The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Whispering Cane

A Short Story in the [Witch World Saga] by Carol Severance


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Edition Used for Analysis:
[Tales of the Witch World 3] (1989) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-54757-8, 978-0-812-54757-3, $3.95, 343pg ~ cover by Victoria Poyser


Lelanin was once a peaceful place until it is invaded by Keron and his army. He has captured all its people and demands that Sionna the leader of this land marry him and bare his heir. But first she must bury her stillborn daughter killed by Keron’s magic. Sionna and her wise women Tammon devise a plan to release all the ancestors buried in the cane fields to battle Keron’s army.

Timeline Points:

  1. p341. Warlord Keron murders Sionna's newborn daughter.
  2. p342. '(many) dead now at the Alizonders' hand' including Sionna's husband, father and brothers. That places this in the Year of the Hornet (Sionna's husband was killed by Hounds of Alizon after she became pregnant with his child and she gave birth after they were gone and Dalesmen of High Hallack became bandits.) (see: The Toads of Grimmerdale and Year of the Unicorn)
  3. p344 'far southern lands'. Lelanin must be near Sorn Fen (see: Legacy from Sorn Fen) and Honeycoombe. (see: Silver May Tarnish)

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