The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Races of Witch World ~ Krogan


The Krogan first appear in Three Against the Witch World. They are apparently known as myth in Estcarp.

Appearance: Krogan have silvery hair and green eyes with no whites. Their skin is pale skin and they have gills, slightly webbed fingers and frog-like feet.

Living Area(s): Escore (Lake of the Krogan)

Life Span: Their lifespan is unmentioned.

Power: The Krogan likely have water-related powers. It was seen that at least one work of theirs could produce far more water than one might expect. How far their influence over water goes is not covered, but if their Power is anything similar to that of the Thas over earth then they could quite probably control the flow and direction of water.

Other: The Krogan are humanoids dependent on living in or near water. They can live outside water for a while but must return to it occasionally or die. This limits their range of living area to those connected or close to waterways in Escore, though water seem to flow in enough places that this is not normally a hindrance. They are also disinclined to explore far beyond their own lake.
Orsya was more curious than most of her race and explored areas they hadn't in some time. She was also somehow able to travel over the mountains with Kemoc and so was part of the crew in Port of Dead Ships. She has not had any children with Kemoc, though both his brother and sister have two. It could be that her kind cannot have children with any other races, at least not without magical aid. S'Olcarios's Sons is the only time part-Krogans appear.
Krogan were likely the result of magical experimentation. Many races in Escore seem to have been created by Adepts in the past for some purpose, and the Krogan were likely created by some Adept with an interest in a race that could breathe and work under water.
What happened to the Krogan in Escore after Warlock of the Witch World is unclear though they likely survived. They are known, in stories, in Arvon but their kind either died out there or are living in some remote area where they remain myth. Other races, like the ThasKeplian, and Grey Ones seem to live in both Arvon and Escore so their absence is thought-provoking but unexplained.


Sorcerer's Notes:
In Zarsthor's Bane there is a race of half-sized humanoids that wear shell armor. It is unclear if this is an actual aquatic race or just a race with a taste for sea-shells. It is also unclear if they are supposed to be related to the Krogan or not.

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