction and science fiction. In the more lengthy examination of the Time Trader novels, Beeler discusses the sources; the series’ genesis; the individual plots; the characterization; and the major themes of survival, conflict between individual and group, and the human simplicity of the past versus the dismal complexity of the Future. There is one major error, apparently initiated by Barry McGhan (Andre Norton: Why Has She Been Neglected? by Barry McGhan ~ Riverside Quarterly #4, 1970) and perpetuated by Sandra Miesel (in both of her Gregg Press “Introductions, 1977 & 78) and Beeler, that should be noted. The contention that Star Hunter was nominated for a Hugo Award (p. vi) is not supported by Donald Franson and Howard DeVore’s A History of the Hugo, Nebula, and International Fantasy Awards (rev. ed. Dearborn, MI: Howard DeVore, 1975 and 1985).     [Within the pages of Andre's scrapbooks we found a draft copy of this article with hand written corrections ~ we are assuming that they are by Thomas Beeler since they do not match Andre's handwriting.]

Reprinted in Lan’s Lantern 16 as "Growing In Wonder" (March 1985) (pgs. 21-26)

A brief introduction to Ms. Norton’s career followed by an analysis of her Space Adventures (occasioned by Gregg’s reprints of the volumes): Sargasso of Space, Plague Ship, Voodoo Planet, Star Hunter, The Crossroads of Time, Secret of the Lost Race, and The Sioux Spaceman. Aspects of the series that are considered include setting, characterization, mythic themes and patterns, the creation of future history, animal imagery and characters, and the general place of the Space Adventure novels amid Ms. Norton’s fiction.

  • Merlin’s Mirror by Anonymous ~ Science Fiction Special, Published by Sidgewick & Jackson
  • Andre Norton by Michael Ashley ~ Who’s Who in Horror and Fantasy Fiction Edited by Michael Ashley, Published by Elm Tree Press, 0-241-89528-6, £5.50, 240pgs. UK printing



  • Norton, Andre by Norman Culpan ~ Twentieth-Century Children’s Writers, Edited by D.L. Kirkpatrick, Published by St. Martin’s Press.

Contains an adequate bibliography of Ms. Norton’s fiction and edited anthologies, divided into children, and adult titles, that is followed by a brief statement of her writing interests by Ms. Norton and a brief analysis of the nature of her fiction by Culpan.

Ms. Norton discusses her continuing goals and objectives, the influences on her fiction, her themes, cats, and her views on the writings of Harlan Ellison, Robert A. Heinlein, and J. R. R. Tolkien.

  • An Interview with Andre Norton by Paul Walker in Speaking of Science Fiction: The Paul Walker Interviews (1978) by Paul Walker, Published by Luna, PB, 0-930346-01-7, 978-0-930346-01-0, $6.95, 425pgs. ~ HC, 0-930346-02-5, 978-0-930346-02-7, $18.75, 425pgs.~ cover by Dexter Dickenson (pgs. 264-270 ~ scetch of Andre below on pg 263)




  • Various reviews of Star Ka`at World ~ See: Scrapbook #12.1 pages 59-65 for reviews from Schools and Libraries
  • Various reviews of Seven Spells to Sunday ~ See: Scrapbook #12.1 pages 66-79 ~ See Also: Scrapbook #13.0 pages 02-06 for reviews from Schools and Libraries
  • Andre Norton ~ A Reader’s Guide to Science Fiction, Edited by Baird Searles, Martin Last, Beth Meacham, and Michael Franklin, Published by Avon, PB, (pg. 132)

Attempt to tell the reader if they will like the books written by the authors listed. Andre Norton considered an author of juvenile books because of the age of the protagonists. “Fascinating people and places abound.”

  • Norton, Andre by L.W. Curry ~ Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors: A Bibliography of First Printings of Their Fiction, Published by G.K. Hall (pgs. 388-389)

This is complete until 1979 and is good for identifying the differences among the first edition, first printing, and later printings.

The plot device of unexplained disappearances, which have been recorded throughout history, is used to transport two teenagers to a parallel world where the native inhabitants have the mystical elements of the Arthurian legends. The plot hinges around the ability of the two teens and other similarly transported humans to lace and accept change and growth.

Describes how the plot illustrates central features of Andre Norton’s fiction: characters that are isolated and driven, lack of prejudice, and stress on internal value.



This valuable study is one of the few scholarly examinations of Norton’s major characters. The relationship between her canon and Zelazny’s reveals common themes of alienation, independence, self-reliance, and self-realization that are realized through the protagonists. This is difficult to find, but well worth the effort.

  • The Past Thru Today by Steve Souza ~ FAD No 2 & 3 (Fandom's Advertiser's Digest) Edited by Ward O. Batty, Published by A Smile in the Dark Productions, February, $0.75, pgs.52-54
  • Review of The Crossroads of Time by Frederick Patten ~ Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review, February Vol 1 No 1., Published by Borgo Press, Edited by Neil Barron, $1.25, 12pg,  UK price £0.80. (pg. 7-8)

Abridged in Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol. 12 (1980) ~ Edited by Dedria Bryfonski, Published by Gale, HC, 0-810-30122-9, $243.00, 680pg, (pgs. 471-472)

reprinted in:
    Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review: The Complete Series, Vol. I, No. 1-Vol. II, No. 13, January 1979-February 1980, 2009
    Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review: The Complete Series, 1979-1980, 2009

In the Crossroads of Time the action and tension remain constant, and the settings are fascinatingly exotic.



  • Review of Quag Keep by Francis J. Molson ~ Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review (March) Vol 1 No 2., Published by Borgo Press, Edited by Neil Barron, $1.25, £0.80, 24pg (pg. 17)   See: Scrapbook #12.1 page 56



  • Andre Norton by John Clute ~ Science Fiction Encyclopedia, Edited by Peter Nicholls, Published by Doubleday, 0385130007, 672pgs.


Reprinted in Lan’s Lantern 16 (March 1985) (pgs. 21-26)

Drawing upon Bruno Bettelheim’s The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and importance of Fairy Titles, Brooks discusses the use of the folk tale of Beauty and the Beast as a source For Year of the Unicorn and examines Ms. Norton’s considerable reshaping of the tale For the novel. Brooks puts particular stress on the rites of passage undergone by the novel’s protagonist, Gillan.

  • Andre Norton Survey – Part One – Witch World by Stan Baker and Holly Shissler ~ The Norton Newsletter #1 (March) (pgs. 5-7)
  • Review of Seven Spells to Sunday by Suzette Haden Elgin ~ Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review (May) Published by Borgo Press, Edited by Neil Barron, $1.25 £0.80, (pg. 51)



  • Andre Norton Survey – Part Two – Web of the Witch World by Stan Baker and Holly Shissler ~ The Norton Newsletter #2 (June) (pgs. 4-7)

Reprinted in Lan’s Lantern # 16 (March 1985) (pgs. 8-9)

An overview of the animals in Andre Norton’s books in regard to the theme of man and beast working together. Mentions that Andre Norton doesn’t invent animals but uses natural histories and takes the characteristics of little-known existing animals.

  • Review of Red Hart Magic by Beth Allen in Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review, December, Published by Borgo Press, Edited by Neil Barron, $1.50, 16pg (pg16)



  • Review of Yurth Burden by Lester del Rey in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, January Vol XCIX, No 1, Published by Condé Nast Publications, Inc., Edited by Stanley Schmidt, $1.25, 180pg ~ cover by Paul Lehr (pg173)



  • Review of Zarsthor's Bane by Don D'Ammassa in Thrust, #12 Summer, Published by Thrust Publications, Edited by Doug Fratz, $1.50, 52pg (pg42)
  • Introduction to Sand Sister by Gerald W. Page & Hank Reinhardt in Heroic Fantasy (1979) Edited by Gerald W. Page & Hank Reinhardt, Published by DAW, PB, 0-879-97455-9, $1.95, 320pg ~ cover by Jad

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