Space Service

~ A Collection of Short Stories by Various Authors

Edited by Andre Norton

space service hc


Contains ~

  • Introduction by Andre Norton
  • Command (nv) by Bernard I. Kahn, Astounding Jan. (1947)
  • Star-Linked (ss) by H. B. Fyfe, Astounding Feb. (1952)
  • Chore for a Spaceman (ss) by Walt Sheldon, Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. (1950)
  • The Specter General (na) by Theodore R. Cogswell, Astounding Jun. (1952)
  • Implode and Peddle (nv) by H. B. Fyfe, Astounding Nov. (1951)
  • Steel Brother (nv) by Gordon R. Dickson, Astounding Feb. (1952)
  • For the Public (nv) by Bernard I. Kahn, Astounding Dec. (1946)
  • Expedition Polychrome (nv) by Joseph A. Winter, M.D., Astounding Jan. (1949)
  • Return of a Legend (ss) by Raymond Z. Gallun, Planet Stories Mar. (1952)
  • That Share of Glory (nv) by C. M. Kornbluth, Astounding Jan. (1952)

Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front and rear flaps of the dust-jacket ~

The ten great stories in this exciting new anthology will take the reader on giddy adventures through space, dramatizing the resourcefulness and courage of the individuals who will pioneer the star lanes in centuries to come.
Chosen by an authority on teen-age science fiction, these stories are by such leading science-fiction writers as Bernard I. Kahn, H. B. Fyfe, Walt Sheldon, Theodore R. Cogswell, J.A. Winter, MD., Raymond Z. Gallun and others. They will delight all science-fiction fans with their portrayals of the commander of a space freighter, a frontier guard on duty on a lonely asteroid, a trader who must make peace between human and non-human customers, an ambitious marine doomed to a forgotten post in a too-far-flung galactic empire, and others who will play their parts before man in the universe passes into history.
As man's rule spreads from planet to planet, from solar system to solar system across the wide sky, explorers, space officers, pioneers, guardsmen, marines, traders, heralds and doctors may note that in this book some of today's greatest science-fiction writers allowed youngsters a peek into their not-too-distant future.


Reviews ~

Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

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1953 in Bookmark, April
1953 in Saturday Review, April
1953 by The Editors in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May
1953 by Groff Conklin in Galaxy Science Fiction, June
1953 in Booklist, June
1953 by P. Schuyler Miller in Astounding Science Fiction, July, reprinted in: (UK) Astounding Science Fiction, December
1953 by uncredited in Weird Tales, July


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1953) Published by World, HC, # HC153, LCCN 52013235, $2.50, 277pg ~ cover by Virgil Finlay {Red Cloth Boards, Library Edition – Red Pictorial Front} - 2nd printing with Printing code/catalog# "2HC564" on copyright page, $3.50



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