The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Storms of Victory

 1st book of the [Witch World: The Turning Series]

Two original stories by Andre Norton and Pauline M. Griffin



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Edition Used for Analysis:

(1992) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-51109-3, LCCN 90-49030, $4.99, 432pg ~ cover by Dennis A. Nolan

The Chronicler by Andre Norton
Port of Dead Ships by Andre Norton
Seakeep by P.M. Griffin


For over twenty-five years, Andre Norton. "the Grande Dame of science fiction,” (Life Magazine) has enchanted millions of readers with the most famous and popular of her works, the enthralling novels of magic and excitement set in the Witch World, “One of fantasy's most enduring world settings” (Library Journal). Now, culminating decades of sharpening her artistic focus, comes the greatest epic of the Witch World oeuvre. STORMS OF VICTORY is the crystallization of Ms. Norton’s vision of the most pivotal time in the development of the Witch World mythos. Working closely with P.M, Griffin, one of a select group with whom she has carefully structured the entire Witch World: The Turning, Norton has brought to vivid life the Turning. This massive effort of the combined magical Power of the Witches of Estcarp foiled the invasion by Pagin of Karsten. ,.but brought chaos and destruction to every corner of the Witch World, as well as crippling most of the Witches involved, To a single sanctuary at Lormt stream the homeless and bereft to seek news of those lost to them during the cataclysmic Turnin , A young scholar, Duratan, gathers and relates the tales of hardy survivors and their heroic struggles to wrest life and justice from the ashes of a war-torn, ravaged world. Two full-length novels, Port of Dead Ships and Sea Keep, chronicle the grand sweep of the legendary time of the Turning. The former is the struggle of a young woman to harness new-found witch Power after the other witches have been stripped of their own, while she battles an ancient evil that drew to the Witch World a terrifying menace through a new, otherworldly sea gate. The latter is the rousing saga of proud Falconers and Dales nobility who are forced to ally against a scourge of pirate marauders. STORMS OF VICTORY is truly the great Witch World epic millions of readers have eagerly awaited.

 Storms of Victory - The Chronicler

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Timeline Points:

  1. p1. Duratan born at time of the Horning in Karsten.1
  2. p3. Kemoc injured then went to Lormt.2
  3. p9. Pagar of Karsten marching his armies.
  4. p10. The Turning.2
  5. p14. Koris of Gorm declared leader of Estcarp.
  6. p382. Duratan contacts Kemoc who asks Hilarion for help for Tarlach and Una. "Even as it had done for the Turning of the mountains, Power gathered, yet time was against us and also distance. For those of the greatest talent were now very few—and what they could do half a world away was little." It seems the storm which destroyed the Sultanite fleet may have been summoned by their efforts.


1. See: Witch World
2. See: Three Against the Witch World 

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