Space Police

~ A Collection of Short Stories by Various Authors

Edited by Andre Norton



Contains ~

  • 07~ Foreword (fw) by Andre Norton
  • 11~ Bait (ss) by Roy L. Clough, Astounding Jun. (1951)
  • 19~ The Closed Door (ss) by Kendell F. Crossen, Amazing Aug/Sep. (1953)
  • 37~ Beep (nv) by James Blish, Galaxy Feb. (1954)
  • 77~ Of Those Who Came (ss) by George Longdon, New Worlds Nov. (1952)
  • 92~ Police Operation (nv) by H. Beam Piper, Astounding Jul. (1948)
  • 124~ Pax Galactica (nv) by Ralph Williams, Astounding Nov. (1952)
  • 151~ Tough Old Man (ss) by L. Ron Hubbard, Startling Stories Nov. (1950)
  • 173~ Agent of Vega (na) by James H. Schmitz, Astounding Jul. (1949)
  • 231~ The Sub-Standard Sardines (ss) by Jack Vance, Startling Stories Jan. (1949)

Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front and rear flaps of the dust-jacket ~

On yet-to-be-discovered planets and in far flung galaxies, as well as here on Terra in centuries to come, police will patrol the skyways. They - and the malefactors they pursue - may be humans, they may be humanoids, or completely strange life forms, or even robots. Time and space barriers will be crossed with ease - it will be possible to anticipate many events before they occur. Thus "routine" crime will be prevented, but subtler, more complex attacks against civilizations and individuals will demand use of all the scientific advancements that are made in future ages.
An invisible bandit, murder committed in an inaccessible hotel room, sardines with reasoning powers, a pirate in interstellar space - these are just a few of the many bizarre ingredients to be found in the thrilling science-fiction stories that make up this volume.
A noted authority in the field brings together top science-fiction writers in this outstanding collection. Stories by Roy L. Clugh, Jr., Kendall Foster Crossen, and James Bliss are concerned with future policing of Terra; George Longdon, H. Beam Piper, and Ralph Williams write of Terra being policed by beings from other planets; and the police of galaxies across space are the subject for stories by L. Ron Hubbard, James H. Schmitz, and Jack Vance.
Space Police presents yet another aspect of the picture of future worlds and civilizations envisioned in Space Pioneers and Space Service. All science-fiction fans will derive great enjoyment from this new anthology.


Reviews ~

Kirkus Reviews ~ Issue: June 15th, 1955
Nine short stories for science fiction addicts take a look at a special aspect of future life- detectives and detecting. Situations include a variety of interplanetary and intergalactic cops and robbering and both the criminals and their captors are terrans and non-terrans of wide psychological and physical variation. Authors include Kendall Crossen, James Blish, H. Beam Piper, L. Ron Hubbard and so forth and in the main their works are vigorous and readable projections of old and familiar plots into the world of the future. Editor Norton has already won a wide audience. 


Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1956 by Hans Stefan Santesson in Fantastic Universe, July
1956 by Anthony Boucher in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August
1956 by Villiers Gerson in Amazing Stories, September
1957 by Floyd C. Gale in Galaxy Science Fiction, January, reprinted in: (UK) Galaxy Science Fiction #48
1957 by P. Schuyler Miller in Astounding Science Fiction, February, reprinted in: (UK) Astounding Science Fiction, June


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1956) Published by World, HC, # HC1255, LCCN 56005309, $2.75, 255pg ~ cover by Virgil Finlay {Red Cloth Boards, # 1673 on Rear of Dust Jacket, Library Edition – Red Pictorial Front} - Note that Beep was revised slightly when included in this anthology for teenage readers, to remove some references to drinking. (Source: Preface to The Quincunx of Time (Arrow, 1976)



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