The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Places of Witch World ~ Alizon


Alizon is the second country introduced in the [Witch World] series but the internal structure is not shown until later books. It is first mentioned in Witch World but isn't visited in any great detail until Falcon Magic & The Magestone.

Capital: Aliz (Alizon City?)

Government: Barony. Four Barons have ruled Alizon during the series, the previous probably murdered by his successor the moment he showed any weakness. Sandar (Witch World), Facellian (Three Against the Witch World), Mallandor (Falcon Magic/The Magestone), and Norandor (The Magestone).

Geography: The exact layout of Alizon is not generally stated, though it is likely flat in most places. There are some mountains in the south of the country, as well as a border with Tor Marsh and Tor Moor. To the west lies the ocean. The north and east of Alizon are uncharted. It's likely that there are mountains surrounding this country to the north and east, though it's also possible that (at least to the east) there could be no barriers at all.

Surrounding Areas: To the south are mountains and the Tor Marsh and Tor Moor and beyond them, Estcarp. To the south east lies Escore. To the south west, in the bay, lies the island nation of Gorm. Somewhere to the far north lie the land of the Latts. Far west across the ocean lies Arvon and High Hallack.

Special Places:

  1. Alizon City.
  2. Aliz is the main port city of Alizon. It lies on the western tip of the northern peninsula that forms the bay where lies Gorm and is due north from where Sulcarkeep was located. Witch World.
  3. Alix is the town where Krevanel Hold is located. The Warding of Witch World.

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