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Indented critiques and comments from Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography. Edited by Roger A. Schlobin, 1994

Many of the articles posted here are from the archives of Texas A & M University - Cushing Memorial Library

Many miscellaneous reviews and articles were saved by Andre and mounted in scrapbooks. ~  See: Scapbook #*.* page***  for a full-size image.

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  • Review of Small Shadows Creep by Robert Coulson in Yandro, edition unknown, Published by  Robert & Juanita Coulson, Edited by Rober Coulson, pg.23 ~ See: Scrapbook #11.0 page 30
  • Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography by Roger C. Schlobin, Published by G.K. Hall, 0-816-18044-X

Revised and Reprinted (1994) Published by NESFA Press, 0-915-36864-1, 92pg

  • "Introduction" ~ Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography by Roger C. Schlobin, Published by G.K. Hall, 0-816-18044-X
  • Norton, Alice Mary 1912-. ~ Contemporary Authors – New Revisions Series Vol. 2 Edited by Anne Evory, Published by Gale (pgs. 509-511)

A brief biography and a bibliography of titles and dates and publishers of first printings. Mentions that certain themes occur throughout Norton’s books, that these books are a cut above the usual science-fiction action-adventure tales because of the author’s vivid and detailed descriptions, specifically that the worlds Norton creates are believable. “Although her books are aimed at the young adult market, Norton has acquired a substantial Following among adult readers.” Superseded by 1990 edition .

  • Introduction to Lore of the Witch World by C.J. Cherryh ~ Published by DAW, PB, 0-879-97560-1, 978-0-879-97560-9, No.400, #UJ1560, $1.95, $2.25

fantastic 198010


  • Reviews of CatseyeStar Mans SonStorm Over WarlockOrdeal in Otherwhere by Spider Robinson in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, December, Published by Davis Publications, Edited by Stanley Schmidt, $1.50, 180pgs. ~ cover by Rick Stermback



  • Review of Quag Keep by Tom Easton in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, April, Published by Condé Nast Publications, Inc., Edited by Stanley Schmidt, $1.50, 180pg cover by Paul Lehr (pg168)



  • Review of Star Rangers by Spider Robinson in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, February, Published by Condé Nast Publications, Inc., Edited by Stanley Schmidt, $1.25, 180pg ~ cover by Frank Kelly Freas (pg166)


  • Various reviews of Gryphon In Glory ~ See: Scrapbook #13.1 pages 60  75  76  77  78  79  81
  • Review of Voorloper by Robert Coulson in Yandro, #252 February, Published by  Robert & Juanita Coulson, Edited by Rober Coulson, pg.15 ~ See: Scrapbook #11.0 page 31
  • Review of Horn Crown by C. J. Henderson in Pegasus 5 #830, (fanzine), Published by Bob Bledsaw, Edited by Paul Vinton, $3.00, 96pg. December (pg.79)


  • Andre Norton by Roger C. Schlobin ~ Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers Edited by Curtis C. Smith, Published by St. Martin’s Press (pgs. 401-403)

A bibliography and an overview of the major themes and motifs of Andre Norton’s fiction: “technology and science are incidental to plot and character”, “jewels and psychometry”, humanity and self-realization, and characters who are alone, alienated, Fearful, and searching, who then achieve the nobility and status of the healer as they cure themselves and others.

  • Andre Norton by Elisa Kay Sparks ~ Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers II Edited by David Cowart and Thomas L. Wymer, Published by Gale Research (pgs. 53-56)

A selected list of books followed by a bibliographic review of books and themes. Again the comments: “Norton’s status as a science-fiction writer is not critically well-established...The problem seems to be more that the academics do not consider her to be a ‘serious’ enough writer. Part of the trouble may be her habit of first publishing her novels as hardcover ‘juveniles.’”

Mentions some of Andre Norton’s major themes and some of Millers favorite books as well as a suggested book list of authors the reader might also like.



Brief look at the Witch World stories, with the major premise that the protagonists are easy to identify with.

Mention of how Andre Norton got the reviewer intrigued with the what-ifs of history. Reviews the Crosstime Agents series and the Time Traders series.

  • Review of Gryphon in Glory by Iris Comfort, Sentinal Star, Orlando, July ~ See: BOSv.10 page17
  • Review of Voorloper by Joe Sanders in Locus, #241 February Vol. 14, No. 1, Published by Locus Publications, Edited by Charles N. Brown, $1.25, 24pg (pg11) ~ See: Scrapbook #11.0 pages 20  21



  • Review of Zarsthor's Bane Review by Mark Willard in Science Fiction Review, Winter Volume 10, Number 4; Whole Number 41, Published and Edited by Richard E. Geis, $2.00, 68pg ~ cover by Stephen Fabian (pg59)



  • Within the pages of Andre's personal scrapbooks, between other items dated 1982 we found a magazine called Monthly Balloon. This magazine is in Japanese and it has a 8 page article about Andre's books with many cover-art images. There is no translations and we cannot even verify the date. We made a pdf of it anyway.
  • Various reviews and articles about the movie: The Beastmaster ~ See:  Scrapbook #11.1 pages 59  60  61  62  63  64  65  68
  • Various reviews of Gryphon in Glory ~ See: Scrapbook #10.0 pages 18  19  20  21  25  27  31
  • Alice Mary Norton by Billie Jo Wahlstrom ~ American Women Writers Vol. 3 Edited by Lina Mainero, Published by Ungar (pgs. 278-281)

A short review of Norton’s novels, highlighting early work and only mentioning the Witch World series in passing. Bibliography through 1978.

  • Andre Norton ~ A Reader’s Guide to Fantasy, Edited by Baird Searles, Martin Last, Beth Meacham, and Michael Franklin, Published by Avon, PB, 0-380-80333-X, $2.95 (pgs. 121-122)

A brief and inaccurate survey of Norton’s career.

readers guide


  • Andre Norton: Humanity Among the Hardware by Roger C. Schlobin ~ The Feminine Eye: Science Fiction and the Women Who Write It Edited by Tom Staicar, published by Ungar, 0-804-42838-7, 142pg (pgs. 25-31)

References the Introduction to the 1980 edition of this work, and repeats much of the information on the influences on Andre Norton’s work. Rather than pursuing the technologies of the new ages, Norton stresses portrayal of her characters. The novels are filled with the threatening forces, made by humans. Gadgetry just is. Spaceships are as ordinary as buses.


  • The Dragon’s Well by Roger C. Schlobin ~ Reviews of Horn Crown and The Crystal Gryphon ~ Fantasy Newsletter (March) (pgs. 24-25)


  • Review of Forerunner by Kendra Usack in Science Fiction Review, Fall # 44, Vol. 11 No. 3, Published and Edited by Richar E. Geis, $2.00, 64pgs. (pg. 59)
  • Review of Horn Crown by Kendra Usack in Science Fiction Review, Winter # 45, Vol. 11 No. 4, Published and Edited by Richar E. Geis, $2.00, 64pgs. (pg. 29) ~ cover by Brad W. Foster


  • Interview with Andre Norton ~ Dream Makers Volume II: The Uncommon Men & Women Who Write Science Fiction: Interviews By Charles Platt, Published by Berkley Books, HC, 0-425-05880-8, 978-0-425-05880-0, $6.95, 300pg (pg. 95)

Interview with Andre Norton in her home. Good expression of the atmosphere, her inspirations, her work habits and interests.



  • The Witch World Series by Andre Norton by Roger C. Schlobin ~ Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature, Volume 5, Edited by Frank N. Magill and Keith Neilson, Published by Salem Press, (pgs. 2139-2149)

Sources of the Witch World series plot are given. Divisions of the Witch World are described. Andre Norton uses notebooks to keep track of characters. This is an extensive review of the series, noting that “In true Norton fashion there are still mysteries to be solved.”

  • Review of Ware Hawk by Debbie Notkin ~ Locus #272, Sept. Vol. 16 #9, pg. 9
  • Review of Unknown Title by Unknown ~ Science Fiction Chronicle, Volume 5 Number 1, #49, October 1983, The Monthly Science Fiction and Fantasy Newsmagazine (Andre Norton listed as one of the Authors who's work was being reviewed - at E-bay auction of this Item)

sci fi chronicles 1983


  • Andre Norton by Norman Culpan in Twentieth-Century Children's Writers: Second Edition, Edited by D.L. Kirkpatrick, Published by St. Martins Press, 0312824149, 1024pgs.



Andre Norton Photo Story.

  • Andre Norton: Something About the Author: Facts and Pictures About Contemporary Authors and Illustrators of Books for Young People, Vol. 35, Edited by Anne Commire, Published by Gale Research, 0-810-30067-2, 226pgs
  • Re-Evaluating Andre Norton by Kendra Usack in Aurora SF #24 (Fanzine)
  • Orcan 1 ~ Convention pamphlet 1984 Orlando, Florida ~ partial
  • Introduction to "On Writing Fantasy" ~ Fantasists on Fantasy (1984) Edited by Robert H. Boyer & Kennith J. Zahorski, Published by Avon, PB, 0-380-86553-X, $3.95, 287pg ~ (pg 151)

fantasists fantasy


  • Review of Ware Hawk by Robert Coulson (1984) in Amazing Science Fiction, May 1984, Vol. 58 No.1, $1.75, 164pgs (pg. 8) ~ cover by Douglas Caffee

amazing science fiction stories 198405


  • Review of Ware Hawk by Roger C. Schlobin (1984) in Fantasy Review, Published by Florida Atlantic University, July 1984 Vol. 7 No. 6, Edited by Robert a. Collins, $2.50, 48pgs. ~ cover-art titled "Hydrak" (pg. 18)



  • Review of Ware Hawk by Michael M. Levy (1984) in Fantasy Review, Published by Florida Atlantic University, August 1984 Vol. 7 No. 7, Edited by Robert A. Collins, $2.50, 56pgs. ~ cover by Sabrina Jarema (pg.50)



  • Review of Merlin's Mirror [French - Le miroir de Merlin] by Dominique Warfa in Fiction, #349, Published by OPTA, Edited by Alain Dorémieux, F25.00, 196pg cover by Jean-Luc Lacroix (pg151)



  • Review of Wheel of Stars by Muriel Rogow Becker in Fantasy Review, Volume 7, No. 5, Whole #68, June, Published by Florida Atlantic University, Edited by Rober A. Collins, $2.50, 54pg ~ cover by Ken McGregor (pg30)


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