The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Falcon Magic

A Novella in the [Witch World: The Turning] by Sasha Miller


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Edition Used for Analysis:

On Wings of Magic (1994) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-85026-3, LCCN 930033504, $23.95, 409pg ~ cover by Dennis A. Nolan


The child Jenys, daughter of Eirran and Yareth (from To Rebuild the Eyrie) is approached by and joins a witch and five other children. Eirran and Yareth both give chase to retrieve their daughter only to find that she and the other children were captured by Alizon in a plot to help the few remaining Kolder reopen a gate to their world. A group is sent to retrieve them: Yareth and Newhold (called Newbold here), Welden and Sharpclaw, Girvan (an Alizonder), Ranal, Kernon, Dunnis of Gorm, Hirl, and Loric. However, Kernon gets sick and Eirran is shapechanged to look like him and takes his place. The eight go to Alizon and manage to free the children, despite Girvan betraying them. On the way back Newhold dies and Welden and Sharpclaw are taken by the Great Falcon. However, a falcon named Boldwing later joins with Yareth.
While Jenys and the others stay to train as Witches, Eirran and Yareth return to Blagden and Eirran finds out she is pregnant again. In the afterword we learn that Welden has taken possession of the child. Rushing to the Stone of Konnard, despite the protests of Elgaret, and the child is born, possessed by some dark spirit. It names itself Welden and refuses to fight anyone not a man. Duratan is able to challenge the Dark Welden with the help of Galerider, Arona, Nolar, Derren (from Exile) and his wife Anylse. They win and the baby lives.

Timeline Points:

  1. p173. Jenys is 6 years old.
  2. p173-175. Events of To Rebuild the Eyrie recalled.
  3. p177. Jenys is taken by the Witch "Bee".
  4. p187. Jenys renamed "Mouse".
  5. p194. The Turning mentioned.
  6. p203. Hounds of Alizon kidnap Mouse and the other 5 children.
  7. p226-227. The rape and murder of "Leaf" who passes her jewel on to Mouse.
  8. p234. III - Potted history of conflicts - closure of Kolder nest leads to collapse of the invasion of the Dalesfolk. (see: Web of the Witch World & The Crystal Gryphon)
  9. p235. Alizon faltered, Dalesfolk united under single leader. (see: Year of the UnicornSulcar joins fight with raids.
  10. p236. Facellian fell, Mallandor became Lord Baron. Kolder still in Alizon - new Kolder Gate.
  11. p257. A Kolder appears.
  12. p265. Simon & Loyse in Tor Marsh. (see: Web of the Witch World)
  13. p250. Three Kolderstill alive in Mallandor's castle.
  14. p324-326. The Kolderare killed.
  15. p376. Evil stone circle with falcon & egg carvings. "The Great Falcon".
  16. p391. Ostbor's house (see: Exile)
  17. p394. Mouse leaves her parents.
  18. p399. Eirran discovers she's pregnant.


Sorcerer's Notes:

This probably takes place around the same time as The Stillborn Heritage/The Circle of Sleep where the Hounds use the last of their working Koldertech to attempt to reach The Waste through High Hallack.

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