The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Places of Witch World ~ Escore


Escore is the ninth country introduced in the [Witch World] series in Three Against the Witch World.

Capital: None.

Government: There is no central government. The People of the Valley of Green Silences are lead by Ethutur, Dahaun & her husband Kyllan Tregarth. The Krogan are led by Orais. The Renthans are led by Shapurn. The Flannon are led by Farfar. The Vrang are led by Vorlong, the Wing Beater. The Old Race exiles from Karsten are led by Lord Hervon. The Scaled Ones also have an (unnamed) chieftain. Dinzil was the leader of the Old Race who did not flee to Estcarp. All these races but the Krogan have formed an alliance against the Dark. It's possible that after The Gate of the Cat the Krogan may have finally allied with the others. Otherwise, the different races and peoples of Escore generally keep to themselves. The Vupsall form tribes led by a Chief that often war with each other and are preyed upon by the Sea Raiders. Herds of Keplian are ruled by a stallion but sometimes by the strongest, most senior mare if there is no adult stallion.

Geography: Escore has a range of geographical features. To the west are the Barrier Mountains, to the East is the unnamed eastern ocean. To the south and north is largely unknown.

Surrounding Areas: To the west is Estcarp. To the southeast is Karsten. To the northwest is Alizon. Somewhere to the north-east, on the coast are probably the settlements of the sea raiders. To the east is the sea and across the sea is the coast of the western continent and unknown lands, possibly The Waste.

Special Places:

  1. The Valley of Green Silences with its pools of healing mud.
  2. The lake and rivers of the Krogan.
  3. The Dark Tower. (see: The Warding of Witch World & The Key of the Keplian)
  4. The forest of the Moss Wifes. (see: Warlock of the Witch WorldMilk from a Maiden's Breast & The Weavers)
  5. Loskeetha's Garden of Stones, where she reads the Sands. (see: Warlock of the Witch World)
  6. The Citadel of Hilarion rebuilt by the Adept after laying in ruins for centuries while he was trapped on another world. (see: Sorceress of the Witch World)
  7. Near the Citadel of Hilarion, along the coast, are the lands of the Vupsall. (see: Sorceress of the Witch World and The Scent of Magic)
  8. The burrows of the Thas (see: Trey of Swords).
  9. The Valley of HaHarc which hold the ruins of the city of HaHarc where the tower of Iuchar once stood. (see: Trey of Swords)
  10. In the mountains north-west of the Valley of Green Silences are the ruins of Zephar, former home of the evil Laidan. (see: Trey of Swords)
  11. In a grove not far from Zephar lies Ninutra's Shrine. It is the place of training and home to the Mouth of Ninutra. (see: Trey of Swords)
  12. North of the Dark Tower is the hidden Keplian Valley where Eleeri is slowly turning the Keplians to the Light. (see: The Key of the Keplian)
  13. North-west of the Dark Tower and South-west of the Keplian Valley is Jeranny & Mayrin's village. (see: The Key of the Keplian)

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