The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Places of Witch World ~ Estcarp


Estcarp is the first country introduced in the [Witch World] series and where readers first learn about the world. (see: Witch World)

Capital: Es City

Government: Formerly a matriarchal thaumarchy (ruled by the Council of Witches) led by the Guardian, currently ruled by Koris of Gorm until the Witches have recovered enough to resume their duties.

Geography: Estcarp is mostly plains with mountains surrounding it on the north, south, and east. To the west is the ocean. To the northwest is the Tor Marsh, which also occupies part of its northern boundaries.

Surrounding Areas: To the north is Alizon. To the northwest is the Tor Marsh and Tor Moor. To the east are the Barrier Mountains and, beyond them, Escore. To the south are mountains, and former home of the Falconers - the Eyrie and it's surrounding Falconer Women's Villages (possibly current home as well if the events of Falcon Law, where they've created a new Eyrie, are correct). Also in these mountains, closer to the coast is the tomb of Volt. Past the southern mountains is Karsten. To the immediate west lies the island of Gorm, currently abandoned except for a small garrison of guards from Estcarp.

Special Places:

  1. The Gate of Simon Tregarth is located somewhere to the north and east on the Tor Moor close to Tor Marsh, south of the Alizon border. (see: Witch World)
  2. Es City is located along the River Es and is probably close to the heart of the country. It surrounds Es Castle, the governmental centre of the Guardian and Guardians' Council of Estcarp.
  3. The ruins of Sulcarkeep are located on a peninsula which forms the southern rim of the bay where the island of Gorm is located. For some reason the Sulcar decided not to rebuild their old keep by Estcarp after the Kolder War ended. (see: Witch World)
  4. Just inland from the ruins of Sulcarkeep are the ruins of Yle, the Kolder outpost on the arm of the peninsula between Sulcarkeep and Estcarp that forms part of the Karsten border. (see: Witch World)
  5. South Keep was the home of Simon Tregarth, Jaelithe, Koris of Gorm and Lloyse of Verlaine. Located near the junction of the mountains that form the border between Estcarp & Karsten, and the peninsula where Sulcarkeep & the Kolder settlement of Yle used to be. (see: Web of the Witch World & Three Against the Witch World)
  6. Romsgarth, a town south-west of South Keep. (see: Web of the Witch World and Ware Hawk)
  7. Es Port is on the mouth of the River Es opening out into the great bay. (see: Web of the Witch World)
  8. The Place of Wisdom is the training place for all Witches. This holding is apparently a couple days ride west of the eastern mountains if Three Against the Witch World is accurate. Given the haste with which the Tregarth triplets were traveling it could be this distance actually might be a week or more if traveling at a more reasonable pace.
  9. Lormt is a place of scholarship, long derided by the Witches due to its primarily (old) male population. Lormt seems to be gaining a wider population as its reputation spreads post Turning. Lormt is about ten days ride at a leisurely pace away from Es City. (see: Three Against the Witch World)
  10. Just south of Tor Marsh on the coast of Estcarp lies the tiny fishing village of Rannock. (see: Spider Silk)
  11. Esland, a farming community probably somewhere north-east of Romsgarth where they grow grain. (see: Ware Hawk)
  12. Gottem is a farming village some ways away from Es City. (Mentioned in The Warding of Witch World)

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