The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

On Wings of Magic

3rd book in the [Witch World: The Turning Series]

Two Original Stories Edited by Andre Norton



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Edition Used for Analysis:

(1995) Published by TOR, PB, 0-812-50828-9, $5.99, 409pg ~ cover by Dennis A. Nolan


The Chronicler by Andre Norton
We the Women by Patricia Mathews
Falcon Magic by Sasha Miller


After nearly thirty years and a dozen novels, Andre Norton's Witch World saga reaches a powerful climax in the third volume of Witch World: The Turning, STORMS OF VICTORY, the first book in the trilogy, brought to life the most pivotal period in the history of the Witch World. The chronicles of the cataclysmic Turning continued in the highly praised FLIGHT OF VENGEANCE. Now comes the long awaited conclusion. Containing two ful-length novels. ON WINGS OF MAGIC is a powerful story of the heroic women of the Witch World, struggling to rebuild the shattered world that the Turning has left behind.
We the Woman tells of the trials of a village of Falconer Women after they take in a group of refugees. The young scribe Arona must face the betrayal and deceit of Egil, a refugee who plots to gain the position of village Recorder, a sacred responsibility that Arona has always aspired to. With an outcast witch as her only true ally, Arona strives to preserve the precious lore of the Falconer Women.
Falcon Magic begins when a group of witch-children are abducted by enemy soldiers from the land of Alizon. The father of one girl, a Falconer who lives by his own rules, embarks on a hazardous quest to rescue the children. But the danger is greater than he or his companions know, for lurking in the shadows, behind the fearsome A1izonders, is a mysterious menace that is their true and most deadly foe.

On Wings of Magic - The Chronicler

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Timeline Points:

  1. p10. Spring came late for several years after The Turning.
  2. p10. Nolar & the Stone of Konnard see: Exile.
  3. p13. "You know what might well have aided the Mountain Hawk!" see: Falcon Hope.


On Wings of Magic - Afterword - Falcon Magic

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Timeline Points:

  1. p401. Roughly 8 months after Falcon Magic.
  2. p409. Battle against evil - Mouse's brother born and saved.

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